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  1. Thank you very much for the compliments Embs and Camber. Indeed both bodies and both bodies look pretty good lol.
  2. Made 2 scratchbuild Champion of Chamblee Jaildoor style chassis 1/24 and 1/32 for Allan Wakefield. He send me two beautifully painted bodies of the Mini Dream Mini A in 1/32 and 1/24 both painted by Lupo Lupazzi. Here is the end result...pictures say more then words.
  3. Thank you all for the compliments. The chassis weighs 74 grams all in and the body 5,9 grams
  4. Hey John, The only moving piece this one will have is the Guide tongue. Allan requested me to make two similar chassis one in 1/32 and one in 1/24 which I will show/build later. He wanted them to be similar/inspired by the Champion of Chamblee jaildoor and that chassis only has a moving guide tongue.
  5. Inspired by the Champion of Chamblee Jaildoor but downsized to 1/32, making this for my friend Allan Wakefield. Artin 1/43 rear wheels Dremelled untill it fit on the custom Kai wheels Sleeved the wheels to fit on a 3/32 Axle (Slot It axle) The finished result Modified the Sam Stephen Weldon custom Cobra style guide tongue to 1/32 size, This is a mock up the front axle tube has been shortened a bit after this picture. Drilled out the Al Penrose (BWA) bracket to fit a tube to match the Champion of Chamblee style. The photo's do not do this body any justice. The wonderful paintwork is done by Lupo Lupazzi. The 1/32 Mini Dream body was made by Lucio Cocchi
  6. Great prices! Once more congratulations to the winners and all others involved in this fine proxy. Nice time for me for me to retire proxy racing. Cheers, Jaak
  7. Jaak

    Wrp Leaderboard

    Congratulations to the winners and all the others involved in this fine proxy
  8. Thanks for sharing these stories guys. I never heard of John being an European and all but am grateful to read about him. I guess for all that knew him "Gone but never forgotten" seems to apply. May he race in peace.
  9. My Bad I left out MJK....they indeed make fabulous tires and it was great off them to sponsor the event. I have used many tires and MJK are next to another brand my favorites of all. Just wish they where a bit easier to get hold of here in Europe
  10. Thanks Gazza and Co for running the round and to all involved for setting up this very well thought out proxy. Congratulations to Ember,Mario and Fuzzy for being the last round podiumites. A up and down and down under proxy if there ever was one Please let me know what the damage is to send my car back with track and trace as I lost my much loved Subie from the Auslot and do not want to go trough that again (although I liked the Subie much more)
  11. Hey Leo, I missed the WRP as they ran it the day before. But from what I understood is that Graham and Tom drove one stage and Andi and Tom drove the other stage.
  12. Jaak

    3 Blowers ??? Wtf

    Neil I am familiar with how a Charger and Turbo works. I was kidding
  13. It is only a matter of time before the video footage will be posted I hope. The event was filmed with a Go Pro on tripod and some other devices attached to it. Not sure what is going on but I guess some real life problems got in the way. When I was there I noticed a good amount of effort was done in filming and photographing the event.
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