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  1. OSR has had a bit of a setback today Its been a bit wet and cold and dark what with winter and all so I havent been out in the shed much the last few weeks. I went out today to do a bit of a tidy up and Ive discovered the ol put together ramshackle shed I have isnt quite water tight. While I managed to plug up all of the holes water has got in and run down onto the wooden beams and dripped down. End result, all along the back straight and in several random places around the track I have dried up rusted water all over the track surface. Several parts are going to need to be repainted and retaped as well (the copper has tarnished badly). Not to mention where to start with the dripping problem every time it rains. Dont know what I will do atm
  2. I was just going to borrow the work laser once I have the track fully up and running
  3. I have seen the ebays on before. Which train scale works best for the 1:32 cars? For my aust scenery I will need a number of trees that are a fair bit taller than a car.
  4. Have they got a web site for them? Or did you buy them locally?
  5. Thanks Dick Not alot of slot stuff for me, but then I did make up for that by grabbing a new Slot it while I was in canberra last week plus a D3800 power supply from DSE. I did get well looked after though with power tools and Wii games
  6. Johno

    Power Supplies

    I have a switch at each lane that lets me change directions rather than a one switch for all. This was the way the circuit diagram that I used was drawn up. This way I can have head on mayhem this way
  7. Johno

    Power Supplies

    I grabbed the last D3800 from Dick Smith in Bairnsdale today. For $129 its a bargain!!
  8. Back home again after the family overnighter to Canberra. Had a good trip home, only took 3hr 45 mins and next to no traffic. Youve done a fantastic job Steve!! The tracks are great and the shop looks fantastic Looks like you are on a real winner. Good to meet you as well Chilla. Next time I am up I will have to talk the mrs into letting me do some serious racing.
  9. I dont have alot of cars but I will bring a couple along. Its going to be a busy day (sat 22nd), not sure how long I will be able to spend there but will try. I sent a PM to Steve re times. I will let you know when I will be hoping to drop by
  10. Will be visiting Canberra next weekend. Expect a visit!!
  11. Johno

    Joez New Track

    Because there ours ! Honestly we probably should fix this up as it started out when the forum was small. It probably isn't right to have it set up this way any more. I agree. there are a number of fantastic threads scattered throughout that have some great tips for track building / scenery that could be stickied as an easy to find reference for people building there tracks. Counts thread, The build of Knoath's 1st track, KK's scenery are a couple that come to mind straight away that would be great to have stickied as they all have some fantastic info in them.
  12. Started doing some work on scenery this morning. 1st up was the rock wall at the hairpin. Still a little rough at the moment with seams to blend in and cover up with other scenery. Heres a view going down the hill And one from the bottom heading towards the hairpin I also printed out some of the interior track borders and had a test on a small section. It has turned out being very fiddly and pretty much impossible to get it perfect at the joins but again some work on the seams will hopefully blend in the joins a little bit more. But overall I think it looks pretty good and alot better that if I attempted to paint it myself. Hoorah for Google Streetview
  13. More updates While my dad was here and I had an extra pair of hands I got all of the track borders installed and painted. I also built the drivers stations into the borders and painted them. And then installed the controller plug, reverse switch and fuse and the little basket for the controller. Its officially time to decorate and add scenery!!! Thx for looking
  14. :bday: Looks fantastic Steve. Now I just need to organise a weekender trip to Canberra
  15. Johno

    Denney's New Track

    You can count on that happening Especially once you combine Slot Cars, a bunch of blokes and
  16. Johno


    If you route directly into the table you will end up with a flat track unless you cut and lift bits. Putting the track ontop of the table will give more room for a few rolling hills etc. But then on the downside you need more MDF
  17. When I wired my first track I used this guide http://www.slotcarcorner.com/articles/wiri...Guide%20v45.pdf I found it very good and offered step by step instructions. It even has a switch to reverse the track
  18. 9.6m or so along the straight 1.2m wide for most of it 3.6m wide on the bridge part. I haven't measured lane lengths yet but I know I need roughly 26m of edging around the outside
  19. I dragged the good lady out to the shed to take some video footage of the track up and running Still very basic at this stage and obviously not going full pace due to a lack of barriers but it gives a good look at the overall track and some of the elevations. Thanks for looking
  20. Wired up the 2nd lane. Woot worked no dramas. Wired up the 3rd lane, squeezed the trigger and short at the power supply. Tried again same result. Considering my expert electrical work and neat and tidy soldering I was a little stressed about finding the problem This will one day be a drivers station There is so much wire underneath its crazy Checked my soldering, all was good. I unhooked the drivers station from the track and ran it straight to a car and it worked no drama. So my problem was one of the 11 power taps.....sigh. On my 2nd trip around looking at them all I found the problem. Crooked copper foil running underneath the table creating a short. A quick pull apart and relay and all was good in the world. All 3 lanes are now running in both directions Sadly then I got called in for the night so still no video. Hopefully tomorrow.
  21. Johno

    New Stages!

    The scenery looks so life like How did you do it
  22. The price is certainly very tempting as a bit of a lead in for my 18 month and 3 month to get the hang of things before trying to race on my wooden beast. very tempting indeed
  23. Update time.... With the wire supplied by Davnic I was able to get about 3/4 of the track wired up but then i ran into the problem of nowhere in town selling any 2 core electrical wire so I had to wait for the next trip to Lakes Entrance to get some. Then i got a bit side tracked and painted up my daughters old bed for my little boy. Since the track takes up most of the shed I had to paint outside so needed to get it done quickly over a series of fine days..(I just beat the weekends rain) Anyway today I finally got some me time out in the shed and finished wiring up the final 5 power taps and I got one controller wired up to run both directions. Ran a couple of slow laps and to my pleasant surprise the whole lane worked. Going to have to get those anti-flight barriers erected ASAP now so I can crank it up a bit. Im hoping to get the other lanes working in the morning and some video footage taken. very exciting
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