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  1. $600 For sale 3 lane magna braid - 5.4 x 1.8 mtr .can be taken apart for transport and the re assembled without damaging braid - modular set up - 5 pieces. has a coat of suede effect paint on it , good grip. Alot of fun to drive on . No silicone tyres used on this track only rubber and urethane. Big enough to run 1/24 as well , the squeezes make it a little more fun with 1/24. Comes with metal legs to support whole track . 3 drivers stations, wiring as per commercial track eg Red Racer here in Brisbane D3800 variable voltage power supply . 3 Parma 45ohm economy controllers wired as above. ( have 3 or 4 more as well here if anyone wants them cheap) PC with VRS and circuit board with relay cut-offs, starting gantry with lights, and IR LEDs for timing, 14 inch LCD . Power supplies to run everything that is associated with the timing. Can supply more photos , track is currently up and working - but need to make room for new 1:1 MX5. Dangermouse knows the track and has driven on it.
  2. hard to say - they were all beautiful to look at - the old F1 cars like the 250F and the 375 were just awesome . But all the 250 series sports cars had to the high light. I took over 200 photos in there so its been wittled down a bit ! I also have a soft spot for the F430 - as I drove a Challenge race car that day - so pretty memorable!
  3. Some pics from when I was at there October last year. The F430 Challenge I drove 5 laps in at Autodromo di Modena - courtesy of Pit Lane Red Passion. http://www.pitlaneredpassion.com/eng/test-drive-ferrari
  4. nice paint job on the TZ2. I have been after a Tipo 33 Periscopio for a while - where did you get the body from ??Love it - looks great. Ok found the body - Cursa Models of Spain. thanks.
  5. Just been reading about the WSC 95 in a magazine - which started life as a Jag XJR 14 by TWR , then sold to Porsche ( 2 units) who took the top off it & developed the tub to run at Daytona & Sebring (which they never did) then went on to win Le Mans in the hands of Joest Racing 2 years running. Keen to see pictures of the modifications - google cam back with an article (below ) called `The strange orphan story of the most successful Le Mans ever` http://blackflag.jalopnik.com/the-strange-orphan-story-of-the-most-successful-le-mans-1677120408 The car was actually sold to Mazda as well with a 3.5l v10 named the MXR 01. Then the pics of the MAZDA in Renown livery looked very much like the 787B , which when pics of both viewed it is obvious it looks more like a XJR 14 than a 787B. Very interesting. The 787B above
  6. Just did a Ninco Lightning Megane last weekend with metho - about 1.5hrs in total with a medium toothbrush. Let it soak 15-20mins then scrub repeat until all paint gone. Actually the last couple of Nincos I have done has been metho and a couple of Scaleys.
  7. Ninco are releasing the Renault RS01 this year - looking forward to this one.
  8. I still have 2 charger bodies to start - yours looks brilliant!!
  9. as usual nice work . just some plain MM numbers I reckon.
  10. nice colour & its a Good looking car, the colour suits it.
  11. not much of a scratch builder , more of a painter and modifier, kit/resin type builder. Would love to be able to make my own chassis that actually worked!!! Really enjoy reading any build thread, especially seeing how other build those brass works of wonder!
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