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  1. Yngwie

    Track #5

    Hi all. Well time has passed since my last post on this. Sold the house I built in the interim and have been trackless for over 4 years. Well no more. I had Zegas on these forums design me a track but I have since changed my mind (sorry Grant). My new track is being CNC'ed as we speak. Should get it back this Thursday to start working on it, Here is my new design.
  2. Yngwie

    Calderwood Valley

    Hey Vince. Long time no speak. Track looks good. Congrats on the new place. John
  3. Hi All. Setting up a little track for a mate who requires timing. He is PC illiterate so I was thinking SRM Does anybody have a copy as I cant seem to locate it anywhere online> Cheers
  4. Great looking grid Chris. I I may ask a question as some one interested in getting into a few scratch built chassis myself. How do you ensure everything is straight and aligned and how do you clamp the items you are soldering during the process? Also a few more photos of your track would be greatly appreciated. John
  5. I use Linux with Brave browser. Works fine as with Firefox.
  6. Great to have you here Chris. Your slot creations are a joy to behold. Enjoy
  7. Happy Birthday Gazza. Dont let the beer flu get ya! Cheers
  8. Thanks for the reples guys. Thanks Rick. I am going to create my own much like you have done. Cheers
  9. Hi Grant No I am getting the CMC guys to cut it out and route the slot but I will do the recess. Just feel a little more comfortable with that and it is an easy job. CHeers
  10. Gday guys. I have a recess bit for the 3/16th braid but not 1/4. Which size bit do I need for this? Thanks in advance
  11. Miss racing on that track Gaz. Great close racing!
  12. That was quick Terry. Good job! CHeers John
  13. Hi Terry. This forum is indeed a thing we should all enjoy and where possible help each other out. As I mentioned to you I was helped out by Zegas as well in the last week so the more we share the better off we all will be. Cheers
  14. Hi Grant Love the design. I wonder who the lucky guy on this forum was? I had a track 2 tracks back where I got lazy and left the straight over the top. Regretted it from the first day we had a race on it. I would go straight under allowing for easy marshalling. What dimensions (length x width) is that track designed for? Cheers
  15. Yngwie

    Wtb: Ninco Track

    Hi guys. Asking for a mate. He is after some Ninco track. Straights curves anything really. Let me know if you are in Sydney region + - 200km . CHeers John
  16. Yngwie

    Ninco Mosler Chassis

    Hi Terry. Found it. It has not been used. PM me your address and I will send it to you tomorrow. Cheers John
  17. Yngwie

    Ninco Mosler Chassis

    Hi Terry. Pretty sure I have one. Will look today
  18. Problem at the moment is the Aussie dollar is junk compared to the USD / EUR so buying anything overseas is cost prohibitive. Cheaper to buy a second hand complete car on ebay.
  19. Hi Grant I dont have a file but just tried under Save As and .dxf is a file type listed. John
  20. Hi all. Just wondering if anyone has used Ultimate racer track design tool, exported it to DXF file for cnc printing? Would love to know if it is accurate or useless? Cheers John
  21. Hi Terry The following is available but rather exy. Shapeways Mosler Chassis However, not sure if you were able to pick up one of those cheap Avant Slot chassis a year or so ago but they fit the Ninco Mosler peerfectly. (no cutting required) Regards John
  22. Hi Roscoe I find when attaching a chassis (as the Slot.it Porsche) which has 2 body posts on to another car such as this one that the stability isnt great? The car seems to rock sided to side too much. What do you do to remedy this? Or others who have found a solution to this? Cheers
  23. Hi Vince Actually, we have been on a few projects of late where we have used you guys for our mech needs. Great lot to work with. Cheers John Don’t be jealous John I have at least 6 to 7 years of work and may well keep my hand in with something for years longer anyway. I can’t really imagine not bringing in money and being productive while I have something to offer. With all the doom and gloom I think it is good to bring in cash as long as possible if you can do it. Just with less hours and stress.
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