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    Forum Upgrade

    Certainly looks different....Probably too many options for me in the long run, but time will tell....Main problem is that I can't see an easy way at looking up "latest posts" the easy option, i.e the link, seems to have been removed. Regards Alan
  2. BEEJAY7

    Nonno Slot Cars

    Our Club rules state that chassis/running gear must be standard apart from glue/true tyres and add weight to suit. Some do add some don't. I suggest stripping them when you get them to make sure chassis is flat. Regards Alan
  3. BEEJAY7

    Nonno Slot Cars

    This is our third season of racing these cars, great close, fast competition. I'm still on my original Williams Bodyshell, although others are on their second. Some of our guys use Betta lexan shells as a cheaper replacement for the Nono's
  4. Very Nice Cars......Have a "thing" for CanAm cars, just finished a few. Still around Mark.... Regards Alan
  5. BEEJAY7


    I will ask the guy who has all the stock mentioned above, (and whole lot more besides, original threaded axles, wheels, insets, tyres.), if I can PM his email address to anyone interested in contacting him. The 3d chassis mention is by JS and they worked very closely with members of our Club to develop chassis to suit these cars, (plus many others) I used them to update the Scalextric Formula Junior range , (the same chassis fits all the Super shells single seaters, and they customised one for me to fit the Supershells Porsche 906. Not sure if it is allowed or not on this site but I can paste a link to the JS Facebook site where you can see these completed cars. Regards Alan PS for your information we can build these cars for ourselves with JS Chassis and all new parts from a main dealer comprising 25K FF motor, Slot.it gears/axles, Scaleauto guide with NSR racing braid for around the £40 UKP or we can build with JS plus original parts for around the £25/30 UKP.
  6. BEEJAY7

    Nonno Slot Cars

    We race the Nono f1's as a class at our Club and they offer very fast and very close racing. We race on wood and the cars are 100% standard. The lexan bodies are very resilient to high speed impacts. We love this class. Regards Alan
  7. Happy Birthday John and please keep on producing these great shells, your work is always admired from afar:- Regards Alan
  8. Merry Christmas Alexis and to all IPS'ers everywhere. Alan
  9. Our club has banned them because of the colour...we don't want to go back to the old days of orange spongies. Alan
  10. Thanks John...The use of the original resin chassis was an experiment, which obviously wasn't the best idea I ever had!....so back to the drawing board for next year.
  11. Hi John...thanks for this. Have the body screws on my 31 car pulled through or something?....I was a little concerned the resin chassis wouldn't last and I'm sure it has got distorted somehow along the competition. It was only a try-out anyway.The car was always slow with that motor...believe it or not it was the best of the bunch after I tried 6 different motors. Is there a significant straight line speed difference between the cars? Regards Alan
  12. Tend to agree that most Forums are going through a sticky period at the moment, what with Facebook and the Photobucket fiasco, but there are Forums who appear to be thriving. One example is Harry's Home Racing World....the format they are using in the US put other US based Forums to shame. Perhaps this is the way forward?. Regards Alan (No connection with running any Forum!)
  13. Happened to me on safari on my Mac changed to Chrome still the same (slightly different message). Altered settings in Chrome now OK. Alan
  14. BEEJAY7

    Revo Slotcars

    They look fantastic...my only concern is the motor, which needs testing against it's peers. I have one on order to try out. Regards Alan
  15. Alexis Hope you are well... I think it's about time I got back into building again so if possible I would like an entry. It will be rear engined. I've got no chance of getting hold of a motor so can you let me know how to go about getting hold of one of the stock NC1's I would be very grateful. Regards Alan
  16. Mark I thought most clever software driven Forums automatically size your photo's and compress the data size. If so it would't matter what size your photos were. May well be wrong of course, but isn't this what Ebay does?.. Regards Alan PS why didn't you let me know you were in the UK.....
  17. I contribute very little to the Forum these days in way of content but would be happy to help a fund to update the Forum software even though I live in the UK. Direct linking of photos must be the way forward. i find the exchange of information on here refreshing and you have some excellent contributors. Always great to see what is happening around the World, from people I consider to be friends. Regards Alan
  18. Well Gents since you are in a retrospective mood, I really recommend this site to fulfil your needs! (No it is not purple pills!) https://www.retrogp.com (No personel connection to the site) Their tee shits/polo shirts are top quality and they usually offer one for half price on a monthly basis. They even fit me. Regards Alan
  19. Very nice article Mark...Lucky Man!. Regards Alan
  20. You might find this of interest :- http://www.ukslotcars.co.uk/viking/Rules/VsccLocalModRules.htm Thinking of starting up again if a proposed new Club near where I live does get going. Alan
  21. Please excuse me butting in. You obviously have a problem with a global supply motor. This series, (and others who specify a similar motor) are too good to allow to fade away without finding a solution. Why not go for a standard 18K Scalextric motor....widely available, not too fast and cheap. Certainly not too powerful in this type of car. At Wolverhampton in the UK, where we have run rounds of the IPS in past years the NC1 cars were still fun to drive , but it should be noted that the normal classes of very similar cars that are used run with Scaleauto and Slot.it motors. You don't have to use full throttle all the time!.. The standard Scalextric FC can motor is also fine in vintage F1 cars so again no supply/peformance problem. You really only have to specify voltage at the current track your running and even then it doesn't matter if you use different voltages at different tracks it makes the event much more varied and can allow alternative cars to reach the podium if a particular voltage suits a particular car.. Kind regards Alan
  22. These would be great for pre-war GP class cars, Napier, Rolls, Singer etc..as run at Brooklands.. Alan
  23. Hi Phil Sorry I'm late with this one. Best Wishes and many thanks for your help and the great work you have done on Proxy events all over the World. Hope to get back to Tassie one day so we can catch up. Best Regards Alan
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