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  1. Deeds, not words. A shout-out to Sportsracer for putting his money where his mouth is and fielding an excellent car in the Canadian Proxy Race 2008. Paul's Jag finsihed 8th overall, and 5th in class - so well done, sir! The 2009 grid is full - 64 cars from around the world. Racing starts in January. See you in Canada! Van
  2. Nice work, guys! My McLaren CanAm tribute livery:
  3. Regrets, I've had a few. But then again, too few to mention. Except for the blue Peter Revson Scalextric Mustang.
  4. A NINCO NC1 or NC8 should drop right in. Same can size as the Pink Kar Power Plus. Van
  5. A good run with your car, Paul. Race conditions had the track a little more crowded than the quali. sessions. Lighter cars may have been a touch more nimble than your ride. You should do well on the less twisty circuits. A smooth running car overall though. Next race in Québec City mid-March. Van
  6. CPR HQ - Toronto, Canada - For Immediate Release Feb. 2, 2008 Missisauga, Ontario, Canada Paul, better known as Sports Racer on both Auslot and SCI had a great run on the weekend securing the third fastest qualifying time in round 2 of the Canadian Proxy Race's hotly contested GT class. 1st. 7.120s #40 Wpsoko1 Corvette L88 2nd. 7.165s #57 Terry Noe Corvette L88 3rd. 7.228 #20 Sports Racer Jag E-Type Paul's Q time places him 5th. overall for this Saturday's starting grid. DVTV cameras were present to provide YouTube coverage of Paul's qualifying performance: The CPR is a slot proxy for 1/32 scale hardbody GTU, GT, and Prototype models based on 1:1 cars which raced in 1968 or earlier. Motor and chassis regulations differentiate the classes. Paul's round 2 Q performance puts him in the same league as the CPR prototypes which features open chassis construction and unlimited motor RPM rules. 1st. 6.971s #70 Smokeio Ford GT40 2nd. 7.157s #99 Robert Livingston Ford GT40 3rd. 7.294s #1 Beejay Lola T70 Things are looking good for Paul's Jag on race day. His car has a realistic shot at the overall podium. The Prototyope and GT cars will be joined on track by the GTU class. 1st. 7.628s Robert Livingston Porsche 904 2nd. 7.742s Dansula Alfa GTA 3rd. 7.857s Bigdsonic Porsche 911S Rules limit these cars to production chassis and a 20k RPM motor limit vs. the 24k RPM limit of the GT class. The Canadian Proxy Race is being discussed on SCI if you want to read more. DrVanski Racing wishes Paul all the best for the race this Saturday.
  7. The Opel is 170mm long but you could sacrafice some rear wing and front spoiler to get down to 150 ? mmmmm chop chop ? Mmmmm...not. Thanks for changing up the official length. I honestly don't think that the car's length matters much. Width or track is generally a more influential performance factor. An eligible car list would be great. Thanks, Van
  8. Hi guys, Would the Carrera Opel Commodore count as a sports swedan as far as DUPR eligibility goes? Thanks, Van
  9. Is it positive or negative polarity? Thanks!
  10. Ever seen the real car up close? I was lucky to do so in Las Vegas of all places. No shortage of fender flare on this beast. Let me know officially r.e. DUPR eligibility of the SCX Audi assuming its within the rules as outlined. Thanks, Van
  11. These are the cars I'm talking about from SCX: The 1:1 car debuted in the IMSA series in 1990 as documented in . Kindly let me know if entering one of these cars will be a problem as the race engineers at DrVanski Racing hope to commence work in short order. Thanks, Van
  12. Swedans it is then. Any chance someone could post a list of eligible RTR cars? That would be most helpful since many of the photos are uncaptioned and I'm not familiar with the cars in question. Results archives of 1:1 races from the era in question would also be helpful. Thanks! Van
  13. That's impossible! I've been lying at my doorstep for the past several days. Hic! Which key was it again? You'll still beat the Wet Toast to the starting line so whats the worry?
  14. Hi guys, I've uploaded photos of all the cars in my posession as of yesterday here at CPR central in Toronto. Click on the GTU Alfa to link to the gallery. Take some time to have a look at all the great cars submitted. If you'd rather just sit back and view a slideshow then click here and set delay to 5 sec and max size to unlimited. Happy browsing! Van
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