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  1. Yeah, Fly do/did a "Lady Racers" series, with famous woman drivers since before I was born. I will agree with you, though, some of FLy's catalogues look more like men's magazines... Ok. So. I should start collecting Fly cars. Might have to do some research on that. Doesn't solve the current lack, but at least we know that there is no excuse for not making lady drivers cos they've been done before Embs Fly do have a female driver and passenger figure available as spares, sort of a 'Thelma and Louise' look to them. I bought 2 of each from Pendles in the UK last year. Armchair here may have them or be able to get them. I got a team slot celica, painted pink with a hot pink and white interior for a neighbors daughter to race. Figures needed to be trimmed and sanded to fit in (butts were too big, go figure) but look pretty good.
  2. I too have been caught up in this addiction. Got into slot cars 18 months ago and currently have 105 Ninco 15 Carrera 13 Slot-it with 1 on the way 5 Cartrix 1 SCX 11 Autoart 11 Fly (+ 2 racing trucks) 20 Scalextric all 6 of the QuattroX JGTC cars 2 MB Slot 1 Team Slot and my eyes on about 15 others that will be helping feed the addiction over the next 2 months.
  3. [ I know down here in Melbourne we have store's like Repco,Autobarn and Supercheap Auto were you can pick up automotive paint touch up pen's in the color's your looking for...all though could be around the $10 range . All you need to do is free hand a line about 1 inch long beside your power rail at 4-5 inch intervalls...rather than paint the whole track. Didn't even think of that. All those stores exist up here so I will have a look. Thanks for that.
  4. Hi there. I was looking at another slot forum today and saw a plastic track by ferrari in Sydney I think it was. I was wondering if anyone knows what he used to colour code the lanes? He has bright straight coloured lines to help indicate where 'offs' should be reslotted. I have been looking for paint pens in Brisbane with no luck so far. I have a 4 lane ninco track that I would like to colour code. Was thinking of fixing an old guide to a piece of dowel and fixing a paint pen to mark the lines. I would particularly like to code the lanes in red, blue, yellow and white. I have a white paint pen but cannot find any other colours. If anyone has any other ideas how to do this, and where to get paint pens from if this was the method used, please let me know. Have tried the search function but get no successful matches so if the info is on here I must be asking fot the wrong thing. Cheers
  5. Thanks for the reply. I am not at all electrically minded I'm afraid. I guess what I really wanted to know was how simple is it to connect the 3800 to the 2 power tracks that I have on my track? As I said, I am using the power tracks that have independent power for each lane, so I assume that means I need 4 outputs from the 3800? How the hell do you put together a splitter box, that sounds like what I am going to need. I have dismantled my 2 lane digital track to build the current 4 lane, I want to play analogue for a while. I am aware of the unidirectional lane changing for digital, just need to know how to hook everything together powerbase wise with this you beaut DS thingy.
  6. Hi there. I have just arranged to buy a D3800 power supply from DS after reading numerous posts on various forums raving about this unit. I have just set up a 4 lane ninco track, 21m each lane, and am using 2 of the powerbases that allow independent power to each lane and to reverse the direction of travel. Being of somewhat limited technical ability,my question is, how do I go about connecting the unit to the 4 independent supplies? Are there some other bits and pieces I should be picking up at the store while I'm there? I also am considering running this track digital by swapping in multilane sections and a digital powerbase. Will the D3800 be able to be used in a digital track? Would just like some clarity on these things before spending the dollars on the PS. Thanks in advance for any help. SINNCITY
  7. Don't know much about scaley digital but with my ninco digital I wrap the chips in electrical tape after connecting them. If any of the chip components contact something metallic in the car during an 'off' you can short the chip. This may help you.
  8. RR has moved to Huntington St. If you cross the Houghton Hwy bridge you go down Elizabeth Ave on the left after you cross, it becomes Snook St, turn left at the lights at Duffiend (it's about 2km from the bridge) and Huntington is the second right.
  9. I have a Ninco Callaway artcar in my collection, code number 50248. Jo Ortland is credited as the designer.
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