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  1. hey all , just got my first difalco controller , i race 24th scale 25k motors and an assorted 32nd scale again up to 25k motors , max voltage 12 volt , so my question do i need a special plug so that i get the full benefit of the controller or just a good old from jaycar be ok cheers shaun
  2. hey all , yup open the bad and all fell out and can't find a single grub screw, i am running 32nd scale rims and just need to know the size of the grub screws so that can get some more cheers in advance
  3. HI all am just wondering if out there , there is good motor tester dyno , its basically so that i know the motor is revving how it should , so i dont have donkey in the back of the car , so nothing flash just can tell me its doing what it should i basically only run 32nd scale cars cheers toast
  4. would that difalco dd304 , handle 25k motors in 24th scale cars you reckon ??
  5. so from this , what would u say is the best difalco to use and with what module ?? i think i am right in that Module ?? part
  6. great post mate , yes its a huge shock to a lot of us thats for sure
  7. toast

    Test Bench

    Hi all thoughts on having a test bench am currently looking at this one from the states , but yup alot of money but what are peoples thoughts , over rated or its a must have , maybe not this one but a test bench in general then http://www.slotcarco...ler-test-bench/ cheers toast
  8. hi all very quick question , have an up coming enduro event and are looking at running the SCALEAUTO SC 6005 , but i have to change the motor as not allowed to run the scaleauto , and instead have to run brm short can ,sloit orange endbell, or the nsr shark red motor , would all these fit or not really as dont want to get the car and them spend ages remoulding etc to fit the motor cheers toast
  9. toast

    Slot.it Cw17

    a nick name i have had since 1992
  10. toast

    Slot.it Cw17

    improved by slotit or by us and just tweaking it here and there
  11. toast

    Slot.it Cw17

    mm ok , we are running f22 on gloss track, dont have the car yet just asking questions about it
  12. toast

    Slot.it Cw17

    HI all am just wondering if people have tried or have seen how the slot.it cw17 goes , its the four wheel drive LMP car , looks amazing on the outside but the four wheel drive has me thinking , in my days in RC four wheel drive was always quicker , but heavier two diffs and more moving parts so chance of break down was higher anyway your thoughts please guys cheers toast
  13. toast


    cheers pal , much appreciated, might pop over and drop an email
  14. toast


    hi all , am thinking of starting to run plafit gears through some of my cars , am thinking of starting with my scalextrics gt3 cars , have run slotit no dramas but am just wondering if others have run them aswell , we all know whats its like chasing those 10ths of secs cheers guys
  15. 32nd scale fitting to the mjk alloy sidewinder chassis
  16. hi all first of all wishing pattos a speedy recovery from the operation my question is , are there any one else out there doing clear lexan shells , as our little club has said yes to the mustang being allowed into V8 racing , and so am after a 2016 onwards mustang body cheers Shaun
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