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  1. There's a story that the biker that lays his bike down during the chase was not part of the script, just someone who found their way onto the wrong road, but they kept the footage in the movie. Don't know if it's true or publicist bull. As for the hub caps, they probably destroyed a few Dodges during filming, the continuity guys probably gave up trying to keep track. About 40 years ago there was an ad on TV where a Charger jumped over some rail lines (I think it was rail lines) then later in the ad there was a Kingswood. I was working at Thomson Ford at the time and the same guys who made the ad with the Charger were filming at our workshop making an ad for Thomsons. Talking to some of the film crew they told us that the ad with the Charger was only supposed to have the one car (no Kingswood) but when they jumped the Charger over the rail lines it collapsed at the firewall and just about broke in two. No time to find another Charger so they grabbed the closest thing to hand, the Kingswood. Never liked Chargers anyway. Great time to be working at Thomsons, got to drive some crazy cars. We had a customer who owned a Phase III, the guy was at least 200 kilos and he kept breaking the drivers seat. We must have fixed and upgraded the seat 3 or 4 times and he always let me have a test drive. Those were the days.
  2. The Melbourne guys have 5 ScaleAuto drivers, too many for their team. Mark has asked if 2 drivers can share a drive, that is 2 of their team will drive 4 lanes each. I think this is OK for the enduro and better than having 5 driver changes each bracket. I suggest that the 2 drivers must drive an equal number of lanes and nominate their lanes before the race. Any thoughts? Should they both pay full entry? Will the Blue Gum have enough VB in stock for so many Mexicans?
  3. That would be Cody Bramble (Kid Kaos) You can get in touch with him through Hornsby Slot Cars.
  4. It looks orange in the pic but if it's more like pink, it's Parma.
  5. Not sure Ray, maybe 20. If the mill ever gets cleaned up to the point where you can see it under all the junk I'll take a pic. It's just a cheap Sieg X3 which has been upgraded as the original bits fell apart, and had some additions made to it, including CNC. If I had my time over I'd have started with something better. As you get older you say that more and more; "if I had my time over"
  6. Jason the new SC8003 chassis is just one item in a bunch of new stuff from Scaleauto. If we change the rules to allow new faster bits what will happen to the class? Will everyone upgrade to stay competitive? I doubt it. This isn't a cheap class, a new SC8003 chassis will cost over 80 euros and I wouldn't consider it money well spent, if you want run high tech Modern GT we already have that class and high costs keep the numbers small. I don't have an answer, all I'll say is that the current format with a very basic car has proven to be popular.\ Pics of the SC8003 are here - http://evotecshop.com/en/chasis-grz-1-24/9197-chasis-sc8003-gt3-1-24-kit-piezas-carbono.html
  7. 1/24 LMP Chassis Build - The hard parts done, bits for 12 chassis - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Front and rear sprung assemblies - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ First 4 for Mark (BeastM) - This is nowhere near as much fun as you might think - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Still the old original Red Roo 1. Been running different tyres the last couple of races, they seem to be working. 220.78 laps in 20 minutes, average lap time 5.435. Brilliant cars.
  9. From Cam's rules Ray, Body, Part b, Modern, retro or fantasy liveries accepted.
  10. Grant turned up at my track with the Vortex car last night, looks even better in the flesh.
  11. I don't understand fuel prices either Zegas. Recently in Brisbane it went from $1 a litre to $1.30 in one day.
  12. On the subject of tyres, there will be hand out tyres for the 8 Hour Scale Auto GT Race. Each team will be given 2 pairs of Scale Auto 27.5mm x 13mm rear tyres at no extra cost. Many thanks to Shane for this generous offer.
  13. Brad, as you're the local team I think we should hold a spot for Team HSC.
  14. Thanks Kim, all sorted. Please refer to the first post in the topic for updates.
  15. Thanks Jason. Team nominations for Aussie V8 and LMP have been added to the first post in this topic.
  16. Thanks Brad, All 9 teams have now confirmed with at least 3 drivers.
  17. Thanks Jason. Because we're so spread out around the country I don't know how we'd arrange payment in advance. I'll speak to James about it.
  18. Thanks Brad, All 9 teams have been confirmed, still a few drivers to be nominated.
  19. Accommodation and travel info has been added to the first post in this topic.
  20. A ninth team has been added to the Scale Auto GT Enduro - Victoria Team 2. I think this is as far as we can stretch it. The first post in this topic will continue to be edited to reflect the current team nominations and added information. There's a podium placed team from this year looking for another driver or 2. The last 2 races have been won by 4 man teams, seems to be the way to go, minimum pressure, plenty of rest time.
  21. There is another option, we could run 9 teams. Last year we finished a bit late and there was some concern about making flights. I've moved qualifying to Saturday which will save an hour on Sunday morning. If we can get started at 8.00am Sunday we should finish about 4.20pm with 8 teams, allowing for lane changes and track calls. Adding a 9th team adds an hour to the race, gives every team a 1 hour break at some point during the day and a probable 5.30pm (roughly) finish. If people are realistic about flight times, that means booking flights for 8.00pm or later, we'll all have plenty of time to get to the airport. Can I get some input on this? It will change the flavour of the race a little but if everyone is OK with it I'll add the #2 "Mexican" team. I'm sure James won't mind the extra entry fees.
  22. Jason, At the moment you're welcome to enter the 2 Saturday races but there are no spots vacant for the 8 hour race on the Sunday. There are still a few teams who have nominated with me but have not confirmed drivers, they have until the end of October to confirm. As of now you're first reserve if a spot opens up for Sunday. You might be able to find some 4th driver spots among the teams by posting your interest here.
  23. I asked Peter to have a look at the new Mid America track. Something similar would make a nice replacement for the King.
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