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  1. Hi Alexis. I mentioned Dave Trengove in my previous post. His father Ian, was at UniRoyal/ SA Rubber Mills which became Bridgestone. He would have played a part in organising this sponsorship. He also made a batch of slot car tyres based on Cox sizes. He also arranged sponsorship of Ken Virgin's VW drag and competition VW. It ran at Brookesfield Drags. For some events at the RoadRunner rooms, he had Ken Virgins VW bonnet on display. Ian's wife's VW used to pull 80mph in 3rd gear after Ken had breathed some of his Benson and Hedges tainted fumes over it !! Great memories of great times !!! Regards Pete S.
  2. any outside shoulder ?

  3. I first met Murray Scott through the Road Runners Slot Club on Port Road. He was also working at Myer and was the hobby dept. manager. Bought my 1/24 Cox BRM there and a 1/32 Monogram Ferrari. I raced big cars at AIR and Mallala and met Murray again, and brother Peter who also raced. We had a re-union a few years ago .........I took along several cars raced at the RoadRunners track by Dave Trengove. I was 12 in the Road Runner days...........am 69 now. I am building a large 4 lane track in my garage for my x5 grandsons aged 6 to 13........still love my slot cars and models. I have lots of great memories of my association with Murray and Bev his wife who worked at the Jam Factory. RIP to a good man. Pete S.
  4. any carrera evolution shoulder available? pics and price if yes. 

  5. Hi Steve Please specify inner or outer borders. Also post code so I can quote postage. Hope I will be able to assist you. Regards Peter Smeets
  6. Have not received a PM from you at this stage. Regards Peter Smeets Adelaide
  7. I have many straights, various curves, shoulders for sale. Most are brand new unused. Will sell for $8.00 per track part and $3.00 per shoulder. Tell me what you are after. Freight/postage at buyers expense. Please PM your requirements. Regards Peter Smeets
  8. Trevor Lambert has recently acquired a very nice large slot car track!! Yes he is a slottie!!! The Elfin drawings are not that hard to find on Google. Russkit had an Elfin 400 in the 1/24 range. Regards Smeetsie
  9. Thank you Wade. I love the new detail to the track and surrounds. Also what a great line up of cars for the concourse. Good to see John Wards Brabham is still around. Who owns it these days please? Again thank you for your efforts. I really enjoy studying the photos. Regards Peter Smeets
  10. I hope it was a successful event. I couldn't make it (again!) but look forward to Wade's photos, results and report. This is a genuine vintage slot car meet for a variety of 1/24 slot cars. I am enjoying building a fleet to comply with the rules. Seems I am enjoying the building more than the racing these days though. Bit of a worry really.........not getting any younger!! Regards Pete S.
  11. I am after any Carrera Evolution track and border pieces please not Digital. I am in Adelaide. Thank you. regards Peter Smeets
  12. Does anyone know whether the annual Vintage Grand Prix at AMR is on this year please? I have been unable to get a response from Wade to this stage. Likewise the Annual Cox event has not been discussed on this forum. That is normally on about now. Regards Pete S.
  13. Hi Wade Is the meeting happening for 2018? Will rules, classes etc. remain the same? Is there a Cox race event this year? Regards Peter Smeets
  14. What scale are you after? There are options for 1/24 scale.......which is my interest. I have made up several models/slot cars from the combinations of modified Chev Impala kits and NASCAR fronts and from various Japanese sedan kits. I have recently replicated the current Commodores and Falcons. Let me know if interested and I will send photos and specs. I have done VN, VP and later versions of Falcons as well. Plus there are the radio control cheapies you can buy on line. Regards Pete S.
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