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  1. Hi Grego I have set it to run on keyboard which hasn't worked.My brother built me the hardware with photo censors and had it all working on Laptimer 2000 before sending it to me. I have tried keyboard and printer port on my older computer and it does not work on either. I can change settings etc,start the race and it all looks ready to go but I am unable to get the laps to count down. It works fine on this computer so I am wondering if there is some sort of conflict. The port is working fine and I have tried closing other programs. I tried the demo of PC lap counter which does work off my keyboard on the older computer but yet to get it to work off censor.It does say it is reading the port OK. I like the simplicity off Laptimer 2000 and its free! Thanks
  2. Greetings from New Zealand. I have downloaded this program and tested it sucessfully on this computer using keyboard commands for counting down laps etc. This computer is using XP. I then put the program on my older computer I am using with the slot car track which has 512mb ram and 80gb hard drive running on windows 98. I have mirrored all the settings and am unable once I start the race to get the laps to count down using the keyboard or sensor. Any suggestions? Thanks
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