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  1. Hmmm - it does seem Aust Post is having 'issues'... Today I received another returning Proxy Car that was posted from Eastern half of the USA 14 days ago ( about half way around the world ) - but a parcel being delivered within it's own State, at a similar time...... Oh well - patience is one of the virtues of Proxy Racing...
  2. Hi Paul, Hope you're doing ok... Can you please advise if my Peugeot has been put in the mail yet?
  3. Don't let him in - we have standards, you know....... G'Day Jase - hope you've been doing well......
  4. Hi Paul, I'll enter again - something DTM ish....
  5. Hi Paul, Has the returning of cars gotten underway yet? Not that I'm in any major rush to get my car back, but enquiring minds........
  6. Stay tuned for one J Richards calling slot.it " A Pack Of &^#%&*)*& " for leaving his name off the plinth.....
  7. Hi Paul - no rush... I'd suggest the 2nd week of Jan....
  8. Congrats to the brothers for being the class of the field - well done to Dale and 'the other Tony' for being the best of the interlopers... Looking forward to getting the winner of the Peugeot class back - hopefully with the rear wing....... Well done to all involved for putting on the series!
  9. Hi Alexis - the #66 was delivered today - yes, there's not much left of those rear tires.... Thanks !
  10. Hi David - really good question... Slot Car Corner organized the whole thing, don't know how they managed to have tracking included... Biggest frustration with Tracking is seeing how long it takes to go a very short distance.... In this instance, it took the best part of a week to get across Sydney...
  11. Yet this is round 2 - I guess your judgement is as bad as mine..... thanks for your very helpful contribution though...
  12. Hi Alexis, Thanks for the updates. My #66 has your tires mounted. I'm amazed that they have worn out after so little running, but that's this year in a nutshell.... Remember how I was nagging to keep the series running - yeah, forget that !
  13. Did an experiment with Slot Car Corner to assess shipping options. Small parcel sent 1st Class International ( the cheaper option ) picked up from New Hampshire Sept 26th, with Tracking all the way.. After a bit of shuffling around various postal depots, the parcel flew out of New York Oct 5. Departed Sydney ( ? ) Oct 9, Processed through another facility 'Australia' Oct 13th - delivered to my house ( well, shoved in the letter box ) Oct 19th - so just over 3 weeks for 'economy' shipping, a good chunk of which was spent going from one side of Sydney to another... If you want to play along at home, it's Tracking Number is LZ680042989US - in the USPS system... Could be a lot worse.....
  14. Andrew, What are the dimensions of Alistair's track? Looking at something similar in a 5' x 15.5' footprint - 3 lane, copper taped, semi-gloss one day.... More importantly, was Alistair's track kind to Peugeots ?
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