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  1. Hi David - really good question... Slot Car Corner organized the whole thing, don't know how they managed to have tracking included... Biggest frustration with Tracking is seeing how long it takes to go a very short distance.... In this instance, it took the best part of a week to get across Sydney...
  2. Yet this is round 2 - I guess your judgement is as bad as mine..... thanks for your very helpful contribution though...
  3. Hi Alexis, Thanks for the updates. My #66 has your tires mounted. I'm amazed that they have worn out after so little running, but that's this year in a nutshell.... Remember how I was nagging to keep the series running - yeah, forget that !
  4. Did an experiment with Slot Car Corner to assess shipping options. Small parcel sent 1st Class International ( the cheaper option ) picked up from New Hampshire Sept 26th, with Tracking all the way.. After a bit of shuffling around various postal depots, the parcel flew out of New York Oct 5. Departed Sydney ( ? ) Oct 9, Processed through another facility 'Australia' Oct 13th - delivered to my house ( well, shoved in the letter box ) Oct 19th - so just over 3 weeks for 'economy' shipping, a good chunk of which was spent going from one side of Sydney to another... If you want to play along at home, it's Tracking Number is LZ680042989US - in the USPS system... Could be a lot worse.....
  5. Andrew, What are the dimensions of Alistair's track? Looking at something similar in a 5' x 15.5' footprint - 3 lane, copper taped, semi-gloss one day.... More importantly, was Alistair's track kind to Peugeots ?
  6. Yay - Tony's the fastest so far... Er, yeah - the other Tony..... as usual... Cheers, Tony.
  7. Hi Alexis, Thanks for the update, and appreciate the remarks about the bushfires - something we're also very familiar with down here.... So, as I said back on July 9 - welcome to the GPR, Greek Proxy Race ! Sounds good to me ! Opa !! Cheers, Tony ( and his Greek wife... )
  8. So, unless I have this very much incorrect - Greece can run 4 - 5 rounds; I.O.M. can run 1 - 2 rounds; Australia ( me ) can run a round today if needs be ( we're that ready to go... , sadly I'm unaware of any other potential Aust. hosts at this time ); I'll go out on a limb here and suggest my mate Dale in Hawaii could run a round... So that looks like 8 or 9 rounds to start with, and if other hosts can be sorted, so much the better... Maybe I'm just keen to get things going.... Cheers, Tony.
  9. Not as bad as feared.... Posted a Proxy Car to the States on 01.07.20, delivered on 15.07.20...Standard AUD $21- postage with Tracking.... Was told to allow 3-4weeks, got there in 2.... Happy Days ! Cheers, Tony.
  10. bov

    Peter Brock Trophy

    I was pitting for Toby ( RIP.. ) when he won the Brock @ Thomastown in Vic in '81... He was meticulous - he used two Parma Turbo controllers, and had me polishing the resistor of the 'other controller' during each bracket. We also installed new braids and re-lubed every lane change, while he glued his lane.. An awesome builder, and a fairly unassuming kind of guy to boot..... Good memories - blimey 39 years ago.....
  11. Welcome to the GPS - the Greek Proxy Series... Alexis, you have the cars - you have some tracks - you may as well run them..... I'm sure a lot of people would like to see something ( anything ) for the time and expense invested in preparing and sending entries, rather than having them sit around for a period of time with nothing to show for it, and then be sent back unfulfilled....... And this from someone who's not expecting any great results.... Cheers, Tony.
  12. Hi All, The #17 Peugeot went in the mail to Braidwood yesterday - hope it's not too embarrassing...... Cheers, Tony.
  13. Hi Paul, Entry fee for #17 Peugeot PayPal'd to you today - car should be in the mail to you next week or so.... Cheers, Tony.
  14. bov


    Yeah - the World Championship Proxy ( which I'm tentatively in... ) is certainly 'put on your big boys pants time...' Still pondering which way to go on that one... I think what PG is proposing is a version of SCI's slot.it Shootout. If it's suggested to do something similar, but within the ANZAC alliance, then I'd certainly support that - and host a round... I've hosted an Oz round of the Shootout for many ( over 10 ? ) years... Sounds pretty good to me ! Going back over old records, there was a 'downunder' slot.it Grp C proxy back in 2011. These were the entrants: Bov / Sauber C9 / #6 Bastumannen / Porsche 956C / #7 Obsidith / Porsche 956KH / #? Espsix / Porsche 956C / #14 Tazracer / Porsche 956C / #54 Ged / Jaguar XJR9 / #2 Slittlehales / Mazda 787B / #55 Miveson / Mazda 787B / #6 Manimmal / Porsche 962KH / #17 Jack B / Porsche 956KH / #19 Chris P / Sauber C9 / #60 Shodan / Sauber C9 / #47 There were some pretty good cars amongst that field, as I recall....
  15. bov

    Brock - Johnson Sierras

    Weren't they Rovers or Escort XR3s or something like that originally?
  16. bov

    Brock - Johnson Sierras

    Be prepared for a surprise at what Scalextric considered a Sierra, back in the day.......
  17. Nice - I'm still pondering which way to go for a chassis for that proxy, too...... There's a lot of options to consider... Either way, I'm sure it'll get hosed....... Chris, I have marveled at your soldering skills for a while now - I believe you're using a torch rather than an iron? How do you get the joints so neat? Your presentations are exemplary..
  18. My #17 Peugeot Coupe (non silhouette ) is ready to go....
  19. Hi Alexis, Thanks for the update - you're quite busy at the moment....
  20. From Joey Logano... " Nuthin' to it, but to do it..." I think it's a variation on the Nike slogan " Just do it..." To which I counter with " I think I procrastinate - but I better just wait and see..."
  21. Hi Alexis - can you please advise us on how arrivals have gone - is the whole field assembled?
  22. Very nice pictures, and creative use of the mirror... Who can identify the red / orange sports car next to the blue / white GT40? A police car in a desirable car museum?
  23. Wow - what a bargain....... I just need to pop out and, oh - hello officer..... " Is this essential?, nah - Paul's cool, he can wait........" Sorry - I tried.....
  24. Hi Paul, When this proxy is back up and running - I'd like to enter a Peugeot 406 Coupe (Not Silhouette... ) #17 In the interim, I'll use the time to try and make it respectable... Entry fee for Sydney $20- ?
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