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  1. Kim, I agree that "move up" heat style racing is the best format but it takes too long for club racing plus you have to add qualifying to seed the drivers correctly. FYI, the Americans use the Australian heat system (they even call it the Australian system), the same as is used at the 1/24th Nats here since about 1992. So there is one group here sticking with the old ways. My system for Round Robin works well on an 8 lane track but on four lanes, not so well, and it makes no difference where you feed in. I can probably add a bit more randomness to the rotation. I'll put it on the todo list. Gazza, we don't use RC.
  2. UPS and Fedex are very good and deliver door to door. USPS is good too but once it gets to Aus Post it grinds to a halt. I recently ordered some electronic bits from the US. They took 2 days to get from the US to Brisbane, via Japan, then 3 weeks to get from Brisbane airport to me.
  3. Real 'Goo' is oil mixed with the stuff they use to make chewing gum, could be chicle I'm not sure. The different flavours are achieved by using different grades of oil with varying percentages of additive. Many years ago STP was a favourite but nothing works like real 'Goo'.
  4. I've set up RC once, for Mark at Bonogin Valley Raceway, using a Freetronics clone Arduino, a relay board and ribbon connector cables from Jaycar. I kept the wiring neat with everything mounted on a board and it hasn't missed a beat as far as I know. No ferrites or caps anywhere. If you skimp on the power supply or cable quality, and don't keep it neat, it will bite you. I've pulled cheap cables apart and found the wire wedged into the connector with a splinter of bamboo, I guess bamboo is cheaper than solder.
  5. Funny how things pop into your head after 40 plus years. https://www.youtube....h?v=n77yEvuFDsg
  6. Electric is fast, massive torque is easy to come by with DC motors. An 'off the shelf' Tesla will blow a V8 Supercar into the weeds; but it won't have much range at that pace because storing and carrying fuel (batteries) is the big issue. So how many laps of the Nurburgring can the NI0 EP9 do at record pace? Turbines charging batteries might work. If you live anywhere with a bit of a breeze on most days you can charge house batteries from a windmill. Cheaper than solar and they work at night too. What do you say Fly on the Wall, a better solution?
  7. Just a thought (sorry for side tracking here) I don't understand this magnet layout. This layout gives maximum magnetic attraction on the straights, where you don't need or want all of it. I think a triangular layout would be better, Just sayin'
  8. The old and the new NSX were/are mid engine sports/super cars (the new one is a hybrid 4wd). The HSV is front engine, rear wheel drive to fit Super GT racing regulations.
  9. Garry J

    Take Out Kings

    If they go underneath you and take you out, just stop in the corner the next time they come around
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  11. 32coupe, according to Sports Racer that should be 11 types of people.
  12. Thanks Rusty, You are a veritable blossom on the vine of generosity.
  13. Thanks Rusty, I tried setting up a new race but the issue is still there. I don't use this software as I have my own system but Mark wanted something in a hurry for Sunday after another "expert" left him in the lurch. I haven't read the instructions (when all else fails,etc), so I think I'll let Mark worry about it. Thanks for the PM, I'll send that info through.
  14. Yes, works fine everywhere else. If I don't use track calls the races run through no problem. Does the same on 2 different PCs. I'll see if I can find another Arduino but I don't hold out any hope as it crashes whether you use a hardware button or the menu, until then I guess Mark won't be having track calls. Software shouldn't crash, period. Errors should be handled.
  15. I've set up RC for Mark's 3 lane track at Bonogin Valley Raceway. I've used a an Arduino clone and everything works perfectly until I decided to run a test race. Race starts OK but the first time you resume from a track call the software crashes at the end of the countdown when the green lights should come on. There's an error message that disappears too fast to read, but I suspect it's just telling me that the software exited unexpectedly. I don't see how it can be hardware related because I can turn the track on and off a thousand times in practise mode and pre race practise with no issues and it always crashes at the exact same point. RC version is I've never used RC or an Arduino before (clunky little things aren't they), any ideas?
  16. Once more the eloquence of our MCN organiser comes to the fore. We're all so proud.
  17. Glen, I suggest you go back and re read Shane's post, then address your comments to the guilty party. We have more model car racers in Brisbane than any other city and yet we still get this crap. Do you want the current list again - personal vendettas by the organiser against particular suppliers. Preferential treatment given to a particular supplier and a particular brand. Total indifference to the work of the people who developed a class and introducing rules which exclude all their cars, and again preference a particular brand. And to top it off a vindictive, spiteful rant from someone who dug himself a hole and then blames others for his problems. It's nice that you and others at your club got a call. Did you get the tyre rules changed to the ones you like? I think that'll be a yes. If you exclude people and make your own arrangements don't complain when they lose interest. You want to know when the next LMP or GT race is? Well we race LMP every week and from the turn out last week there're plenty of them around the country. Jan and I have sold over 50 chassis between us so obviously there's plenty of support for the class, just not among the "right" people. There are no races for the GTs, as you well know as it's a new class, but before the bodies are even made it's been hijacked away from the guys who came up with the concept (and spent money on it), and for what, so we can have another Plafit class. The rules state that only 'Ace' bodies can be used. These are not 'Ace' bodies. They're made by Andrew Bartholomew and Ace will just be reselling them as will others. The rules should specify bodies by Andrew not a specific wholesaler/retailer. Nothing against Ace Hobbies but that's the way it should be if you don't want to be accused of preferential dealing. The racing is getting stale, apart from Cam's V8s and LMPs there hasn't been anything new for eons, even Scaleauto GTs are new compared to the rest of the classes. Now when we try and create something different it get's dragged down to the lowest common denominator again. I'm trying hard not to sound like I'm having a go at you Glen, sorry if it comes out that way but I stand by my words.
  18. Tony, Sad to say you can't run these things by a committee of 500. There are rules in place for all the classes and they shouldn't be changed on the whim of the organiser and the select group of racers he consults. I'm fielding phone calls from Queenslanders and no-one I've spoken to was consulted. I wonder why they won't travel when they're subject to this sort of abuse. At least it's out in the open now. Also the Nationals should be sprint races to accommodate more classes. Enduros are for other special events.
  19. On the subject of the Lexan GT3 class - Andrew Bartholomew has developed the lexan bodies for this class and the Queensland racers settled on a set of rules before any National rules were published. Many of us have spent our hard earned on equipment (chassis, etc) for this class only to see it hijacked by the Nationals organiser because of his personal preferences. No consideration whatsoever has been given to the people who developed the class or the pre-existing rule set. A theme which seems to carry through many of the classes with a couple of exceptions Someone needs to step up and decide if we want to focus on maximum entries or attracting the best drivers and builders. One does not necessarily preclude the other.
  20. So here's Shane's post from another thread which he chose to lock, presumably to prevent response. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* I new there was a reason I got out of this game and I should've stayed away why I was. Sorry guys (Melbourne)but I've got better things to do with my life. IM OUT. Let's get one thing straight I always ask around on what people want in events and drop things when the turn outs not great. Never do I favour any person or anyone. For the record to the day my arse points to the ground SRP MOTORS CANT BE BROUGHT IN A SHOP LOCAL SO THEREFORE SHOULD NOT RUN. LMP Hornsby great turn out. How many actually own one? Last MCN Adelaide 5 teams on a 6 lane track. Numbers always look good for the team events because anyone will go a free ride. I base rules on people who go to events not back yard f#%*@%g Gold Coast racers. You can't keep everyone happy but to here backlash over the same manufacture In the 24 scale classes again I'm over it. So you inbreds on the coast keep up the good work. Shane ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Shane, if this is how you treat people then I'm glad you're gone. FYI - I attended the best Model Car race in the country last week which was won by a bunch of "Gold Coast Inbreds", an all Queensland team. Have a look at the response on this forum from the guys who were there, fantastic weekend. LMP at Hornsby was a great turnout for a support race, with 12 teams. 14 teams for Aussie V8s, also a support race with donated motors from a guy you're intent on shafting. By the way that's 12 and 14 cars, it ain't that hard to work out. And as far as I know I'm the only one to supply a car, and then just one car for each class. You claim to to discuss rules with people but until I asked a question today I never heard from you. As one of the few people actually manufacturing something in this country I thought I might have rated a phone call. As for SRP motors, all the major tracks have price lists and can order from the local wholesaler. I find the constant politicking against said wholesaler offensive. Your claim of " Never do I favour any person or anyone" doesn't stand up to even the most cursory scrutiny. This is our "National Championships" there should be diversity and a wide range of performance and skill levels, not the same thing over and over with a different body.
  21. 8 hours of LMP, we'll all need a valium after that I assembled the winning car on Thursday night and did nothing to it other than hand it to Tim and Cody to drive. These cars are fantastic and in spite of having my own cars I still race Jan's 'Red Roo 1' chassis in our local races because I like it. It's fast and it wins races so I see no reason to change. Although I might try the car from last weekend next time at Jan's. Interesting that although it's the fastest class it was the cleanest racing on the weekend.
  22. Sorry about that Ian, at least we got it sorted before the race.
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