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  1. Would that not be sweet!!! Have the kids support ME!!! (and my hobby)!!
  2. Here is a layout for my next portable track i am workng on!! Tell me what you think! It will be four modular tables that measure 3ft x 5ft fits perfect in my ez-up canopy for outdoor exhibits!!! What kind of connectors have you guys used to carry the power from table to table? Also what is the best way to join the tables. Thinking fast yet sturdy as well!!!
  3. thanks oldslot i will try that. Could i even use some 3mm plexiglass screwd to wood blocks may last longr and not want to break!!! I will try both and let you know!!!
  4. Just wanting to find inexpensive way to count laps on wood track without a computer! I have seen many counters in many picturs that look like alarm clock red numbers! Can build with diagram or does a company make something? Please help!
  5. Just wanted to show sme pictures off!
  6. Just ran across this forum! Good stuff! I am from Atlanta Illinois. I have made a portable Track that I take to the Stock Car races around here! Makes me a few bucks and get to enjoy the kids and adults have a blast doing something ne , or reliving old times!! Here are a few picture of my track and of the oval I am currently building! Have a few ?"S" Has anyone tried anything else to make the curves like Lufs piece of lexan? What kind of electrical joints would I use to connect modular tables?
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