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  1. Give Shellite (lighter fluid) a go. Worked well on Jims 4 lane coastal track when we had problems on the front straight.
  2. A fun build for our 5.8 sec breakout class coming up, going with fat fronts for a tough look. More to come when I get back from O/S in 3 weeks.
  3. Thinking outside the box with your detail as usual Glenn, very nice.
  4. Good to hear Brooksy as you are the man to beat which goes without saying, definitely one of the best (and easy going) race groups in the country. Have to agree that the standard is getting better and better.
  5. Some nice drives this week. Well done JJ and Clinton in particular, the bar is rising. Steve and Glenn fast a s usual.
  6. Been Busy building up cars, a few hours gone into these. Happy with the headlights on the Vortex car
  7. For sure. I'll be happy to lend you some cars to race.
  8. Hi Tony, There are links to 1/32 rules on my website. Cheers, - Cam
  9. Camber

    Digital Track Design

    I would recommend only having lane changers on the straights away from the corners to maximise reliability of hitting the sensors. Magnabraid has lots of advantages, but it is expensive and needs to be rebated + laid accurately. The 3m tape has worked well on my tracks, I did spend quite a bit of time degreasing the braid before laying. I don't run many magnet cars on my tracks though. I like your track design.
  10. My 1st apc, didnt know anyone from a bar of soap and copped a hiding. Great event, learnt heaps & won't forget that one.
  11. Garry, Noel and myself will be in the Slotworx and LMP races.
  12. From personal experience I have bent lots of Scaleauto wheels and very few Plafit wheels. The bent rear wheel we had Hornsby last year put out us out of contention for the win as it wasn't obvious and took a full heat to work out what was wrong. Poor Noel was pulling his hair out driving that heat The race would have been very close otherwise.
  13. Sounds sensible to me. The SA wheels can be difficult to source as well.
  14. Great to hear it went well in the first race. Well done.
  15. Have a good one Vinno.
  16. Another great apc this year with the usual professional organisation from Werner and Garry. Werners wife Elka (spelling?) was an absolute gem working flat out behind the scenes. Track was a pleasent surprise running in reverse, great to see a big field of drivers turn up particularly the Victorian and NSW drivers. Shout out to Red Racer for the venue. Lots of laughs on and off the track, the vets Axman and Jim were standouts having some great drives (gotta feel for Ax hitting the oil slick at the end of the straight in Mini Z). Also lots of praise about the new B trophies/prizes and to Andrew Bartholomew for donating bodies as prizes to the non place getters. Pretty sure the Dapto boys will be out in support next year, they all drove good, clean races. Cheers, Cam
  17. There is one on this page. http://www.auslot.co...8/page__st__180
  18. Lotus: "Adding power makes you faster on the straights; subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere"
  19. Happy birthday have good one Mark.
  20. It's amazing how much a nice interior sets these cars off. That livery will look awesome as well. Looking great.
  21. Camber

    Tyre Stickers

    Any hobby shop that sells plastic models should sell it.
  22. Camber

    Tyre Stickers

    I haven't had success with peel and stick. I put a thin smear of canopy glue on the side of the tyre and use waterslides. Works well for me.
  23. Camber

    Tyre Stickers

    Waterslides or peel and stick?
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