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  1. Cheers for that Tony. Will check out both those places. Don't worry. I'm quite use to the nightlife in the cross. My job takes me to all the dodgy places in the world. Hence why I'm staying in the cross Hopefully will pick up a few new cars while I'm over there. Bought a lot of cars from Armchair Racer so it would be nice to buy some from the shop. Wade
  2. Hey. Got a course in Sydney starting on the 16th July. Will be staying in the cross. Looking at doing some racing weeknights/ weekends. Can anyone recommend somewhere to race? I am a scalextrick digital fanboy so love the digital. Though my NSRs arent chipped and I love running them on wood. Anyone know of commercial tracks in the CBD or anyone care to host me for the night? By the way if I have to travel it will be by public transport. Thanks. Wade
  3. Since i ripped up the old track due to moving from perth to darwin, thought i would start the new track off by painting it. I hate the grip scalextric track gives you and im keen to start racing non mag. What paint do people recommend? I got a sample tin of dulex river rock but im afraid it might be too Course. Any advise would be appriciated.
  4. Hey guys. Still been looking at the forums from time to time and looks like you're all still having a blast! Had to drop a reply and tell ya that I loved the shirt Syd! Might have to get one myself. Currently having some time off in Aqaba (Jordan). Bought one of my NSR's to sea with me in the hope of finding a track somewhere in the Middle East to race. But so far no good. Hoping some of the upcoming port visits I might have some better luck. If I do will take some photos for ya. Well keep up the good racing and look forward to getting back into it in November. Wade
  5. Thanks guys for the advice! Will give it a go. Unfortunately wont get to it this weekend. Just bought ourselves a ps3(I wanted gran turismo 5, the wifey wanted singstar). So I have some car racing to do. Look forward to Sunday Syd. Wade
  6. Hey, Looking at doing the other half of my scenery which is mostly raised 100mm+. The track lives in my garage and was thinking of using scrunched up newspaper to give it a contour hill look down to the lower bits of track. Plan to use plaster cloth over the top. Just wondering what the general consensus is on using newspaper underneath and whether mice will find there way underneath for a feed? Don't have a mice problem over here but just want to be on the safe side. Cheers for the advice. Wade
  7. So are you happy with them compared to the decals you get? What you think Syd? Want me to print some out and send some down with Mike next weekend? Wade
  8. I was soo impressed with the burger king I thought I'd make one. So here's how it looks.... Got the outside done. The way we made it was to snap in together. Makes it hard to fit together. Snapped and glued together what i can. Now I'm going to install lights and fill gaps that we couldn't machine. The Hungry Jacks signs are just sitting there. Will be glued in place once it all comes together. Inside will be the last thing done. The plan is to finish all outside work, then drop down the top which will have counters, tables, bins all inside. We wont make a playground as that's pushing our luck. It's hard enough already. Hope u enjoy. Wade
  9. Hey team, Here's the photos of a car my friend and I decorated. These are the style of stickers I can do (for free) for the club. If you look close the subway, coopers and shell are all cut out. We were lazy with the other ones. Let me know what you think Dave and Syd. Also, I can also make buildings. Here's one I'm working on now. I saw an image on this forum of a burger king and thought that looked sweet. So me and my boys decided to make it at work. At home my pit bays, bridge, cafe, emergency centre are all made from 3mill mdf laser cut. I have unlimited access to a laser machine. Best we keep it a secret where this laser is so I can continue the good work. But I'm Happy to make buildings for the club. Laser max size is 800mm to 500mm. 3mm mdf works best I found. Made the pit bays out of ply wood and it looks shite. Will remake out of mdf. If any of the club want some stuff made. Me and the boys are happy to do it......if the price is right (zooper doopers, tim tams, chuppa cups and so forth) Wade
  10. Of course it was done in my lunch break And of course I used my own materials I love my job
  11. Hey guys that was an awesome nights racing!! Lots of fun. Sorry for bumping you off syd! But that's racing. Go hard or go home! Here's something I made at work. It's my personal Tyre truer. I have inserts that raises it from 10mm to 50mm in increments of .1mm. Once I get my own cars watch out! Oh, its on like donkey Kong! Wade
  12. Title pretty much says it all. Want to run 6 scalextric v8s on my PBproSH. It's all well and good running with mags. But what's the challenge?? I want to run them without mag. Tried it today but they deslot way too often. Can I change them to a deeper guide? Put a weight in them? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Wade
  13. Hey Guys, Wade here. Had an awesome night of racing. Was a lot of fun. Thanks Syd for letting myself and Eric come along. Appreciated it! Gotta love wooden track. Makes me want to get rid of my ssd and build one! Unfortunately that wont happen but it's all good. I wont be able to make the next 2 meets. Have a bucks show on the next fortnight, and the fortnight after is the wedding. :( But it does give me some time to buy some cars. So will have to find out what cars are still available? Showed the Mrs the pics and she has given me executive decision to play once a fortnight. Might even be able to cater you guys down here one night?? Anyways thanks for a great night and I look forward to the next! Wade
  14. Will sell 2 for $50. There used a little. Not much though. If your interested let me know, Free postage. Wade
  15. Got a quick question. Having only played with fuel load simulation myself, do all cars burn fuel at the same rate or do they all need to be individually set? I'd like to have this all sorted out and ready before the boys come over today. Wade
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