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  1. i have a few faves - NSR Mosler - a 'flat out awesome' car, this is my car of choice when i just gotta win! Policar Ferrari F355 - 'cause i drive it every day, testing for the RAA .. no-mag, NC-1 fast, but a riot nonetheless Carrera HotRods - these cars are just too cool! and reasonable performers too RevMon Chaparral - my latest acquisition so it gets it alot of laps - 2 big magnets and a motor to match! Any SlotIt - and i have a few .. OTB these are fabulous runners - all of 'em! i esp enjoy the Audis Fly GB SuperTrucks - we race these all the time - and love 'em!! if you haven't tries these, you should! a challenge 'cause of CoG, but a riot! beautiful too! and lastly, a strange bird - the Proteus Model Company i have a few Lambos - these are fantastic cars!! tho now long out of production, Proteus put out only two models (with differing liveries) : this Lambo, and another - a Heuliez Pregunta .. both models are fabulous - aesthetically and on the track - and the heuliez with FC Barca colors is simply stuning .. here's a pic of it - cheers .. pete
  2. hi guys - not that attractive?? we have a saying over here : "butt ugly" .. these wheels are that!! but - looks aside, how are these parts - performance-wise? are they worth the trouble of installing? pete
  3. hi gang - i have entered a proxy race - the 2008 RAA GT2 class (for rookies like me!) .. to me, this is a daunting challenge for a number of reasons .. first, the thought of spending the time, effort and dollars to build a great car, just so someone else can drive it (into a wall) doesn't impress me much .. second, i have very little experience building or tuning cars, outside of the standard 'break-in, true and lube' scenerio .. and thirdly - and most importantly i think - i am fairly new to no-mag racing, as my pervious exploits are usually in the OTB vein .. so - as my signature says - with only fear and good judgement holding me back, i've entered the shark tank as a guppy! i must admit tho - i am expecting tenth or e;eventh (out of twelve entrants) but would like just one podium finish .. i have started tinkering with three cars, all very different from each other .. the rules committee set out a list of possible choices, along with a 'legal motor' list .. wanting to keep expenses to a minimum, i looked through the lists, and my car collection, and came up with these three - 1. Scalextic Ford GT - legal stock 18K SW motor, geared 11/36 2. SCX Ferrari 360 GTC - illegal inline cartrix 'TZ Race' motor, geared 9/27 3. Polistil Ferrari F355 - i have a chassis somewhere!! legal SW cartrix 'FX Sport' motor geared 11/36 my parts orders have started to arrive, so, over the next few months, i'll detail the experience here, with hopes of getting some more of you 'off the fence' and entering some of our proxies as i go along, any comments, help, advise or other info are certainly appreciated .. feel free to offer anything! ciao .. pete
  4. hi gang - recently, as part of a purchase, the seller threw in some spare parts - crowns, axles and wheels .. they are scalex sport + parts .. are these any good, compared to, say, SlotIt parts?? cheers .. pete
  5. notHO

    Rm Chappy

    yeah vin - it does - big ones too! great info phil - thanks .. i agree about your latter comments too - after tuning! but -OTB, this is a screaming car!! the chassis is adjustable, front to back, so i assume it can (and will) be fitted to a variety of other models .. am i correct that the king cobra is of similar design and exceution?? and, yes .. i have a few SlotIts .. :nice: cheers .. pete
  6. notHO

    Rm Chappy

    hello gang - the other night, we opened up a new car out of the 'shelf queen' collection and let 'er rip - it is the Revell Monogram Chaparral 2C, the #65 car as driven by Jim Hall and James Sharp as they won the June sprint races in Road America (1965) the chassis is unlike anything RM has ever produced .. whats up with that?? i dunno, but its a nice treat! three screws and yer in .. has anyone else tried this car yet?? wow! OTB, this might be the fastest car i've ever tried! really! faster than a scaley lola .. or any other scaley i've tried .. here's a benchmark - there are only five 'magnet cars' in my collection that can break 11 seconds on my road course .. this one is approaching 10 seconds .. lap record - a built audi tt - is 9.7797 .. i'm thinkin' this one might have a chance at that, on the 'right' lap .. woohoo! here's the rub tho - this car comes OTB with two magnets, one fore and one aft .. this, added to the fabulous motor/gearing, make a rocket! maybe not so good mag-free - and so, of no intrinsic value to many - but that's not what i'm gonna do with it!! racing alone, this car is a rush! so - are any other RM cars like this one? i've heard the king cobra is - i hope so 'cause i just bought one! cheers .. pete
  7. again, while perusing, i found this post .. did we get a resolution? as i will need this info in the next month or two for my RAA effort, i have a vested interest .. what gearing might be a good ratio for a low rpm motor suitable for the GT2 class?? (like a stock scx, scaley or carrera, maybe a proslot evo or a cartrix fx) .. i understand about the 10% change while testing, but what''s a good starting point?? 3:1 as my contribution - for those who haven't seen it, here's a gear ratio chart i found .. tyre diameter makes a difference too .. the chart gives 'actual distance travelled' based on pinion and crown gear choices, along with tyre size options .. the chart is color coded for SlotIt gears too .. gear ratio chart download .. i hope the link works - it should automatically download a very small PDF file to wherever you download to cheers .. pete
  8. i noticed the above post - have you guys got wind 'o these yet?? heres a description and pics from elsewhere .. The 30124 NINCO 6-Car Carrier measures 13.5" x 14.5" x 3", is completely foam lined, has six sections for 1/32 scale cars, is black nylon with red trim & NINCO logo, has a shoulder strap, zippered external pocket for controller and tools, as well as a zippered interior section for papers, etc. This is one heck of a carrying case for safely carrying six NINCO as well as other 1/32 slot cars to and from the track. You won't believe the price!!! Not $49.98 or $29.98 or even $19.98............. These unbelievable high quality carrying cases are only $7.98 MSRP.....That's not a mistake.....$7.98 they have just hit the shelves over here .. cheap too! cheers .. pete
  9. hahaha - actually - after a few, both newfies drool the same! and, funnily, after a few, they can understand each other too! actually - that was meant for DrV and WCR - i didn't think anyone would know of 'newfies and moosehead' i live in the west .. moosehead is available, but is an eastern brew .. kokanee (a fine western ale) on the other hand - yes please! in a frosty mug please!! gimme a fish over an ungulate any day!! pete
  10. beer is universal !! and you mean - " a bun with ground beef " .. a "roll filled with mince", at least when spoken, would mean a package of breath fresheners sure do - but isn't this fun?? a diversion at least, while i wait on the postal service dog sled with my parts care package .. did ya see i have an SCX ferrari coming too .. i'll introduce that later, here, and beg guidance i hope you all understand that - i'm just havin' fun .. after all, mum is from dulwich hill (sydney) and still holds all the euphemisms and colloquialisms close .. pete
  11. ouch .. are you okay?? are they?? did a new language emerge? aussienewf? 'ize the blokes dat builds da boats .." did ya like the moosehead?? yummy! twelve is never enough! pete
  12. Sound like Canadians, eh? So what does "MTWD" mean? The rest of it I get. hey van - glad you read this post .. what if three of these guys got together with three newfies over a 24 of moosehead? it'd be an hour (or less, as both groups can swill beer) of perfect english, and no 'outsider' would understand a word of it!! also van - i see you used the canada flag emoicon - are we 'allowed to'?? i kinda miss it! good luck with your race cheers .. pete
  13. hey kem - my 2¢?? maybe from the wrong side of terra firma, but the principles still apply as a strater set, there are a number of factors i'd consider : 1. are kids playing? you indicated 'yes' .. how old are they? how many?? 2. are you gonna 'rug race' or set up more permanently? 3. do you understand about digital? is that something you might wanna look at in the future? 4. how big is your space, budget and desire? do you have the cash and free time to devote or is this just another toy? 5. is stock readily available to you? after those are answered - its easy! so - serious or toy? toy? go ahead and buy the artin .. otherwise, do your 'due dilligence' and research the possibilities .. for the sake of this, i'll assume you are looking for a new family recreation, hopefully turning into a hobby. ending with a full-blown obsession .. thats what we are all hoping for you .. so - my answers : if kids are playing, almost any track system will do, but not all are created equal .. all have their particular advantages and disadvantages - it is almost 'buyer preference' .. but here are a few key issues : - in width, carrera is widest, then NINCO, while artin, scalex (sport and classic) and scx are the narrowest .. this has two ramifications - bigger (1:24 scale) cars are possible on carrer, but the narrower widths give a smaller overall 'footprint' for the layout - artin and carrera track is 'stiff' and 'rigid', while the other's are much more 'pliable' and 'flexible' .. this can be a factor, especially if one needs to pack up the track after use .. NINCO, SCX and scaley are all 'kd friendly' and hard to break - artin, scalex and carrera have a smooth surface .. scx and NINCO are textured .. so - more sliding on the former. more grip on the latter .. driving syle preference - NINCO provides (arguably) the best electrical connections .. carrera is good, scaley and scx need 'tweaking' with power taps .. NINCO 'locks' together quickly and well - so does scx and scaley classic (once one 'gets the knack 'o it) .. scaley sport track 'slides' together, so is a snap to assemble, but (IMHO) the retaining 'clips' allow too much lateral movement .. carrera is harder to assemble - each joint requires many 'clips' to be inserted .. - with the factory sets, only one transformer is supplied, giving power to both lanes at once .. when one car deslots, the other can get a 'surge' .. most makers have a power track piece that will allow two transformers, giving seperate electricity to each lane .. while i'm on it - factory controllers suck!! they need to be upgraded with aftermarket controllers immediately (parmas are great for a start) .. btw - by all accounts, artin is found very lacking in both of these areas - carrera does banked corners very well! the rest - errr - not so well - tho SCX aren't bad either .. NINCO nd scaley?? forget about it! - if there's any thought of digital racing later, one needs to purchase (now) compatible track .. only NINCO and scalex offer this possibilty - tho carreras newest digital offering utilizes their old track too (i think) so - what to do?? again mate - heres the question - toy or hobby? understand - as a toy, this is great fun, and can (and will) provide hours of enjoyment .. as a hobby (or obsession), slot cars can be very expensive - in dollars. space and time .. if the family is involved tho --- so - toy? buy the artin .. its a cheap way to get four running lanes hobby? then i'd advise one of the 'big boys' .. and i might base this decision on what is 'most available' locally - the internet works okay, but a local 'hands-on' hobby store owner is one of the best things you could find! hope this helped pete
  14. ok - this is gettin' silly! so, to recap - let me see now - they stole 24 lightweight little boats?? sorry - call me a twit but how can four guys carry 6 boats each - even light boats?? .. vegemite for brekky? and why - does brissie have a market for tinnies in the back of torries ? geesh - now i'm really confused .. as for 'wuckers', those may be seven letters, uttered in in sequence, that never sound from these lips - unless i get really really mad at the dog! thanks for the try tho .. 'strine is a tough language i can tell!! btw - i got the 'footy' thing! we play a variation over here ya know?? :o btw - last weekend, the saskatchewan rough riders (really!) just beat the winnipeg blue bombers (fair dinkum) in our annual national 'pro' finals - the grey cup .. you think its tough to play aussie rules in the mud?? it is!! but try 'gridiron' in the snow!! cheers .. pete pete
  15. thank for the link DM .. i'll look through it .. i too have all my old macs - they don't break down, so why chuck 'em?? i have the original LC, an original 630C laptop (sooooo slooooow - i should look at the specs), then a 'yosemite', an original bondi blue iMac, then n eMac .. all still run - the eMac is my 'jukebox', the iMac stores all my pics, i even have the LC running OS8 for the kids games (for the nephews, not me!) .. the blackbird and yosemite don't see the light very often any more tho .. about two years ago - before the intels arrived - i splurged and bought a duel processor G5 tower with a 23" studio monitor - my dream system .. about six weeks later, in typical apple fashion, they introduced the intel machines and the 30" screen .. boy was i choked! having said that, the duelly is awesome, and runs everything i nedd, flawlessly .. like a mac should! are you running the new cat yet?? i'm not, but soon - thats what santa is goin' ta do .. right honey?? pete
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