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  1. Agree they do not keep it updated as well as they should. At least with the 2006 site I could page through the various models of cars and look at the women in the background images... sad to see her go. :whip2:
  2. SJSlots

    Rally Chassis

    I agree... Looks like a three-belt system. Due to motor placement you can't run a dual belt set up like that typically found in NINCO cars. Also appears that the gearing really pushes the rear-most axle pulley very far out making it not in-line with the pulley on the front axle. The center mounted pulley is driven on the outer edge by the rear belt then drives the front axle via two belts inside each of the front wheels. I'm not really convinced of what performance gain you would expect from adding additional friction to the drive-line like that. Interesting to say the least.
  3. From press release information I have seen the standard NINCO track texture will be the same for digital tracks as well.
  4. I've been using WD40 on both my foamies and natural rubber tires. In both cases it softens them enough to at least provide for a temporary improvement in traction. Don't try this with silicones however as you'll do the reverse to adding traction.
  5. Amazing what you don't think of! Another brilliant kit-bashing project.
  6. SJSlots

    Slot.it Lancia Lc2

    Beautiful car! I was hoping the Martini version would be the first release but oh well. :(
  7. You are right about the first part although several on the North American boards are saying these Scalextric offered cars are doing amazingly well on non magnet set ups. I wonder when we in the US will see that Esso Supra? We got one of them but not that one. We did however just get in the Calsonic Skylines but sadly they do not run like the NSX, Supra and 350 from the Takara-made line.
  8. A little info I was given suggested that these NINCO chips are going to be everything the others are not. For example I was told that no drilling of the chassis for a sensor LED is needed. It's supposed to be as easy as plugging guide wires in to chip then routing chip wires to the motor. Nothing else needed. Programming is supposed to be simple as well. No switches or codes to use. Place car on track, squeeze controller trigger and the two will sync automatically. I guess we will see.
  9. The blue guides on Scalextric cars have been known for that. I have a black #2 GT40 that does the same thing if the car whips around too quickly. Have had it happen on L88 Vettes, the Challenger cars and others.
  10. SJSlots

    Fly Trucks

    They 'act' fairly big and heavy with less brakes as you might expect. Racing truck against truck we love them. Many fragile bits and occasionally a good shunt will knock the upper cab on some models loose. I've had to hotglue the cab on my Mercedes Bosch truck more times than I like to count.
  11. Yellow is such a hard color to model right. Most bodies molded in the yellow color look 'toy-ish'. I know its probably cheaper not to paint cars but had they painted yellow over the bodies color it would probably look better. Still.. I love the looks of the car. Even so it will probably need a gear change to something with better torque.
  12. SJSlots

    New Slot-it

    Bravo! Great looking car to be certain and I appluad the the more durable wing. 'See a problem, fix the problem'... which is contrary to the often seen 'See a problem, ignore the problem'.
  13. SJSlots

    Ninco Car

    From my experience with the car the NINCO Pro-Race is by far one of the smoothest plastic chassied rally cars, drivetrain wise, that I've ever driven. It's also the fastest rally car I have in my collection but most of that is thanks to the Pro-Race Subby having the NC-6 Crusher rated at 23.5K RPMs. The motor is very strong, in both torque and braking, so the reduced friction of the bearings really just assists that. Also figure that the Pro-Race cars come with 4 axle pullies and dual drive belts and that is an added bit of friction so in many cases the parts of the car are there to negate the effect of the other. My local club has tried running an no-mag unlimited rally class on numerous occasions, 4 lane 120' Carrera road course, and each time my Pro-Race car has been top dog. At one point they even thought about banning it. I'm not implying the car is the best non-mag rally car available but it certainly is right at the top if you have a large enough track to get the most from the NC-6. In contrast, if you have a smaller home track with limited straights the Pro-Race cars are probably overkill, as on my home track a standard (but weight tuned) SCX Corolla's fastest lap is a 7.819 while the stock Pro-Race Subby's fastest is a 7.603, yet on my larger commercial track the same two cars are worlds apart with the NINCO running between 12 and 13 seconds a lap and the SCX I don't think has ever seen a 15 second lap.
  14. SJSlots

    Ferrari F2004

    Just a fragile front nose cone which is nothing unusual for F1 cars.
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