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  1. Johnny

    Car Spotting

    Ha ha ha that is a Perth, Western Australia number plate
  2. I wanna see some transporter racing that would be very interesting
  3. We all run the original chassis with some minor tweeks ie upgraded wheels, gears and guide
  4. Only when FOS can't get a love tap in
  5. Johnny

    Scx Bmw

    Are you allowed to change your gear ratio ? Are you using the standard braid on the car ? Are you allowed alloy wheels ?
  6. Ha ha ha ha the Audi R8 with the Tri Spokes is mine
  7. Hey Triggy got any updates for us ? Looking really good.
  8. Johnny

    Copper Mill Raceway

    At the local bottle shop getting us drinks :D
  9. Johnny

    Copper Mill Raceway

    And the "here hold this" :lol:
  10. Johnny

    Copper Mill Raceway

    Double ended live flippers
  11. Johnny

    Copper Mill Raceway

    Come on is it Sunday yet I wanna do that again
  12. Johnny

    Copper Mill Raceway

    Not a problem mate It was a nice way to spend a Sunday arvo, rather relaxing. Looking forward to the next part of the build
  13. Syd is the man you wanna ask that question.
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