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  1. Don't know about the CS1 and CS2 but I had a Carsteen CS3 and had persistent trouble with the brakes. I thought it may have been a contact problem as the original brake contact was cheap and nasty for such an expensive controller. So I made a new brass brake post and a new brass wiper arm contact. The changes helped but every now and then I'd hit the brakes and have nothing. After seeing so many people with the same issue my opinion is that it's a design fault and my advice is don't buy a Carsteen.
  2. I met my wife at a track she was managing in Brisbane. She used to race a little too. I came up from Sydney to build a new track at the raceway and never left.
  3. 50 drivers for a nights racing. How much track time does each driver get?
  4. Garry J

    Weight Ratio

    "the magic triangle", I thought you were about to go way, way off topic there Jimmy
  5. Wow, a blast from the past. If I'm not mistaken I built that track for a guy by the name of Bob Conn maybe 15 or 20 years ago.
  6. USPS (US Postal Service) have very reasonable rates and good service. Unfortunately many sellers just default to couriers like Fedex or UPS, who charge by the inch, or so it seems
  7. Red Racer is a long way from the Gold Coast, Mark is right next door.
  8. For some reason I like this machine. I guess because it's got a fine adjustment and it cuts good tyres. The old setup actually had 3/32", 3mm and 1/8" steps. The size wasn't great for 3mm so I replaced the shaft, bearings and pulley.
  9. Forgot to mention I made a new pulley too, so I still have the old setup complete, which was a 1/8th axle with a 3/32" step in the end.
  10. I don't have a Hudy at the moment and my memory of the setup is vague, however, when I wanted to convert my ilpe truer to 3mm shaft I found some bearings with the correct imperial OD and 3mm ID. If you can fix it to run a good 3/32" drill blank in bearings would be best.
  11. Good tip Brett. Never cut tyres down to the correct size in one go, especially if you're turning down new donuts that need a lot of size reduction. Take them down to within 0.5mm to 1mm of the finished size and leave them to cool and settle overnight before the finish cut. Otherwise you'll find they've somehow miraculously shrunk on you.
  12. All my cars have a small piece of circuit board somewhere behind the front axle with the lead wires in two pieces each side. Lets me set the front half of the wires so that guide returns to centre and I can change the wires from the motor at the circuit board very easily as they're side by side. Also saves on lead wire as the back half doesn't move, so it never wears out. .
  13. John, the latest Gerding King tracks are so banked they have only a couple of "braking" points over 8 lanes. Even then it's only a "blip". When they refer to "punch" it usually means no backing off at all.
  14. For some reason this brake/punch thing has been put forward recently. I heard it at last weeks race in Melbourne, Little Pete said their track isn't like the tracks we run on in Brisbane because ours are all brake/punch and their's required more part throttle. I don't know where that idea came from, it's rubbish. Sounds like marketing in action.
  15. I guess it comes down to what you're used to, what you like and how you drive. I like simple, and I like a controller that I can ride the resistor as I tend to used aggressive sensitivity. I've built myself a mosfet controller that's very nice but I've never been happy with the brake setup so it never gets off the breadboard. Maybe Rusty can help with that.
  16. Ian, Get yourself a 30 band Difalco with a 148 ohm resistor pack. I think they come with a blast relay too, which is nice but not really necessary with these cars. If you have the funds a Carsteen will do the job too. Contact Camber on this forum for info.
  17. Garry J

    Aussie Visit

    It varies from week to week Charles but it should be either Willow Vale or Bonogin.
  18. Garry J

    Aussie Visit

    1/24th are raced at least once a week, I don't know about 1/32
  19. Garry J

    Aussie Visit

    Hi Charles, Most of the racing around Brisbane is at 4 club tracks. Each has 4 lane tracks of around 30+ metres lane length. You can race at least twice a week here if you're keen. Here is a list of the tracks. Narangba - North of Brisbane, racing on Monday nights. Bonogan - Gold Coast Willow Vale - north of the Gold Coast near the theme parks Bonogan and Willow Vale alternate on Wednesday nights and Bonogan has some racing on Fridays Birkdale - Brisbane Bayside - my track, I haven't had any racing for a while due to other commitments but you're welcome to come and have a run. Red Racer - Redcliffe, north of Brisbane - has an 8 lane Plafit track and a 6 lane plastic track. Has recently changed hands and I don't know what racing they're having these days. As you can see there are plenty of options for racing around Brisbane.
  20. My first drive in a while and my first drive of a GT3. Cars are brilliant, motor, chassis, weight and body combination makes for very fast cars that are a dream to drive. Very pleased with a podium running with Paul Stockell, had the lead for most of the race but Ash and Bruce were too good.
  21. Kim, Google Chrome / right click / Translate
  22. Garry J

    Photo Hosting

    There are so many posts on this forum about photo hosting it's been done to death many times over. You're always going to have problems with "free" services, they come and go, change the rules, dump your stuff, etc, etc. Jan, I've created an FTP account for you on my hosted service so you won't have any more problems. I'll message you with instructions on how to use it. Here's an example picture hosted on your account -
  23. Garry J

    Photo Hosting

    For $3.75 a month you can get web hosting at places like webcity.com.au and others. Just register a .com domain name for $12.75 a year (or less), sign up for a hosting plan, and you get unlimited traffic and drive space. You can on sell ftp accounts to your mates with their own folder and disk quota and maybe even make a few bucks.Just keep the quota reasonable so you don't contravene any 'fair use' policies.
  24. Queensland racers, can we get together on flight details so we can share cabs, etc. Does one of our WhatsApp groups include everyone attending? If so we can discuss it there.
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