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  1. A PDP11, now that brings back memories... I work with computers all day - when I use one at home I don't want to spend all my time fighting it, I just want to do stuff on it. As Yngwie said, it's a tool - I download and edit photos, download and import all my music, movies, bit of work, bit of web, email and the usual stuff. Yep, has to be a MAC at home for me, has been for the past 10 years, ever since OSX.
  2. Some great cars to look forward too, group C is rounding out beautifully - but I don't see the picture of the new Toyota I thought was being intro'd? I like the GT40 too, bet that will run well, something to give NSR classic's a good run against.
  3. Does the Button Brawn F1 count as a new one, although it was announced in 2009 that they'd be doing it? And the Ltd Edition Gulf Aston Lola's from Le Mans last year.
  4. I never find it easy to use Patto's decals, even on the rare occasion they do fit the body I'm painting they are poor (IMHO). There are plenty of people who buy his decals and have great success, but I never have - perhaps it's just the Group C decals that aren't designed for a slot.it body? Love your work though Rainer, another excellent livery, great job.
  5. But HRT beat 888 to the team title... Bummed I left Sydney before this race - had really been looking forward to it.
  6. yes, that was a day to remember - red dust from Adelaide. Missing you guys already.
  7. Yes, was a bit sudden - and I missed that last race night at Joe's too - even had my open GT M3 thingy prepped and ready. Hey Mark, yes was sorry to not catch you, but I know how it goes with work. Swap meets - yep, looking forward to catching some of those...
  8. Well, after a little over 7 years in Sydney, and nearly 7 years in San Diego before that, my wife and I have decided to move the family back to the UK. I had my last Tuesday night race last week, a really enjoyable 2 hour enduro using the Racer Sideway DP's on Jims 8 lane Carerra. THEY ARE AWESOME - if you haven't raced them, take the magnets out and give them a go - did I mention they are Awesome! Congrats to Vinno and MattG for their win - they obviously didn't get the memo that I was supposed to win, being my last race night Many thanks to all who were there, and I'll post up photos of that awesome Slot.It Jag that Jim organised, and Josef so expertly painted for me. I was a brilliant surprise, and left me truly speechless. Thanks to all of you for a great night. I guess I should also congratulate my son, as he (Ryan) and Jason pipped Josef and I for 2nd. Sorry for the late post - I'm in the UK now, landed here on Tuesday morning. It was sunny too - amazing - although it's been grey since that first day. I left the UK in 1996, and most people who know me well are probably surprised to know I've returned, but the time to return had come. I love Sydney, and have many great memories and some great friends including many of those in the Slot fraternity. I dare say now I'm away from Sydney, I'll probably be more active again on the forum - have to stay in touch with what's happening down under somehow. It's been a hectic few weeks, and it's proven hard juggling ebay sales, garage sales and the like, plus wrapping up work and saying goodbye to friends etc My wife and eldest son are still in Sydney for another 4 weeks, but I needed to be in the UK this week, hence the hasty move. I'll miss Sydney for sure, but on the upside, I'm only 30 minutes from Goodwood now - and I wont need to be up at 2am or 4:30am to watch the EPL and Champions league games. Oh, and there's no Rugby League teams in Portsmouth and but we'll miss going to Brooky Oval for the NRL games. The slot fraternity has provided me many good friends - you all know who you are, and I'll miss the rapport - stay in touch. Au Revoir for now. Mike
  9. tvwino

    Sideways Racer

    so how about some results for the toy ones :huh2: Geoff 'Tooter' took it out (partnered by Michael "Slotmeister" Stahl). John A, Nigel and John VD took second and the Auslot All Stars of Vinno, Jim (Boslot) and Jamie (ITElectrical) took 3rd. Great night - well done Geoff - the ever consistent enduro king.
  10. tvwino

    What Controller?

    I would look at Slot.It and Professor Motor - try both, and spend as much as you can afford on the one you like best. For me, the feel of the controller in the hand is important - and both of these work for my hands, but Parma don't. You'll find just as many folks say to go Parma, and that Slot.It and PM don't feel right. Try as many as you can, and go with what feels best. FWIW, an electronic controller tends to give best coverage of a broad range of cars. Slot.It and PM are both electronic, Parma are not.
  11. the details are up on the main formula 1 website - seems it's because he knows he's a pain in the neck, or something like that...
  12. cheers guys, another year wiser.
  13. I think I'm going to retire my Ninco one - well, it's pretty much retiring itself anyway. I held off buying the MB Slot one, waiting to see what this was like - and this gets my vote for sure.
  14. I'm a fan of the big cats, and I know mine wont have any blemishes. We all know, that if we buy a Slot.It and the paint finish is like the one Vinno has tested, that you'll get it replaced. No way Maurizio would expect you to accept that. I wont say it's a one off, but I doubt it's representative of the batch either.
  15. I've got a few shots of the high tail Canon livery from that race, will see if the same links have this one - must admit I'd seen it and thought it'd be a good livery to do, but I decided against it, in case Maurizio decides to do this model. I know you'll do the decals justice Alan. Just checked a couple of books, but no shots of the car and no mention in the index of the drivers either. sorry.
  16. I bought an RSM, probably about the same time as you Pete. It has served me well, and is one of those tools where, if you buy quality you only buy it once. This truer of yours really does look to be a quality unit, knowing you, I'm sure the motor is every bit the business, along with the rest of it. The only things I don't like about my RSM, you can't get spare blocks for them (for different grit ratings) easily (if at all), so offering spare plates makes sense to me, well done. Also, the sprung screw that holds the axle height over the sanding block vibrates loose too easily. Bloody annoying. So if yours addresses those, it'd be great. So while I wouldn't be a prospect, unless mine dies suddenly, it'd be good to be able to easily point out yours to folks desperately searching - and there's plenty in that camp. Well done mate.
  17. I had a great time, great bunch and some fun racing on a tricky layout. The finish on the track is great, just enough grip, without shredding of tyres. Thanks for the welcome, and the tips - have already been out to buy some lead. I'm hooked, and look forward to the next round. I escaped with minor damage on the Lotus, so I should probably try harder next time.
  18. I've glued F15's to my Slot.It Jag, and trued them up. As SlotsNZ states, they are not easy to true, and mine are not brilliantly smooth. Interestingly, I felt the need to true them, whereas some BRM F15's looked great straight from the packet, and I decided not to true those. Back to the Slot.It's, and I agree, they do pick up dust, but on a reasonably clean track they sure do grip well, performing better than my previous tyre choice, the P6. I used them on a Carerra surface and they survived 2 minutes brackets quite well without losing grip, getting cleaned between heats. I do plan on switching to the F22, and seeing how they go, as I'm not sure of the longevity of the F15's.
  19. I like it already Paul, looks good, well suited to digital.
  20. wasn't it PhilR down in Finley that had one done for him? It really did look the biz.
  21. Yep, I reckon Group C is my favourite racing category - so many gorgeous cars for my mind. That new XJR-12 should be on us pretty soon too, can't wait. You should have a go at a repaint, if I can, anyone can - I'm the least creative/dextrous person I know. Pick a single colour car, buy some decals (suggest DMC) and you're nearly there. I was pleased with the performance on my Jag last night - just a shame my controller blew a fuse and ruined any chances of a good finish. What it lacked in a straight line, it made up for in punch out of the corners and handling. Lots of potential.
  22. Thanks - more to come - but not 24 :bday: Will experiment with different chassis options on the next one - there are so many variables to try out!!
  23. OI! Alfa's are usually yummy, and I love them (well... with the possible exception of the current MiTo thinggy... not totally convinced on it, but its growing on me.) But you must admit, they're not reknowned for reliability or durability. I've owned 2 reasonably current Alfa's - loved them, but the last one (156JTS) was nothing but trouble. I took a bath on it in the end, as I figured it was going to end up killing me if I didn't get rid of it!! My 1st Alfa, a 3.0 V6 GTV was awesome - I just couldn't get it out of second gear in Sydney!! I love some of the current models, the Brera and the GT - but I'm scared to own another one.
  24. Yes, I remember when Slot.It first released the #34, there was so much discussion on various forums as to whether De Adamich drove it. There were a bunch of photos and other conflicting reports that made it all very confusing to say the least. I have that Tipo 33 book (can recommend to anyone interested, it's a great book), and it did seem to give the best answers. I figured this car wouldn't be done by Slot.It, but who knows. The Targa Floria 1st & 2nd and the Brands Hatch winner will be released for sure I reckon.
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