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  1. Tim, While the tracks you mention are great, I think it would be nice to offer something more than 4 lanes....pretty sure I wouldn't travel to Europe to race a 4 lane track no matter how good it is. Red Racer has one of the best 8 lane tracks in the country, should supporting that business be considered? - Cam
  2. Sounds great Tim, would be interesting to see where we sit on the world stage...
  3. Great to see good numbers from Canberra. I would probably bring 2 sets, one set for practice and one set for the race. You won't need to change tyres during the race. - Cam
  4. Thanks to Jan and Shane for their sponsorship of the event as well. Top weekend of racing.
  5. The way James prepares the track there is more than enough grip at Hornsby, no need for any treatment.
  6. Camber

    Emerald Raceway

    Looks like a great track for all scales. Nice.
  7. Hi Nic, Send me an email slotworx@outlook.com Cheers, - Cam
  8. Awesome work Shane, thanks for your effort. I'll be putting up some solid prizes for the Slotworx races as well. Should be a great event. Cheers Cam
  9. I cant see any problems with a 4 man team. Great to see Canberran interest.
  10. Hi Mark, Good to see quality racing at your great facility. Cheers, - Cam
  11. Spray goo won't affect MJK tyres. What they don't like is tracks treated with oil based traction additions like WD40, spray grease etc which makes them fall apart after a while.
  12. Chassis is now a runner ready for lights and body. Body paint and front spitter done. Still need to add rear diffuser, side skirts, rear wing, inlet trumpets and lights.
  13. I'm sure we can find a spot for you Shadow, more notice the better. Brooksy, please add Jason Bell to the Slotworx team. Cheers, - Cam
  14. Some progress, camo done in metallic gunmetal vinyl. Pinched the rear tail lights from a kit, Going to add a zmachine light kit when finished. Flexible front and rear splitters printed, still need to do the rear spoiler and side skirts. Interior by Pagey,
  15. So can you run Slotit foam tyres? Also, can the wheels stick outside the guards?
  16. Had a sniff around with these cars, realised they come with no magnet....cool. How do they run? Do any other RTR 1/32 scale manufacturers offer cars out of the box without traction magnets? - Cam
  17. Had some great nights at Mawson Lakes away racing in Adelaide.
  18. A well deserved club champ, congratulations Glenn. You have raised the bar with car detail, tuning and driving.
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