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  1. Shane Lott

    Woodbrook Valley

    Daaah! Figured that! See you next weekend - looking forward to it. Regards Shane
  2. Shane Lott

    Woodbrook Valley

    Aw come on Dick, Does'nt she go any faster???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Shane Lott


    Lookin REALLY good there Jarrod! Well Done Indeed. Can't wait to have the V32 Round at this track and see how it goes! Regards, Shane L
  4. Shane Lott

    Z1951 Leds

    Posting a price per unit might get some interest! :(
  5. Took to a Scalextric Torana today with what I think is a resounding success! 1. Fitted MJK's to the rear,glued & trued with the new TyreTrue - superb piece of engineering! - I almost baulked at $219.00 but after using it, I would have paid more!!!! But don't tell PVH that!!! 2. Trued and ground down the stock fronts but will probably go further as there's more guide to get in the slot! 3. Reworked the font end to make the bumper and lower stone tray part of the bodywork to aid in rolling. 4. Reworked the electrics and canned the digital connector. 4a. Had a brain storm when I saw the digital access hatch and placed 5.5g of balast on the inside edge with hot glue! 5. Put her on the tamiya dyno and got 28kph at 12 volts at 1:32 scale. 6. Ran her in for 20min at 3 volts. 6. Hit the track and after about 40mins of easy going, started pulling low 8 secs!. For those who might have been put off by the motor released with this model, DON'T BE!!!, like the 1:1 version, for a small unit, it packs a surprising amount of guts!!!!! Regards, Shane L :clap:
  6. Nice work there Tweety!, Not a fan of plastic as I had a BAAAAAD experience witha Ninco track in mid summer that shrank and I had to off it afterwards. You've done the plasti-fans proud and the accountant as well! Regards, Shane
  7. Caught some images of the Stig and just how prepared he is to get into muscle cars! The Stig Downunder! How Far WOULD he go to drive 'em? Happy New Year to all and to all, a great many slots this year! SL
  8. I'm in too Dick . . . . I mean I'll be there too! SL
  9. Shane Lott

    Round 10

    OK Dick, I'm in, let me know what night (except GFinal weekend as am going to snow!) and I'll be there. I know the VALUE of running in before a meeting!!!!!! Regards, SL Geez, ...... you...... blokes...... can't...... take...... a...... hint...... can...... you... :huh2: :stretch: :redbounce: :purplebounce: :lbluebounce: :nice:
  10. Thanks to all who attended and apologies for the Red Lane breakdown, Trak Call clitches AND the non event Lobster Bisque (due to going eviro friendly and they didn't want to get into the hot pot!) Will try again for next time! Shane
  11. So six racers only and ALL THOSE POINTS !!!!!! Sweeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Sorry, right you are, GT's is what I meant. See you then, Shane
  13. Round 8 Saturday 5th September 2009 Viper Valley Raceway - Glen Waverley Classes Running Ninco GT's, Porsche 997's, Classics & NASCARS Track opens for practice @ 11:00 am Lunch @ 12:00 - (will get some Lobster Bisque if Moe's coming!) Flag Drops @ 1:00 Usual race donation. PM Me if you need location details. Please ensure you post a reply if you're attending so catering can be organised. Welcome to hang around after for some social laps. Regards, Shane L
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