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  1. <CODE> tag should do the same as far as I'm aware.
  2. thunderbox

    New Set Decisions

    Will not be August / September in Australia, it may be over in the UK, but no retailer in Australia will have them until months later.
  3. thunderbox

    New Set Decisions

    The Carbon set will not be released in Australia until probably next year. It will be possible to change the 6 car powerbase on the Platinum set over to an RCS (or whatever Scalextric call the tablet/phone controlled wireless thing today) upon its release.
  4. 2x R2 Standard 45 Degree Corners have the following dimensions when still packaged. L x W x H (when laying flat on the table) 44 x 22 x 2 and a Weight of : 0.4kg They are too big to fit in a Australia post Supplied box or bag so will need to be packaged on their own. Anything under 500g Australia wide is $7.20, which is expensive for sending 1 piece of track. Sending 6 at a time in a Scalextric Sport tack Box is probably going to be the most economical as they're designed to fit the track perfectly. Unfortunately there is no cheap way of sending track as AusPost calculates on the cubed weight which is always calculated high as the track takes up so much room. Hope that helps a bit. Rob
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