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  1. chrisv

    6 Car Pb In Aus ?

    Anyone else got a v1.5 6 car PB ? I had 1 lined up from sax but he has stopped answering any of my PM's over past couple of weeks. Regards Chris
  2. I am a newbie, but pretty sure all scalex digital cars will run on an anlogue track without any mods Regards Chris
  3. chrisv

    6 Car Pb In Aus ?

    Not sure what this means ? I am in Melbourne. If I get one I will contact you about getting it upgraded to PB Pro, although I am not sure yet what that gives me . Still lots of reading to do. Later chris
  4. chrisv

    6 Car Pb In Aus ?

    Hello All, My wife got me a 4 car F1 World Championship digital scalextric set plus some extra track for xmas. Have had a blast last few days racing with family. Those F1 cars are very quick. I would like more RMS like features however as when racing 4 cars its hard to know who is winning by how many laps etc... even with digital counter that comes with kit. From reading I have done it looks like I need a 6 car PB with AUX port to talk to PC. Anyone know if the v1.5 6 car pb is available anywhere in Aus ? Or is there some other way to get PC connectivity without buying new PB ? Regards Chris
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