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  1. Great blank canvas.....looks like it would be heaps of fun to race on and I will be keen to see how you work the lifting mechanism Cheers Gloveman
  2. We race scaley digital so we would be able to have 6 cars on track. Both of us have lots of bells and whistles from Rich G and are using SSDC software from Andy Wallace. As a result we race fuel stops and timing etc...... I am in the southern suburbs of adelaide, 20 minutes south of the CBD, Marty is about 40 minutes north of the CBD. Doesnt matter too much if you dont have any digital cars we certaily have a few we can lend out to start with to see if you like it or of course you can bring alond a scalex DPR car and we can lend you a chip to test it out (only takes about 2 minutes to swap it in) we race magnets in and play around a little trying to make them go faster but there are no secrets willing to race just about any type of cars really..... Cheers Gloveman
  3. Hey Folks A few years ago I met another beginning Scaley digital racer on Slotforum we started racing soon after and ever since have been good friends. along came reidy (who is between tracks at the moment) and now we are looking for a few more participants to join us for some social racing. We generally do as much talking drinking and crashing as racing and no one keeps track of who wins...Its very laid back and more of a social gathering than anything...... we enjoy racing V8's and JTGC's in particular but will give pretty much anything a go from f1's to minis.... One of us is south of the city and one north so doesnt matter too much where you are one of us will likely be nearby These are our tracks... we are both running all the richG extras with fuel and pits. Downunder Digital http://www.slotforum...wnunder+digital Another Downunder Digital http://www.slotforum...wnunder+digital So if you are keen send me or Marty an PM and hopefully we can work something out to get a few more racers on the track with us....
  4. I loved that cow shed conversion as well and was delighted when i found one at my local toy store. Here is my conversion Cheers Gloveman
  5. If you can get your hands on a few old laptop hard drives the bearings out of them are unbelievably useful for something like that Cheers Gloveman
  6. hate to think what the photo would look like if you came home to a lot of parcels Clevo...... Cheers Gloveman
  7. That just made this the most expensive lowndes car yet.... I reckon this means they wont sell too many of the richards cars singly and there could be plenty going cheap on ebay! Cheers Gloveman
  8. Yep it's definately a commodore scalex have got pictures of the two cars up from the set steven richards falcon and lowndes commodore Cheers Gloveman
  9. Hey Folks just noticed T-Birds are advertising the new aussie V8 sets as in stock. One of them has a lowndes car in it which obviously isnt one of the cars they are releasing singly. So the question is is this the same as the lowndes car from two years ago or is it a new one there by forcing us to buy the whole set to get on if we are collectors? Cheers Gloveman
  10. Chris never provides anything but the best service either by mail or at the store so give him a call if you are still worried after checking your junk mail Cheers Gloveman
  11. Hey Gref Those figures are pretty much the same as the ones i grabbed and you are right the paint wont stick to them directly. To get them to work i soaked them in metho for ten minutes (this removed the sheen on the surface) and then applied a plastic etch primer which i bought from an automotive paint store. Then you can paint them with whatever paint you want once they are dry Got my figures from a 2 dollar shop in adelaide called "ned's" Cheers Gloveman
  12. Great work Geno Love the detail just wish i had as much money to spend on figures as Gref I did something very similar to Kenny with one of those two dollar packs of rescue workers made a heap of marshalls and a TV crew for a few dollars Check out pages 10 & 11 on my thread at slotforum While we are on the topic of figures How tall are the "Homies" figures I have a heap of the "Micro Icons" bikers and Souljas and compared to the Scalextric figures and Carrera figures these ones are a little smaller (good for forced perspective) how to the Homies compare to the Scaley and Carrera ones? Cheers Gloveman
  13. seems a bizarre weekend to have it since most people I know in adelaide that like cars will be sitting in a grandstand on sunday watching clipsal good bargain hunting to those who get there Cheers Gloveman
  14. The difference in weight between MDF and Pine ply is quite minimal MDF Average Density - 4.609g/cm3 or 4609Kg/m3 Pine Ply Average Density - 4.881/cm3 or 4881kg/m3 and contrary to popular belief it is usually heavier than MDF of similar volume (My students do this stuff as part of their course) so there really is no reason to go for ply as previously stated no matter how sharp the router bit is it will almost always "break out" the grain when routing across the grain. Not to mention that unless you buy expensive ply the surface will contain imperfections. (OK for a rally track i surpose) on the flip side at least it is not a known carcienogen like MDF (Make sure you wear a dust mask) Cheers Gloveman
  15. Welcome to the wonderful world of digital....... blocking, overtaking although i wish you luck with the running in opposite directions thing as thats a sure fire way to destroy your cars (double the impact speed) especially with f1's. wait till you experience all the extras you can get... Cheers Gloveman
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