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  1. Great news re Revo future models. Make for an interesting mix of cars available to be raced. Plus Revo cars are great as a car requiring little to no work.
  2. Yngwie

    Calderwood Valley

    Nice looking track and space there Vince. You commuting to Sydney for work? John
  3. Have to agree with Rick on this. ABC is paid for by all tax payers and only ever present one side of an argument. Take for example the latest rape allegation against a sitting cabinet minister. ABC came out and presented the story despite protestations by her family ( the girl committed suicide) that they didnt want to be dragged through this again. They proceeded with the story anyway. Anything for a headline.
  4. Hi Mark I thought I required a 5W power rating?
  5. I have found an equivalent to the Difalco on ebay. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/25-Ohm-5-Watt-Wirewound-Linear-Potentiometer/271069161421?hash=item3f1cfb27cd:g:WrcAAMXQLQJRE5ej&frcectupt=true Unfortunately comes from US so postage is a bugger unless you order a few of them. John
  6. Thanks guys. Going to Hornsby to try my luck there. If not will go through RS Online. Cheers
  7. Hi all. As the title suggests, I have burned out my brake pot on my Difalco controller. Have tried Armchair and they are out of stock. Anybody have an idea where I might be able to source one locally? Regards
  8. Yngwie

    Track #5

    Hi all. Well time has passed since my last post on this. Sold the house I built in the interim and have been trackless for over 4 years. Well no more. I had Zegas on these forums design me a track but I have since changed my mind (sorry Grant). My new track is being CNC'ed as we speak. Should get it back this Thursday to start working on it, Here is my new design.
  9. Yngwie

    Calderwood Valley

    Hey Vince. Long time no speak. Track looks good. Congrats on the new place. John
  10. Hi All. Setting up a little track for a mate who requires timing. He is PC illiterate so I was thinking SRM Does anybody have a copy as I cant seem to locate it anywhere online> Cheers
  11. Great looking grid Chris. I I may ask a question as some one interested in getting into a few scratch built chassis myself. How do you ensure everything is straight and aligned and how do you clamp the items you are soldering during the process? Also a few more photos of your track would be greatly appreciated. John
  12. I use Linux with Brave browser. Works fine as with Firefox.
  13. Great to have you here Chris. Your slot creations are a joy to behold. Enjoy
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