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  1. In hosting some proxy rounds, I have seen people be remarkably, and somewhat surprisingly, successful in using a standard sidewinder spur gear in an anglewinder application. It's all about getting the gear lash perfect and minimal amount of sideways movement locked in.... What do you have to lose to try?
  2. Hey Paul - I'm hoping you actually mean the weekend of May 7 / 8 ( waiting till March 8 / 9 might stretch the friendship... ) - although Sunday May 8th is Mother's Day ( and yet another birthday for me on that Sat - but I digress... )
  3. bov

    Sideways Escort

    They make a lovely pair: Hopefully, someone can figure out how to post this photo properly....
  4. Hi Paul, Apart from wanting to bog yourself down with a Revoslot chassis - what's the verdict on the increasing popular Renegade motors? There's one in my Merc in the current series..... was planning on using it again...
  5. Predator Motors| Slot Car Corner Incredible value for money - IMHO...
  6. Thanks to all involved in putting on the round - congrats to the Podiumites! Looks like really close racing - good stuff !
  7. Hi Paul, Is there a plan yet for the next round - or are things down there like up here in Sydney, where we're all just trying to dry out ( the rain has finally taken a 'time out'... ) ?
  8. Disappointing - but understandable....
  9. Hey Mark - if it comes to this, I'd be interested in taking one of the Guest spots... From one ol' proxy racer to another - it's many years since I hosted your slot.it shootout out entry here....
  10. Hi Paul, Thanks for the update! Congrats to the brothers K for the formation finish and to Dixie for completing the podium. Thanks to all involved in putting on the round. Pleased with my entries result - possibly one of it's better results of the ⅝
  11. A couple of thoughts... 1. Tonka - didn't you have a quite marvelous routed track years ago? 2. My Scaly Sport track 5' x 16' has a couple of increasing / decreasing radius turns R3/R3/R2/R2/R2 - and a 180 degree hairpin of R2/R1/R1/R2 - which works quite well.... with the track being bi-directional it makes the R3/R3/R2/R2/R2 sequence at either the beginning or end of the long straight ( depending on direction... ) an interesting challenge in regards to braking or accelerating ( depending on direction ... ) So I say - if you can do it, go for it!
  12. Thanks all for running the round - congrats to the Podiumites! Liked the video review as well... good appraisal !
  13. For those playing along at home - that's about $400.00 Australian.... ( and I'm assuming, plus postage from local distributor... )
  14. Thanks to all involved for putting on the round, and congrats to the podiumites.... Thanks for the kind words re: my entry... It'll take quite an impressive effort to take on the locals.... send 'em up here to see how they do 'out of their comfort zone'......
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