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  1. Now Keith - we do not want to have a falling out over this - the slot car proxy world is small enough as it is, indeed I've happily hosted your entries a few times in different proxies on my tracks over the years.. But the way I read it - the majority of the entries in this proxy comply with the max 30g motor downforce rule ( Rule 3.2 ). I guess in future entrants will be more aware of the need to check their adherence to such rules... I just don't think the majority should be impacted by the dramas of the minority... Here's a solution - run the 5 >30g entries separately to the 25 < 30g entries ( effectively 2 classes ), and score each class accordingly ( that shouldn't add more than 10 min to the race night ) - I'll even set-up and maintain the scoring spreadsheets, as I have done for many proxies around the world over the years. Not as flash as CGYRacer's scoresheets, but they do the job.... People's thoughts?
  2. No way would you cancel this proxy just because 1 car in 5 doesn't comply with the rules.... In other words, 80% of the field is legal and yet they are supposed to ....... ? I'd say "nice try" - but even that's not correct... My version of plain talking.
  3. Indeed the motor in my #2 Merc is the Predator 22.5k Ball Bearing motor - I think all the entrants in the slip - on proxy last year received one at the end of series.... So, I thought "it meets the definitions - let's try something different for the touring car proxy...." I will certainly be loading up on more Predator motors on my next order to SCC...
  4. Nice videos - apart from some entries being insanely quick... In reference to my car - I liked your comment "Better than last year's car.. " - well, I was following your recommendations...
  5. Hi Paul, Nice presentation! Some interesting builds - curious to see how the 'Pip' guide mount works out on Shaynus' car... My intention was to enter a S/W set-up, but I ran out of engineering talent...... The Renegade BB motor in my Merc is something different - no magnet effect, but smooth... Probably when you measure the mag d/f on the Mag Marshall, the tire diameter / ground clearance will greatly reduce that motor d/f - otherwise......
  6. G'Day Paul - my " hopefully quicker than last year " entry is in the mail to Braidwood - should be there in the next few days... Cheers!
  7. G'Day Paul - entry going in the mail today ( assuming I can access the local Post Office, and convince all and sundry that this is an 'essential' reason for leaving the house.. probably get some bread to validate - fun times in Sydney at the moment ) Can you please just confirm that it is still the same PayPal address for entry fees? ( searched all around the threads and couldn't find that... ) Cheers!
  8. I'm guessing I better start building a car soon.....
  9. bov

    Sorell Creek Track

    That's remarkable modelling - we're very envious ! Question - if you were to paint the Scalextric Track, what would be recommended? Prep and type of paint? Asking for a friend, as we say... Or, to put another way - my own track is Scalextric Sport, and is copped taped and partially painted - but I think it can be done better..... Ideas, people?
  10. How does it go in legal state? You know, with front tires under the bodywork, an interior and with a rear wing? But you have given me more food for thought - particularly in the realms of rule interpretation...
  11. Hi Paul - my #17 Peugeot arrived back home today ! Lots of tire marbles in the back of the body - those must be pretty abrasive tracks.... Which I guess means pretty high grip - something to ponder on if we're using the same set of tracks next time... Thanks!
  12. Hmmm - it does seem Aust Post is having 'issues'... Today I received another returning Proxy Car that was posted from Eastern half of the USA 14 days ago ( about half way around the world ) - but a parcel being delivered within it's own State, at a similar time...... Oh well - patience is one of the virtues of Proxy Racing...
  13. Hi Paul, Hope you're doing ok... Can you please advise if my Peugeot has been put in the mail yet?
  14. Don't let him in - we have standards, you know....... G'Day Jase - hope you've been doing well......
  15. Hi Paul, I'll enter again - something DTM ish....
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