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  1. Melbourne Model Raceway (Ged) offers great service as well!!! I bought some newies off him a few weeks ago to replace my non-mint models in my collection. Its good to see the older liveries still kicking around new, they are great value K.
  2. It would be great indeed, but unfortunately the mid-70's KB Camaro is a little different to the '70 1/2 model Camaro that Scaley looks to be releasing. Whichever way it can only be a great thing for the hobby and full credit to Scalextric for not resting on the "laurels" of their very successful TransAm series of models. K.
  3. Many thanks to Armchair Racer for getting my three newies to me PRONTO! These guys have the best dispatch on orders I've ever come across.... Excellent models too these three latest liveries, my son and I find it hard to pick a favourite, boy tends towards the 888 car, but I think the Richards model has my vote! K.
  4. Just plain pig ugly IMHO. Bet you these "beauties" will be in the bargain bin in a year or two's time K.
  5. Guys, In my view, PROFIT IS NOT A DIRTY WORD! Lets face it, money, commerce, profit is what makes the world go round. Again, full marks to The Aussie distributor and the primary retailers for having the balls to get this project off the ground for enthusiasts like ME in the first place (there seems to be a a few like me too it seems ). I am thankful, I am happy, grateful and whatever else that my kids and I can sit down and watch Aussie racing and then go out into the shed and enjoy our own 1/32 version of it. If you don't like the mafia drug car window look fine, don't buy them, Scalextric obviously knows that there are less picky folk like me and many others that will lap (no pun intended) up every livery they bring out. 50 bucks, what can you buy for 50 bucks nowadays???? Not bloody much..... K.
  6. Well, I'm just happy that Aussie slot car enthusiasts have these great models, interior or not! Full credit to Scalextric, the Aussie distributor and the big Slot car shops for giving us what we want, THANK YOU!!! Things have come a long way from when I was a kid and would have died to be able to buy slot cars of our Aussie heroes, now its as simple as ordering on the net, waiting a day or two (provided you pick the right retailer!) and wandering out to the mailbox to retrieve your latest V8 Supercars. Interiors? Doesnt seem to matter too much to us when they are whizzing by on the track :( :(
  7. Personally I think ARTIN is an excellent track surface for racing, We use it at our local shop to race on and find it the equal of our own personal Scalextric Sport layouts. K.
  8. Dr.K

    Slot It Newman 956

    Wow, I reckon thats just plain crazy for a bit of plastic! It goes to show the health of western economies when such prices are asked and given for these models. I'm not complaining though
  9. Dr.K

    Slot It 312 Ferrari

    I think these models are excellent!!! Really great detail and they go like stink as well, what more could you want!!! K.
  10. Dr.K

    Fly Cars

    I'm new to all of this, but I was told the Spirit Reynard has the wood (sorry no pun intended) on the Fly Lola on longer plastic tracks (with magnets). It has higher gearing, a ten tooth pinion compared to a 9 tooth in the Fly Lola, but still manages to accelerate nearly as hard (better motor perhaps?) whilst having similar overall weight and magnet traction. Just a thought..... K
  11. Dr.K

    Slot.it 312 Pb

    Great review Vinno, Glad to see you compared the Slot.it product directly with the Sloter equiv. (its natural competitor as it were). My three Slot.it kits arrived today, gotta say I'm impressed with the Slot.it item, very nice indeed.... Won't stop me from buying the Sloter brand though (quality issues aside), I really like their Lolas!!! K
  12. Dr.K

    Slot It 312 Ferrari

    Hi, I'm a little new to all of this. I've just ordered a Slot.it 312 and was hoping it would be a match for an old GB Track Chevron I bought off someone getting out of the hobby. How much quicker will the Slot.it be on plastic track with magnet? I also bought a Sloter 312 which I haven't had a chance to run yet. If I put a magnet in it, will it be as quick as the Chevron and Slot.it? The Sloter seems a nice little model, although I was disappointed in the tampo on my sample though, it was a bit rough. Not to worry though, I expect it will get banged up in the course of time. K
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