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  1. Good to see the class gaining popularity. Looking great.
  2. At state/national events, only shellite (lighter fluid) and/or tape is allowed for cleaning tyres.
  3. Fair enough, they are a pain to make fit properly.
  4. If it makes the car handle better, consider it, as it will make it easier for new guys to step in. I think lexan interior may fall into this category as well.
  5. And the front axle is too short and the front sub frame (tee plate) has to be changed to suit particular bodies.
  6. Actually the 1300 chassis is legal to use in historics. (edit coincidental post with Werner) People are going to love me for this, but I am introducing a rule change for the bodies in my class due to the fact I didn't anticipate racers cutting the bodies in a manner so that they sit much lower than they should. This gives an un fair advantage and ruins the look of the cars. I might add that while I've known about this for a while, I've been getting more and more feedback from racers about the issue to implement a body height rule. There are 2 ways to make your bodies legal if it is too low: * Put washers/spacers under the body mount between the "H" plate. * Re mount the body. I have new bodies coming with tech check marks in the vac form along the sil lines so this issue will disappear with the new bodies. Let the flood of tears roll....
  7. Are they all 2 man team events?
  8. Big roll up so far, should be a great event.
  9. Wise words Kimosabi....
  10. All good here, what do you normally race?
  11. You wont regret going to braid, looking good. - Cam
  12. Thanks for your efforts in putting together the article Brett, it looks great.
  13. So we'll be seeing you in Adelaide?
  14. Gtj seem to be a different animal with a 1900, I wasn't able to get it to work last year. Having said that, my 1900 mz last year only qualified about 4th from memory. It was nice to drive and very forgiving, good enough to get me into 2nd spot in the end. I don't think there is a huge difference between the 2, driving style mostly.
  15. Which NSX Mick? Old or new concept body?
  16. The Honda NSX Concept car works nicely for me.
  17. I was actually a lap down on Jim with 117.41 laps, the minior placings were close with 4 of us on 117 laps (0.41 laps separating the 4 spots). Lots of fun this class.
  18. Great nights racing. Cheers to the Canberra and Sydney boys for contributing and supporting the class. Interesting that the qualifying times in the first enduro we had were 5.8's, so the visitors did very well... Waytofast missing the podium by only about 22 laps. Not easy to turn up and race at a local track that has grown the class, more than a few of us are keen to head down to Canberra for a re match. Brooksy, Alec, Jamie also deserve mention for there efforts, thanks. Team mate Jason Bell drove a beautiful race for us, consistant and smart driving...well done. O'L mate poppy wasn't too shabby either, the old bugger still has it. Park Ferme. Brooksy's pep talk...look kids Steve Edwards has a Holden Shirt on The field... Starting line up
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