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  1. Hi KK, there is racing anywhere, and then there is Le Mans. If you do nothing else, but do go. Does not matter as a marshall like I did, or as a spectator. Like Steve McQueen said, anything else is waiting. Plan is to do it next year again, but do the 24hour and the Classic. Btw, the week after was the 24hour race at the Nurburgring.
  2. Went there last year to marshall at post 125 (old Maison Blanche), going back next year to section 30 (Porsche Curve inside). Only 369 days to go.
  3. They were entered in both races. They had a World championship race (1000km) on saturday and the CANAM race on sunday. Most cars were cross entered for both events, but the Matra boys had no intension to run the CANAM race on sunday after winning on saturday. Had this in the very first NZ CANAM proxy, which meant that I could not enter my Matra 670b back then. So the circle closes again. Enjoy the racing and stay in the slot.
  4. Ahh, the Matra saga comes up again. Kinda funny that it is still alive.
  5. some of the little roads leading towards Le Mans have not changed much, as I found out this year. Le Mans, WOW in 1:1.
  6. Hi Ember, you should have no trouble with your background. 2 beers or more and your german will improve heaps, works for me, my english gets better with every beer. Sent me an pm, if you have a problem, happy to help out.
  7. How many of the current crop have driven for more than a whole season overseas? Let's hope we will only see Webber in the 12hour , and never in October at the mountain.
  8. Munter, did you cast them? Would be interested in getting some of them. Thanks.
  9. and even nice music from Nena in the middle.
  10. pitlane3

    Car Spotting

    They start to rust, when you open the sales leaflet.
  11. Cool, twice in a year to NZ. Yes, and Yes. Got already a livery in my head for the group 5 series.
  12. Hi guys, thanks for running the series again. Sorry for the late entry, will try to do better next year. Happy with the top 10 final result. Thanks to everybody invloved.
  13. Well done for everybody involved. You might need to check the lap counter, the little Alfa does not like the heights of the podium. Thanks for letting me play with you guys.
  14. pitlane3

    Lake Como (Italy)

    We went to Como 3-4 times a year on the motorbikes. Nothing to say here, it all stayed in Como. Always beautiful. Enjoy your built.
  15. Thanks for running the round, congrats to the podium. Happy to be in the top ten. Good luck for everybody running.
  16. Got straights and outer corner pieces to measure. Bit late now, will do that tomorrow afternoon for you. I assume, that the inner ones would be the width. Cheers
  17. Hi Yngwie, this is what I did a few years ago, it is a SCX Seat Coupra with a Slot it pot fitted.
  18. It is an IMSA spec car, they only had a single turbo charger, that what the different opening in the rear is for, different engine size as well.
  19. pitlane3

    2013 Canam

    ok, will get the car over the ditch quickly. thank you.
  20. pitlane3

    2013 Canam

    Is it too late to enter? I have hardly heard any , and now it;s to late.
  21. There seems to be a lot of sawdust around you. Everybody coming out of the wood now.
  22. Hi John, they are actual Stratos rims. Found them in the slotshop.de. i had the original LC2 rims on the car, looks totally not right, but now, it just finishes it of nicely.
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