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  1. Here are the class pictures for the 2010-11 series:
  2. Yeah those pit popsies will talk to anybody. Apparently Rick told them he was the famous Race driver Andrea Likestitsalotie. They couldn't get enough of him
  3. Not up to the standard that I would expect
  4. Howdy all. Long time no talk. Just a few pictures taken today while we get ready for the result (sorry, not much variety. Was doing product shots while the rally was being run): You probably aren't going to believe me, but this was an action shot.....
  5. I'm going to have to pull out. I was all enthused, but I simply won't have the time over the next few weeks to get my shite in order. You can reduce the entry down to 29 and let the next guy join! Cheers
  6. Wouldn't mind taking his wife for a lap either....awww god, I am awful
  7. Why fit track call buttons. If the car falls off, the car falls off, as long as you are consistent in getting the car back on. Could of sworn I didn't see any "Track Call" buttons used at the last real rally I watched.
  8. hoffy

    Round 4

    Yes, please round the edges on mine (if its not too late!)
  9. Just a couple of Piccies: Cars on the Dummy Grid: The Drivers: FCC Trying not to crash First Heat of the night The Podium
  10. I concur. Nothing wrong with the handling of your cars at all, its just that there were a few faster ones!
  11. For me personally, it simply didn't have the motor as other cars. In qualifying it really took a decent amount of time to get "wound up" and get a fast lap out of it and it was hard to reproduce. I think this was for me simply because you had to get it absolutely perfect. I will let the other guys comment if they wish.
  12. Morning all, I gotta admit that running a race on your track is always a highlight. OK, granted, the entry is a lot smaller then in the past, but I would say the quality was there. (jeez, I remember the first Proxy event we ever ran here. 30 odd cars, finished at 2:00am in the morning, but we had timing issues (the system could only take 20 cars) and didn't know what we were doing) Like I said above, it was also good to see that we hardly had any mechanical issues. It makes the night just that bit more fun. Thanks for GZminiz for letting us have a race. To everyone who entered, I hope we drove the cars to their potential. I hope we can keep the yearly DUPR series running. It would be a shame to see it disappear. I hope the series remains to be clean (as it is thus far) and people start to build their interest back up. Cheers
  13. We have a result!!!!!! SlotRace Manager ** CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS ** 07-05-10 Championship Mode : 1. LANE ROTATION LAP COLLECTION Driven on Track : Six Pines Number of Rounds : 1 Length of one Heat : 3min 0sec Current status : completed # Name / Car Points Heat Best Lap ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 Proxy First CC / Proxy LMP 151.8 4 ( 04.287) 2 Proxy Mannimal / Proxy LMP 151.3 4 ( 04.443) 3 Proxy Suttle / Proxy LMP 150.3 4 ( 04.527) 4 Proxy Lenny Broke / Proxy LMP 148.7 4 ( 04.626) 5 Proxy Obsidith / Proxy LMP 147.0 4 ( 04.524) 6 Proxy Slittlehales / Proxy LMP 145.0 4 ( 04.475) 7 Proxy Mark D / Proxy LMP 144.8 4 ( 04.684) 8 Proxy Taz Racer / Proxy LMP 141.7 4 ( 04.643) 9 Proxy Davnic74 / Proxy LMP 138.8 4 ( 04.716) 10 Proxy GZminiz / Proxy LMP 138.8 4 ( 04.853) 11 Proxy Anthony / Proxy LMP 137.3 4 ( 04.764) 12 Proxy Hoffy / Proxy LMP 136.9 4 ( 04.905) 13 Proxy Newso / Proxy LMP 134.1 4 ( 04.923) 14 Proxy Dan / Proxy LMP 131.6 4 ( 04.912) 15 Proxy PMC356 / Proxy LMP 131.2 4 ( 04.797) 16 Proxy Ronan / Proxy LMP 127.7 4 ( 04.765) 17 Proxy Sports Racer / Proxy LMP 127.5 4 ( 05.015) 18 Proxy XR8 / Proxy LMP 111.1 4 ( 05.358) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It was quite tense on that last heat and in the end it came down to partial laps. Well done to FCC and to Mannimal for such a close finish. Mention must go to Suttle for the bottom step of the podium. FCC was the quicker car, but Mannimals was more consistent. OK, now onto the issues. Surprisingly, this has been the most trouble free proxy night that I have had here. There was a problem with Anthony's car and some folded over braids, which cost him 1 or 2 laps. The main issue we had was with Obsidith. It appears that the axle had moved again. It is unsure whether the car actually lost any time, as it didn't appear to cause it to slow, just a bit more noise. We have re-aligned the axle and all is OK and we have made sure that all the grub screws are tight. I think that the next round should keep this in mind when running this car. From a feedback point of view, it was pretty much unanimous that the best car to drive was Lenny Broke's, followed closely by Suttle and Mannimal. Both cars were easy to drive and quick, just not quick as quick as FCC's. One of the hardest was Davnic74's. It was hard to get the traction down to the ground and actually drive it. Anyhow, thats it for tonight. Some more photos will follow tomorrow. Cheers
  14. Evening all. Its race night. We have our drivers on site and are doing a few laps (not the proxy cars!) to make sure that the track is ready to go. It all depends on how the race goes, there may be some updates, there may not, but there will be a result posted tonight. As a quick reminder, the race will be across 4 lanes, 3 mins per lane (12 minutes in total per car). The race will be run in reverse order, starting with XR8, Dan, Sports Racer and myself. Good luck to all! Cheers
  15. As a matter of fact, that is sponge tyre territory. A few guys have used international 1/32 chassis cars, with spongies and Plafit cheeta motors and they were not even that quick
  16. OK, official practice has been run. Below is in the order that they were run (reverse Championship order). XR8 - Bouncy. Front comes out easily - 5.310 Taz Racer - Chatters, but pretty quick - 4.787 Ronan - Chatters a bit under full power - 4.823 Lenny Broke - Easy to drive. A little noisy - 4.661 Newso - Very taily - 4.834 Slittlehales - Quick. If a little quieter, it would nearly be the perfect car - 4.481 Sports Racer - Got quicker the more it ran - 4.880 PMC356 - Slides a bit under power - 4.807 Dan - Rear track is too narrow, causes bad chatter - 5.015 Anthony - Pretty fast. A little chatter - 4.692 Hoffy - disappointing - 4.871 GZminiz - Reasonably good - 4.734 MarkD - Pretty quick - 4.759 Obsidith - Deceptively quick - 4.627 Davenic74 - more then enough power.... - 4.549 Suttle - Another that is quicker then it looks - 4.566 Mannimal - just quick - 4.468 FCC - bloody unbelievably quick - 4.297 SO, the final positions of qualifying are: FCC - 4.297 Mannimal - 4.468 Slittlehales - 4.481 Davenic74 - 4.549 Suttle - 4.566 Obsidith - 4.627 Lenny Broke - 4.661 Anthony - 4.692 GZminiz - 4.734 MarkD - 4.759 Tazracer - 4.787 PMC356 - 4.807 Ronan - 4.823 Newso - 4.834 Hoffy - 4.871 Sports Racer - 4.880 Dan - 5.017 XR8 - 5.310 So, we are now all set for Friday night. Cheers
  17. Evening all and welcome to official practice night. OK, a quick bit of house keeping. A few of the cars had axles that appeared to have moved to one side. This included Obsidith, GZminiz, Dan, XR8 and PMC356. The wheels and/ or axles have been moved to centralise things a bit better and make them legal (and stop tyres rubbing on chassis). Also, Obsidith, the boss on your gear has quite a bit of wear on it already. It is still going, but be aware. All cars have had a drop of oil on the gear and a drop on the bearings and are ready to run. So, with no further a due, we will get on with official practice.
  18. OK, 4 it is for the night. Considering we are down to 18 cars now (BRK's is a scratching. There is no point trying to repair it as it will just break again), it should be a fairly quick night. Stay tuned for official practice tonight. Cheers
  19. Hoffy, I thought that drivers where meant to be allocated lanes and stay on that lane for the duration, = 4 lanes 4 drivers only. As per rule 4.2.3, giving each car a fair chance with drivers used to the lane they are allocated. In theory, that is what happens but twice (I.E., group one do the driving, each driver is allocated a lane and does each car once, except for the rule where an owner cannot race their own car. This is then again, with the second group of drivers). Look, if people only want 4 drivers to race, so be it. I'll tell a few to stay home. The only reason I run the race in this manor is so that I can get enough marshalls to do the race properly and each person who turns up gets to have a decent run. Ultimately GZminz has the last say, so I'll let the organiser decide if this is OK. BTW, I have gone over the cars and there are issues with possibly six of them. I am looking at the rules and will contact GZMiniz first and let him decide. (PS, if we go for the 4 driver format, heats will be 3 minutes, with a total of 12 minutes racing per car. Cheers)
  20. Sorry, no live feed. I simply don't have time to set it up. I might do some commentary throught the process. OK, just a quick run down of proceedings. With any luck we will get 8 drivers in total. If we do, the race will be done as such: Tonight (Tuesday) - Open practice and possible maintenance - This will involve me ensuring the track surface is up to scratch (it has been covered since the last use, so it should be OK) and possibly some laps on each lane for each car (but more then likely just using some of my other cars on the shelf). Nothing too drastic, just enough to ensure that the surface is well "Seasoned". I will also have a quick look at each car, but maintenance will be left to a minimum. BRK's car is damaged and he has advised me that if its not fixable, the car will be withdrawn. Tomorrow night (Wednesday) - Qualifying - Ten laps per car on Blue lane. This will be conducted by myself with some help from Triggy. Fastest lap will count for the grid Thursday night - Drivers briefing and fan introduction (I.E., nothing.....I'm out on Friday night) Friday night - race night. And now for the race format. Each car will do 4 minutes in total on each lane (a total of 16 minutes per car race time). This will be broken up into 2x rotations of each car on each lane, with each run being 2 minutes each. This allows us to have a decent group of 8 people and allows all that turn up a chance to have a drive. Each heat will be recorded to the closest 10th of a lap and all cars returning to the start lane for each heat. As for the drivers, quite a few are members here and all are regular runners on our weekly Monday races. On that note, I better go and have a look at some of these cars! Cheers
  21. Howdy all, Hope you are all ready to Rumble! The shipping crate has made it all the way to 6 Pines for round 3. Festivities are due to commence during the week, with the race scheduled to be held Friday night. I will keep you posted on the event (still waiting to confirm driver/marshal numbers to see how we do it), so watch this space. Cheers
  22. What happened to the backups?
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