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  1. Marty

    Brookfield Circuit

    Nice looking track, I think the butterflies and kiddie mat adds the family feel. A big screen is a ggod addition, great to see the wife supporting the hobby. Do you plan on doing any scenery? Marty
  2. Marty

    6 Car Pb

    I was looking through a toy shop in Mt Gambier SA the other day and they had still new in the box a digital conversion kit. It was the one with a 6PB, 2 Porsche cars, the power supply and some R2 LCs. It was priced at $299 so it may be a bargain if someone is looking for one to upgrade to the SH mod. The box was marked as 44-04 so I'm not sure what version that relates to on the 6PB. If anyone is interested the store details are TOY STAMPEDE 41 COMMERCIAL STREET, WEST MOUNT GAMBIER, S.A 5290 08 8725 4264 Marty
  3. Canber That looks great it does add that Aussie touch, well done it certainly gives me ideas. The track looks good as well. Marty
  4. Hmmm Got the image insert wrong, Paul I know you'll appreciate the positioning of the cars. Marty
  5. Hi Paul After having a race night using your barriers I realised that they were exactly what I was needing so I finally had a go at making the barriers, thanks to your great how to and help, the 5mm rod took a heat gun and a jig to get the bend and after a couple of more trips to Bunnings I now have all I need to get the job done. Hopefully I'll have the trickier parts of the track done before the 19th. Here is a couple of shots of my first attempt. undefined undefined Getting started was slow but I've done 1 each night before dinner. If anyone else is thinking of having some of these for stopping the flying right off the track and table I can certainly reccomend giving them a try. Marty
  6. Hi HoMEr Welcome to the forum and the addictive hobby/sport yes it will be relativley expensive depending on how far you go. The forums are a great way to gain info and save some $s do lots of research. Enjoy Marty
  7. Marty

    6 Car Pb In Aus ?

    Hi I've picked up a couple from the USA at http://www.fantasyworldhobbies.com/catalog/index.php and when the exchange rate is good it's not a bad way to go, it comes without the power supply so you'll need to pick up a seperate PSU. Hope this helps Marty
  8. Hi I'm looking for some that may be able to give me some practical hands on help in Adelaide SA. I want to do the MS64 mod and have scortched/blown/wasted/trashed two 4 car PBs sofar without really knowing waht I did wrong. I have a new 4PB and new 6PB coming in the next few days and I'm getting shy about trying the mod again. Has anyone in Adelaide done it successfully that is willing to give me some help here? Hope you can help. Marty
  9. Eno I bought the first track and cars for my sons before they were born, turned out we got two girls. 30 years later and the girls love the new digital and so do their husbands, the 2 YO grand daughter is fasinated, she gets a controller while her dad drives the car. So the moral is: it is never too early. Good luck Marty
  10. Hi I really appreciate your help, after looking at some of the pictures of some the members tracks I'm absolutley drooling, I have a lot of work to do. I'm going to start by doing the LC mod and powering them seperately, then the 6 car PB and then work on a good track layout with more consistent power I'll look nto the DSE power supply. I've just been kicked off the back verandah into the shed so now is the time. Do you know of any publicaions like "Track Layouts for Dummies" I have no idea where to start I'm only going to use SSD track and would like to build in some hills etc then some good scenery. Thanks again Marty
  11. Hi Many thanks, I'll start searching right away. Do you know if can the PC talk to the 6 car aux port via a serial-USB interface cofigured as a com port? Marty Hi Thanks, I guess to start of just simple lap times but I'd like to get the laptop hoked up and possibly displaying the results, if you know of any software around I'd apreciate the lead. I've sourced a 6 car PB from the states so I'll need to get a power supply for it, there apears to be a few options other than the Salextric ones, can any one suggest a suitable alternative? Also is it possible to have 2 PBs providing current to the track to help prevent power loss, I've got approx 14.5m with booster cables but the more cars on the track the more finicky it becomes. Maryty
  12. Hi Many thanks, I'll start searching right away. Do you know if can the PC talk to the 6 car aux port via a serial-USB interface cofigured as a com port? Marty
  13. Hi I've recently discovered digital scalextrix while shoping with the wife for dolls houses for the grandaughter, nedless to say we've spent lots more on the track to date than the dolls. I'm at loss to find a system that I can use to monitor track times, reading the forums it looks like somehow I could hook the laptop up to the track but what I've read is a bit confusing. Is there something commercially available in the way of tracking the cars? I hope so as my hobbyist skils are still in there infancy. Marty
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