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  1. Hi Paul, You've been PayPal'd for the Postage.. Thanks !
  2. Hi Paul - thanks for the Vid - interesting! Must admit, I didn't read the rules closely enough to realise you could put lead under the chassis, as you had done. Not something that's allowed in most proxies, but there's nothing in your rules to say you couldn't ( I had to go back to the beginning of last year to re-read them again to see the loop hole I had missed... ) I'll definitely have to re-visit the > 65% rear weight bias that I seeing you and Andrew are employing. You don't see it successfully in any other proxy around the world - suspect it's a serious case of horses for courses... Expand to a greater variety of courses ( i.e. away from the Canberra scene ) - and see if the theory still holds up! Just confirm, but the postage from Braidwood up to Sydney should be about $10-
  3. Hey Paul -it's WA's unique way of describing things. Where they say Heat, we'd say Round. So far this series has held 3 Rounds. In the last ( 3rd ) Round, even though your entry completed the same 40 lap total of the 4 x 10 lap heats ( aka brackets ) run on the night - it's placings in those 4 heats ( I'm guessing 3rds or 4ths ) scored less points than others... So for that night you scored less series points compared to the first two rounds ( that WA calls heats ) of the Proxy. Does that make sense? On the upside, your entry clearly ran the fastest lap of the event ( or Round or Heat ) I think I like our way of running proxies better - but to each their own, and clearly the WA group like running their's in this manner...
  4. Ok - I get it now... For each event ( race night of the proxy ) - each car runs four 10 lap races ( on a different lane each race ). The first car to do the 10 laps gets 25 points, and the remaining cars get to finish the lap they're on. So, in each race 2nd, 3rd & 4th may also complete 10 laps, but just as likely lower finishers may complete fewer laps... I guessing each race 10 lap race must take under 90 sec to run? And then the total of the race points dictates the allocation of series points... It's a different way of doing things, but would be very dependent on how the heat groupings are established. 1 relatively fast car with 3 significantly lesser cars in the same heat group could easily score 100 points, but perhaps wouldn't score so well within a more evenly matched heat group.. Main thing is to have fun!
  5. Hi All, So, I went into my latest version of Race Coordinator, and I think what you have happening is that you have it set up to allocate points for the placing of each car in it's 4 heats = 1st - 20 pts, 2nd - 18pts, 3rd - 16pts & 4th - 15pts. ( You can see this in RC via Expert Race Set-Up / Race Manager / Points - and you will see that Point Allocation I described and at the top of that page a Green Tick against 'Use Points' ) And then in your spreadsheet you are adding the Laps Completed to the Points allocated to get your ranking..... Personally, I wouldn't do that as it tends to encouraging racing for a Heat 'win', rather than trying to achieve the highest number of laps for each car - it is the total distance traveled that that I believe should be the true measure of a proxy car's performance. Should you want to, that's an easy fix, just 'untick' the Use Points option. And then to determine the tie-breaker of equal total lap counts, go up one page in the Race manager screen - called Scoring - and you'll see in the bottom left hand corner a dropdown of four options to choose from to determine your tie-breaker = fastest lap ( probably my preference ), Average, Median or Total Lap Time. Moving forward, you'll be good to go... As for your Scoring for the first two rounds - if it's in a Excel spreadsheet format, just delete the column called Score, And then shift the rows around based on a) Total Laps & b) fastest lap for that car across it's four heats. And then re-allocate your Series Point scores from the revised ranking.... Yes, I'm a Data Analyst - who spends a fair bit of time staring at spreadsheets... Have pity for me...
  6. Hi All, As an interested bystander, can someone explain how this scoring system works? Cars with less laps can be ranked higher than other cars with more laps? What does the column 'Score' represent? My guess is it might be something to do with combined partial laps at the end of 4 heats?
  7. Hi Grant, Don Pearson ( Austin on HRW etc.. ) in the US took over the running of the IPS this time around. Pretty good field assembled from around the world, and I'm hosting the Australian round again. I can still remember your 3D printed chassis under an Iso ( ? ) body from those years ago.... This time around is that they've upped the motor and tyre specs to 18k motor & 8mm wide urethane tyres - but the tyre width debate has been 'interesting'....
  8. Hi Oldman, To my mind - it's pretty straightforward why you haven't received more entries this time around.... To announce a Proxy on May 31st and have a due date 3 or so weeks later ? It takes time to source appropriate components from around the world - by the time your entry is finished, the only Scaley component used would've been the bare chassis and body shell... Everything else is replaced / upgraded - and this takes resources ( $'s & time... ) - so at least 6 weeks lead time is more appropriate.. For example - for the recently concluded World Championship Proxy in North America. My entry was at least a 4 month project - and despite a very poor first couple of rounds finished relatively well overall. But to do it properly, takes a lot of planning and development - and yet, it's still fun!
  9. Out of curiosity - how is my entry placed in the 'in-line class' ? I think there's a distinct difference in the performance of the various motor layouts in this Proxy....
  10. bov

    Track 2

    Hi Caddo - that's nice work ! So, for us old dudes, that's 12' down the side and 16' across the back? Where do think you'd place the drivers and marshals? If I may be so bold, I might suggest seating a marshal on a lower version of that wooden stool where that one is - next to the vacuum cleaner. And then run a oci-strap / bungy cord type of rope from one corner of the track to the other ( behind that marshal ) - and then the drivers have to stand behind the rope. So no driver is in anyone's line of sight whilst racing - but you could 'stretch the cord' to place / remove your car from the track... Just a thought...
  11. bov

    slot it Lola B12/80

    Go to the main slot.it page : SLOT.IT – Slot cars and accessories in 1/32 scale - then click the 'Download' tab, and then scroll down to 'White Kit Assembly' We have nagged Maurizio for years to do this - and his company finally came through over the past year.... But sometimes there's some bits you just can't figure out where they are supposed to go..... If the body looks complete without finding somewhere for them to go - put it down to OWS = 'oh well, spares'.....
  12. bov

    slot it Lola B12/80

    Lola_B09.pdf (slot.it)
  13. Couple of Q's from a long time Proxier... Things not specified one way or the other in that ruleset... 1. Axles & Bearings can be replaced? 2. Wiring can be replaced? 3. DPR plug / door can replaced or by-passed? 4. Any means to mount motor is ok within the Std Scale Chassis? 5. The entrant has no control over how the tyres are to be installed ( glued - what type ? ) and trued? Just a couple of points to take into consideration.....
  14. In hosting some proxy rounds, I have seen people be remarkably, and somewhat surprisingly, successful in using a standard sidewinder spur gear in an anglewinder application. It's all about getting the gear lash perfect and minimal amount of sideways movement locked in.... What do you have to lose to try?
  15. Hey Paul - I'm hoping you actually mean the weekend of May 7 / 8 ( waiting till March 8 / 9 might stretch the friendship... ) - although Sunday May 8th is Mother's Day ( and yet another birthday for me on that Sat - but I digress... )
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