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  1. Talking to Peter yesterday, the track is going into the shop for a day or two. So you're both right.
  2. Thanks for the offer Jan, handout motors for the Aussie V8 class would be nice if we can fit it into the schedule. I'll talk to you at next weeks race.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm pleased to announce that James from Hornsby Slot Cars has kindly consented to host the 2017 NSW Scale Auto GT Endurance Championship. Location - Hornsby Slot Cars 126a James Lane, Waitara,NSW,2077, Australia Phone - 07 9489 5816 The dates for the event have been confirmed as - Friday 24th of February 2017 - Practise day - $10 per person for the day Saturday 25th of February 2017 - Practise and Preliminary Events Sunday 26th of February 2017 - 8 Hour Scale Auto GT Enduro All races will be run on the Hornsby Flat Track - We will be running 3 classes and all will be team events - Saturday 25th - Preliminary events Aussie V8s - 2 man teams - entry fee $40 per team OAPR LMP - 2 man teams - entry fee $40 per team Start times - 3.00pm Tech inspection - 4.00pm race for the V8s immediately followed by LMPs - ideally both classes will be finished by 8.00pm. The computer system can handle more than 8 entries using a "Round Robin" format so we can take more than 8 entries per class. Entries will be taken up to the day of the race and will be limited to 16 teams. Technical regulations for each class will be as per the last published rules prior to January 1st, 2017, no changes are anticipated before this date. Handout Motors - Aussie V8s - YES - SRP 25 Motors OAPR LMP - NO - bring your own NSR 25 Evo with fixed 11/44 gearing The following teams have nominated for the Aussie V8 and LMP races. Currently we have 15 teams in each class and we'll need to set the cutoff at 16 teams to avoid a late night. Race format will be 5 minute heats with 1 minute lane change for both classes. Each team member to drive 4 lanes, no driver changes mid heat. Aussie V8 Entries - "Outer Limits" - Ian M, Robbo "Armchair Racer 1" - John A, John VD "Armchair Racer 2" - Brooksy, Ian R "Dapto 1" - Cam, Noel "Dapto 2" - Chris W, Jules R "Dapto 3" - Pagey, Rod C "Team Phoenix" - Greg C, Garry J "Team Kaos" - Cody B, Timmy "Victoria 1" - Jason Lane, Chris Watts "Victoria 2" - Peter Dimmers, Murray T "Victoria 3" - Mark M, Mark Pollard "JnJ Racing" - JJ, Jamie C "Zimmer Racing" - Kim A, Mark F "Narangba" - Andrew , Simon "Team HSC" - Brad, TBA OAPR LMP Entries - "Outer Limits" - Ian M, Robbo "Armchair Racer 1" - John A, John VD "Armchair Racer 2" - Brooksy, Ian R "Dapto 1" - Cam, Noel "Dapto 2" - Chris W, Jules R "Dapto 3" - Pagey, Rod C "Team Phoenix" - Greg C, Garry J "Team Kaos" - Cody B, Timmy "Victoria 1" - Jason Lane, Chris Watts "Victoria 2" - Peter Dimmers, Murray T "Victoria 3" - Mark M, Mark Pollard "JnJ Racing" - JJ, Jamie C "Zimmer Racing" - Kim A, Mark F "Narangba" - Andrew , Simon "Team HSC" - Brad, TBA Sunday 26th - the big one NSW Scale Auto GT Endurance Championship - 3 or 4 man teams - Entry fee $50 per team member, plus $30 per team to cover hand out motors Heat times will be 1 hour per lane (9 hours total with 9 teams) with 1 minute lane changes. All team members must drive equal time on each lane. Motor hand out will be at 2.00pm on Saturday 25th immediately followed by tech check then qualifying for starting lane choice for the Sunday race. Race start time will be 8.00am Sunday 26th - there will be a 2 minute warm up prior to race start to ensure track and entry readiness. Technical regulations for Scale Auto GT will be as per the last published rules prior to January 1st, 2017. Handout Motors - YES - NSR 25 Evo with fixed 10/44 gearing. Handout Tyres - YES - 2 pairs of Scale Auto 27.5mm x 13mm rear tyres for each team at no extra cost. NOTE: there is no stipulation to use the handout tyres, however you must use Scale Auto SC-2421P ProComp 3 wheel/tyre and the original markings on the sidewall must be CLEARLY visible. See the Scale Auto GT regs here - http://www.auslot.co...ar-regulations/ The following teams have been confirmed for the Scale Auto GT Enduro - Dapto Club - Team 1 - confirmed with 3 drivers - Cam, Pagey, Chris W Dapto Club - Team 2 - confirmed with 3 drivers - Brooksy, Gregg T, Jules R Sydney City - 1 team - confirmed as team "Armchair Racer" with 4 drivers - John VD, John A, Ian R and Fardin H Central Coast NSW - 1 team - confirmed as team "JnJ Racing" with 4 drivers - JJ, Stoo, Mark Fox, Darryl Toole Victoria - Team 1 - confirmed as team "Phoenix" with 4 drivers - Greg C, Tim T, Cody B, Garry J Victoria - Team 2 - confirmed as team "Race Ya Later" with 4 drivers - Peter D, Jason L, Murray, Mark South Aus - 1 team - confirmed as team "Outer Limits" with 3 drivers - Ian M, Robbo, Rodney C Queensland - 1 team - confirmed as team "Narangba" with 3 drivers - Andrew B, Simon W, Kim A Hornsby Slot Cars - 1 team - confirmed as team "HSC" with 3 drivers - Brad, Jake and Mathew Some of these teams will be looking for a fourth driver so put your hand up if you're looking to be a hired gun for the day. Where to stay - The "Blue Gum Hotel" is only about 200 metres from the track and has decent rooms, all with en-suites. It also has a fantastic restaurant and a great atmosphere for bench racers. 55 Pacific Hwy Waitara NSW 2077 (02) 9489-3220 How to get there - If you're flying into Sydney with only one or two people the cheapest way is by train. There is a station at the airport (follow the signs) and you need to get to Waitara (NOT Hornsby), tickets are about $20.00. You'll need to change trains at Central or at one of the city subway stations, Wynyard or Town Hall, if the airport train goes that way. At Waitara go to the Pacific Highway side of the station, turn right at the bottom of the station stairs and right again at the highway, and it's a short walk to the hotel at the next cross street light. If you're coming in with a group of 4 or more then a taxi is a good option. A taxi will cost about $100 and makes a much easier and faster journey if you have the numbers to split the fair. Thank you for your interest.
  4. Great to see everyone offering their opinion without it getting personal. Still a ways to go on this before any decision is made. Just to stir the pot a little, here is a list of parts that need to be, or should be, replaced to build a COMPETITIVE ENDURO CAR from a READY TO RUN Scale Auto GT. All allowed under the current rules. ************************************************************************************************************************************************* Wheels and tyres - all 4 wheels and tyres that come with the RTR are not suitable for racing, replace front and rear. Axles - I've seen some good axles in some of the later RTR cars but not many, replace both. Bearings - The originals are inferior quality, replace all 4. Screws - they are rubbish soft metal with big heads that hang below the chassis plate, replace them all. Interior - replace with light weight version. ************************************************************************************************************************************************* Now here is a list of the other parts which can be, but are not necessarily, replaced under the current rules ************************************************************************************************************************************************* Guide, guide nut, guide washers, braids, lead wire and clips. Any nuts and washers (screws have been replaced above). Rear wing mounts. Wheel inserts. Motor - We currently have a choice of the original Scale Auto, the NSR and it has been suggested to allow the SRP 25 long can. ************************************************************************************************************************************************* This is what's left of the original "READY TO RUN" car if all currently allowed changes are made. ************************************************************************************************************************************************* Body shell (complete), roll cage and rear wing. Guide tongue, T plate, Main chassis plate, H plate. Body mount plates and intermediate plates (not sure what they're called) Bearing holders Motor brackets ************************************************************************************************************************************************* Make of this what you will. .
  5. Nice job Rusty. Will the brakes work if the calipers are spinning
  6. I stand to be corrected on this but I'm pretty sure both manufacturers use the Black Magic rubber. If they don't then I can't pick the difference. Any minor differences in appearance or performance can probably be attributed to age or different rubber batches. I have noted small visible differences in the rubber cell size from batch to batch. Specifying Plafit rubber only, for retreads, allows the scrutineer to disqualify any tyres that are obviously different. I agree with Noel's observation on grip level too; at least on the Hornsby track which is always well prepared. At this years race our Team Phoenix car had as near to perfect grip as I could imagine, definitely didn't need any more. The only down side I can see is that better funded teams will have more tuning choices, tyre wise.
  7. I've had a submission to change the rear tyre rule for the Scale Auto GT class. The reason for the request is the price of Scale Auto tyres is becoming prohibitive, nearing $30 a pair. Here is a rough draft of the proposed rear tyres allowed - ********************************************************************************** Scale Auto RTR Pro Comp 3 - as per current rules Plafit RTR- Part Number 812112-RTR Plafit or Scale Auto rims (as per above), re rubbered with Plafit rubber Rims may not be modified in any way ********************************************************************************** FYI - If you already have good rims then re rubbering 2 sets of tyres will save you nearly $47 on the cost of 2 sets of Scale Auto RTRs. Any comments? .
  8. Funny thing is I was running my old Red Roo 1. Still a great chassis when there's plenty of grip to be had, as there was tonight. Always good racing at Jan's.
  9. 2016 APC Results by Class http://birkdaleracew...Muscle_Cars.zip http://birkdaleracew...2_Modern_GT.zip http://birkdaleracew...7_Mini-Z_GT.zip http://birkdaleracew...mula_LeMans.zip http://birkdaleracew...c_and_CanAm.zip http://birkdaleracew...-24_Group_C.zip http://birkdaleracew...4_Formula_1.zip http://birkdaleracew...om/1-24_GTJ.zip Each zip file contains a pdf with the overall results for the class plus text files of each race and qualifying. To view the text files correctly you need to set your text reader font to a fixed width font such as Lucida Console and a size of about 9 points should be correct.
  10. Watching Andrew Bartholomew race at the APC on the weekend it occurred to me ........... "Old dogs already know all the tricks"
  11. And of course, we've all been here - "No good deed goes unpunished"
  12. Garry J

    Tyre Stickers

    Bloody crow eaters are all mad. Lucky b@stards
  13. Watching the Rugby League game on Monday night - My better half (indignantly) - "WHY do we have football on Monday night?" Me - "Because we live in a civilised society, dear"
  14. Various sources, possibly none of these can be classified as "Inspirational", but "Inspired" might serve - "I like children, but I can't eat a whole one" (a variation of a W C Fields quote. I used this at the local fruit shop recently, very satisfying to see the horrified look on the little terrorists mother) "I was married by a judge, I should have asked for a jury" (Groucho Marx) "I've had a perfectly wonderful evening, but this wasn't it" (Groucho Marx) "I don't drink water, fish fornicate in it" (another variation of a W C Fields quote, somewhat sanitised. Fields actually said "poop", not the obvious alternative) "You can't teach a dog to walk on one leg" (Jimmy, a guy I used to work with, referencing the cerebral limitations of certain apprentices) "Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill" (unknown, from my signature)
  15. No David, not all the criminals were sent here, the next time some yank (it's usually a yank that brings this up) tells you all Aussies are descended from convicts give them a heads up. Prior to the American Revolution the poms sent their crooks to, guess where, you got it, the north american colonies. From the early 1600s somewhere between 50,000 and 120,000 convicts were sent to north america. The hint is in the timing, the war ended in late 1783 and the poms had to find another dumping ground, the first fleet arrived here in 1788. We ended up with over 160,000 convicts sent here, but the yanks had a century and a half head start on their scumbag breeding program.
  16. Throw that chassis into my tumbler for a few hours and it'll come out looking a million dollars.
  17. There's a limit ??????????? :huh:
  18. Kim, I think the magic number is 16. If you get 16 concourse points you can't loose a race place. Someone might be able to confirm that, or not.
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HF-IlQ1bcQA&list=RDHF-IlQ1bcQA#t=20
  20. Peter has sold the flat black track so there'll be something new in the works. If only he'd get rid of the king track something like the new Mid America track would be nice in it's place.
  21. Not sure if this has ever been posted before but it's worth a look. Raining for part of the race, I have no idea how they drove these cars in the rain, they had no grip even when it was dry.
  22. Did this on a couple of tracks many,many moons ago. It worked OK, biggest issue was getting the masking tape to stick and consequently paint getting under the tape. I used a roller and brush, spraying might be better.
  23. I read somewhere recently that the real reason they don't want your mobile on during a flight is that it can course interference on their headsets. Not dangerous, just annoying. Must be true; everything on the Internet is true
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