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  1. WOW!! thanks guys! all great pics...kicking myself for not going now! (no excuses) next time I'm going again, seems each year more of the world's best are coming downunder! thankyou all again
  2. I missed the chance to go to the Philip Island classic cars race weekend...has anyone got any pics?
  3. huddothree

    Mohawkk Raceway

    love the track...makes me want do a wood track...I've designed a few but never settled on any particular track, I was going to just do a 2 laner but like the idea of 3 lanes now, I want to start soon but many things get in the way. I've run out of excuses tho and will start working on it soon http://s269.photobucket.com/albums/jj53/huddothree/?action=view&current=IMG_3107.jpg
  4. huddothree

    New F1's

    yes...pics would be helpful
  5. Yeah...i got hit with one called 'security tools' much the same thing, ate into all my files...i had to wipe clean my comp and re-install everything, lost a ton of photos
  6. when I FINALLY build my woody, it will be braid, my scaley track is 'copper topped' and is dull, dull, dull now and will take a lot of work to strip it all off again...and it's in the garage!
  7. DAMN...nice haul, stuck in Dunedin NZ at the mo.where there's no Bunnings
  8. hmmmm...my track is copper tared and dull and has to be cleaned each time i wanna race...looks like ill be stripping it all off now too! ....tough job ahead as my track is around thirty meters long! @#!!$%^&*
  9. huddothree

    Jim's Track

    excellent looking track! must have taken a while sourcing all those scaley buildings
  10. Looks excellent....I saw a 'roary' racecar a while back that looked to be the right scale, went back but they were all sold...I'll keep an eye out for these ones too great idea!
  11. it's a work of art... don't care what you charge! WANT ONE!
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