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  1. Just wondering, what car is your favorite?. Not just for speed, but also handling and the fun factor, need to be taken into account too.
  2. Nice blog Manic, i'll be back. The track looks great. What type of track are you using? Cheers Kem
  3. Nice replica Van. The Audi has a Stealth like appearance. Like it.
  4. Does anyone know when it's opening to the public? It's only 1hr away from here, yee ha. Cheers Kem
  5. Thanks for the software links. I'll keep an eye out for $89 SCX sets best i've found is $155 for the f1 figure 8. Still keep thinking 12mt of twin track in the Artin set, and I can upgrade the power supply and the cars down the track. I like the idea of local availability though, so still looking around.
  6. Awesome, thanks for that. I have a shed for space, max table of 3m x 2m. Local supplies of Scalextric, Carrera and Scx. Does the Ninco digital get stuck in the changeovers like the Scalextric digital? Or is that more driving error?
  7. Thanks for the great reply Pete. Here's my answers 1. Yes 10,6 and 4 so they need to be durable. 2. Rug race with potential to expand to permanent table in the shed. 3. Like the idea of starting out digital, but with a budget of $300 it may be very small will this still keep the family entertained or just dizzy. 4. As above budget $300 to start with. It's family entertainment but will be more of a hobby for me, coming from offroad Rc buggies and looking for a wet weather alternative. 5. Will explore the shops for local availability and price but will probably by online. Along with the Artin I'm considering Carrera Digital 132 or Ninco Digital, but will have a lot less track, length ways anyway . Any recommendations greatly appreciated as I want a durable, quality setup with expansion potential. Cheers Kem
  8. Hi Alan, We're in Mirboo North, between Morwell and Leongatha. Kia Ora SlotsNZ, I crossed the ditch to oz about 19years ago, still miss the place. Get back for holli's whenever we can. Yep your spot on, I'm trying to decide between the Artin 4 lane or Ninco Digital 2 lane. Having a 10,6 and 4yr old getting a sturdy setup is important and will use the tape to slow them to begin with. The Artin just looks good value, but may not be as easy to get accessories for, cars are a little slower(good for the kids) and have less magnetic grip. The Ninco is way smaller for the same money but is heaps classier, just not sure if the tracks for around $300 will be big enough to keep us entertained. Which shops would you suggest checking out in Melbourne or around Victoria. Definitely want to go non - magnet or less magnetics, we ran that way as kids, Dad figured no point rapping around flat strap, when some throttle control could be learn't so he ripped the magnets out early on, makes the racing more interesting as well. Think i'll be sticking with plastic track for ease of setup and space initially. When I win lotto get a 1/24th wood one in the pool room . Cheers Kem
  9. Hi All, I'm looking at getting the family a slot set for Chrissy. Have seen the 4 lane Artin Set and think it might be a good starter for us. Has anyone had experience with these sets? Or what would you recommend to get started? Cheers Kem
  10. Hi All, After 25yrs away from slot cars, i'm back. We're looking at getting a 4 lane track set up for the family and friends race nights. Cheers Kem
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