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  1. Howdy all, I have just solved a similar problem on a guys track. His setup is RC ver1.9 (but I don't think the version has anything to do with it) and uses a Black Trackmate interface, with the sensors below, embedded in the track surface. He was getting some weird lap counts, like two lanes at the same time and then nothing at all, other times it all worked OK. I noted that it was giving most troubles when he had the fluro lights were switched on !! Anyway, after reinstalling the USB to Com driver, it was still acting up. As a last resort, I looked at the alignment of the sensors and discovered that they were not that well aligned. After realigning the sensors, the problem is now solved. I am not sure if this will help, but it could be worth looking at. Regards, Dennis
  2. Firstly, Thanks to all the organisers, track owners and participants of this proxy race. I thought I knew about car setup, but I have learnt a lot about car setup during this proxy. Well done to PaulSlots and the other placegetters. Peter - I agree with Phil, in that you need to setup a car that OTHER people can drive, that is the failing with my car - I set it up for myself to drive. If you look back to the comments of the Qualifying of round 1, you will see that the better cars are VERY easy and forgiving to drive. That then gives you confidence to drive quicker. I am already building next years car and I will NOT be testing it, I have a guy in mind to do my testing !! Dennis
  3. Brumos, Thanks, and congratulations for your podium. Congratulations to all the constructors for making this event a success, the place-getters and to ALL the four drivers who made for a very good day as there were VERY few offs during the whole event. As to the comments on traction, yes the track was VERY different on the day compared to what it normally is and a lot of cars (including mine) were struggling to find grip, so much so that when I was testing on the track a couple of months ago, the car did a 5.7 second lap, with consistent 5.8 second laps. Go figure why !! The next round will be different as this could be considered as a 'home' track for the SA entries. On to the next round. Dennis
  4. Howdy all, I use this 1 pole 12 position rotary switch and add resistors to it. https://www.jaycar.com.au/1-pole-sealed-pcb-rotary/p/SR1210 At the moment I am using this string of resistors. 1 Ohm, 1 ohm, 2.2 ohm , 2.2 ohm , 2.2 ohm , 3.3 ohm , 3.3 ohm , 3.3 ohm , 3.3 ohm , 4.7 ohm and 4.7 ohm This seems to work for me. The positive clicks of the switch makes it easier to change, without looking, while driving !! Dennis
  5. Lenny, details of my car are as follows, #8, Wizardgm, SA, Body - Brabham BT3 F1, Manufacturer - Faller, Chassis - M.E.S.S. , Motor - SRP18, Guide - Sloting+, Braid - Racer Sideways, Lead Wire - NSR, Pinion - Slot It, Gear - Slot It, Ratio - 10 to 25 or 26, Rear Tyres - MJK, Rear Rims MJK (mod), Front Rims - MJK (mod) Front Tyres - Ninco Classic Thanks, Dennis
  6. Alan, Can I use #8 instead of #70, that is is it is OK. Thanks, Dennis
  7. Mike F's car is now complete. I have given him the car and specs, so he can sent onto you. Before and after
  8. Amazing what ya find when you are not looking....
  9. Phil, here is a couple of pics. The body will fit an Atlas 'Scutler' type brass chassis Thanks for attempting to identify, Dennis
  10. Should have read the rules better, not a good start.... PM has been sent to Lenny......
  11. Lenny, Could I enter a car, Either a 1961 Cooper or a Brabham. Not sure which one but will only be one. Number 70 please. Thanks, Dennis
  12. Nope.... Whenever someone asks me to look at something on Facebook, my 'standard' reply is What's Facebook.... By the way, the pics are bl**dy Marvelous.....
  13. wizardgm

    Old Bloke

    Howdy Conrod1, welcome aboard. It seems that a lot of us 'Old Blokes' are on this forum. Posting pics. I just found this for another guy. At the top, select 'Forums' then scroll ALL the way to the bottom and select 'Help' Lots of info here, but if you look at 'posting' there is some help for attaching pics under 'attaching' Hope this helps, Dennis
  14. Interesting ! Which 'Mosfet' controller are you building ? Also, I use the single row pins from the Arduino kits from Jaycar to make single inline sockets for resistor modules. Stackable Header set for Arduino - Cat # HM3207
  15. wizardgm

    New Shed New Track

    Nowhere near ready for that Triggy Nice looking track. It should be getting close.. Dennis
  16. Phil, are either of these (this one pictured or the one on the bench) from the English club controller, on SFI ? Dennis
  17. G'day Alan, track looks good.. Quite a few guys would recocnise it , but would be expecting a bit of banking on this near corner But then again, if they are Victorians, they would probably like it as it is. See ya, Dennis
  18. wizardgm

    Only $39.99

    John, Can I get a hold of this one when you have 'finished' with it ? Hint.... Don't oil it or grease the gears..... Some people who know John, wil know what I am saying !! See ya tonite....
  19. wizardgm

    Car Spotting

    This one looks like a 2/3 scale FW190 !
  20. That is what they used to do with 1/24 'Dynamic' motor mounts to create 'scratch-builts', back in the sixties
  21. John, That lathe is exactly what I have been using since 1984 !! Still works as good as the day Ii bought it. Oh and by the way, once you have had a lathe, you will not be able to be without one. Dennis
  22. Shadow, I agree with the fairness of 'track braking' on ALL lanes, but from a motor builders point of view, I would like to see a 'LOW oHms' resistor, rather than a dead short across the track as the brakes - in the region of 0.5 to 2.0 oHms. My reasoning is that when a hand controller applies 'full brakes' it is providing a short circuit at the controller socket, but I would suggest that most track wiring would have about 0.5 oHms between the power source and the controller socket. This VERY low oHms will not 'kill' the motor as much as a 'dead short' ( I would not want to race a Gp15 and above on any track that did this sort of 'track braking' ) This is just my thinking. Dennis
  23. Kev's track was moved to the 'shed' in 1987. I got one lane working, one week before the 1987 NATS, so that I could test my Grp15. Dennis
  24. wizardgm

    Car Spotting

    Hi all, this was seen at a Zipple Cruise in Adelaide, 5th November 2013. I hope the links work. 302 with 347 stroker crank, Quad dual throat Webbers, Cross-over headers, Porsche 5 speed gearbox - 360Kw at rear wheels !!
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