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  1. Looking forward to it also. Will be great to finally meet a few of the members on here. Ive just packed the trailer with 500 cars already for Sunday. Come and grab a bargin. Clevo
  2. Hi all A large proportion of my collection will be at the swap meet below on 3 March 2019. If you haven't seen whats in my collection Have a look through all these posts. I will be bringing a large diverse range of items including cars,bikes, trucks, sets , buildings & figures etc etc which are all mint in box, plus older second hand items.Plus items in which i have never posted on here. A lot of the items in the collection are no longer available and quite desirable.Items for collectors & racers alike. It wont be all of my collection on offer, but it will be a large proportion of it. Making room for the new hobby. It should be a fantastic day out, as there are a lot of sellers this year. Drop in and have a look Clevo
  3. Having a few upload issues. Hopefully this will work. https://i.postimg.cc/8s8c9pdG/20180406-164500.jpg
  4. A photo of the aussie V8's being unpacked before listing them on ebay. 212 V8 Supercars in total.
  5. Hi all Its been a long time since last being on here. Will have some great pic's posted soonish of the items & models that I never published on here previously. Quite some interesting slotcar memorabilia that you don't often come across. The slotcar collection is being replaced for the new hobby which is in the two wheeled form of Ducati's. Have a few special Ducati projects going on in the background plus these two everyday bikes. The up side of owning older Ducati's is that my mechanical skills are vastly improving. Happy slotting and will post some photo's soonish in true Clevo style. PS: The old ute is still not finished
  6. Hi all My apologizes, these photo's are well over due. The Datto as you're about to see has been finished and now on the road. The owner was over the moon with the final product (first six photo's), but was blown away with the comments from the last photo (more on that later). Three years of part time body and paint is now over for me on this project. I was fairly stoked with how it turned out, considering I haven't done any resto work for over 20 years. Hope you enjoy the pic's................................... The first six pic's are on the day of the final assembly. My mate was speechless, would love to hear your thoughts Anyone want to guess what kind of intake the engine is sporting? Now to the final photo, He was invited to the all Japanese day in SA. He wasn't sure what sort of reception it was going to get, but my mate was blown away with the feedback the car got. Not to shabby for a back yard job. Now Im half way though my old work ute. Clevo
  7. Shadow Rusty, unfortunately those cars pictured never see the light on day. They are only like that to visually check for damage. Due to the size of the only spare room at the time I could only open part of the collection, hence why only 1000 cars are in those pic's. Normally they are boxed in the original boxes and placed in storage. I have pic's at the start of this thread showing how they are stored. Thats one of the reasons why the collection will be going, as it's gotten far to big to display everything in a house. I would need my own slot shop to have the room to do it properly. The older car's did get track time, and there wasn't any that I wouldn't run. I used to go to a collectors race night in Adelaide which was an awesome time with the older 60's cars. The Scalextric cars in the same class of each other were extremely even in pace, as they can never get full traction with the old pizza cutter tyres, and drift really well, so the racing was very close. The Plastic track added to the nostalgia. Gentleman rules applied of course due to the cost of some of the cars, but nevertheless still a lot of fun. The white C96 Auto union below was an absolute blast to drive. Here's a couple of pic's of some of the older scaley cars tucked away in the collection. Your right though, they should be on display, but realistically it couldn't happen without a large business area. I have an extensive range also of mint packaged spares,building's and accessories from the 60's on wards that go in hand with the cars. My though was if that I'm going to collect the cars, then I will be collecting everything else that came out at the same time from Scaley. Not to many people on here are into the older stuff, so I never put that much up here for all to see. I did once mention to a slot car shop that if they wanted to display the entire collection of everything I've got, I would loan it out. The cost of extra insurance to cover the lot, was a turning point. Clevo
  8. Its been quite some time since being on here, so I thought I'd drop in and say Hi, And as always have a few pic's of the collection to post . Have had to open all the boxes again to check for damage since the last move (a few months ago), the novelty wore off real quick individually checking 2500 models. But I did get a few pic's that I haven't taken before. Keeping an up to date photographed listing payed off, as there was a minor hiccup. But that got sorted fairly quickly due to detailed the cataloguing. So if there's any advice I could give the collectors out there, get your collection up to date with photo's! Remember photo's speak a thousand words! Manic; these are for you mate. Sorry I couldn't get the whole collection in one photo, but there is approx 1000 in these pic's opened at once in the one room (To lay all the models out flat side by side, Im pretty sure I'd need a hanger floor). Some of the scaley boxed L/E's. More under the tables The Fleet Slot.it Special Edition Porsches Clevo
  9. Hi all Its been awhile since last being on here. So I thought I'd give an update on the collection. Its back in Adelaide again ,after spending 12 months in Sydney last year, and were moving again at the end of this year interstate (Wifes work). Sadly moving this collection is proving to be a pain, and my interests have moved back to restoring real cars, So in short some of you might have already noticed it has slowly been listed on ebay. Its being unboxed and listed in small sections ,Its going to take a long time to get through. I will be keeping the GT40's and a few others, but pretty much most of it will be going. Who know's, I might even buy that Ford Cobra that I've always wanted So keep an eye out for slotcar57 on ebay...................... Clevo
  10. Hi all Over the past few years since starting this thread, I’ve been inundated by numerous questions regarding my collecting techniques, So in the next few weeks I’m going to share ALL my Secret’s, knowledge, tips, observations & trends in the collecting market that became invaluable tools for myself in this hobby. “Why am I sharing this info”, Well why not. Other members share all their secrets in setting cars up for all to see, so why not look at the other end of the hobby, Collecting……. If you’re just starting out, or already an established collector, I’m certain you will find something informative or helpful in the following weeks, Regardless of your budget or buying style. When I first started collecting in slots I was on a very limited budget, due to other hobbies & commitments, so I worked out ways of collecting cars and building a track at an attractive and more affordable cost (more on this to come). These tips are only in my “Personnel Opinion and Experience”, but they have worked very well for me. I will be covering tips from the following topics with examples detailing “How & Why” • Collecting • Selling • Investing If you’re interested in knowing my logics behind purchasing certain models that have become collectable/valuable, please be sure to check out this thread in the weeks to come. Will only be a couple of tips per post. Well better be off and start writing…………………… Clevo
  11. I have a proportion of my collection that have been autographed by the drivers, so I Thought I'd share a part of that, and what would be the pinnacle of my collection now. I first met Sir Jack at the old Port Wakefield race circuit in SA. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of his first career Grand Prix win. Fantastic day event and got to meet one of my all time favourite sportsman. Sir Jack spent a few minutes talking to my partner and myself and when I brought out some models to sign, he spent a few more minutes talking about the models and the real car. It was a highlight that I will always remember. I have six of the Limited Sport Boxed Climax's signed inside the box, and one standard version on the car. Clevo
  12. A few more photo's of the older collection I try to obtain the unusual items from Scaley like the horse racing products. There's a couple of different versions in here Clevo
  13. A couple of interesting models that have just turned up. The two slot.it models are both limited editions 1 of 500 made, and the green Pioneer Camaro is a "J" code car, 1 of 4 made Clevo
  14. Cleveland

    Car Spotting

    Cheers Gazza I wish mine was that far along.
  15. I hope so........ On another note, apparently "Maldonado" has just arrived at Monaco
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