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  1. Looks pretty good. The AR aspect of being able to build a track on any surface would be fun. The thing I don't get about video game slot car tracks is why they need to be slot cars? The reason they are slot cars IRL is because there was a need for a means to keep the car on the track. Various options have been tried over the years but the good old guide in the slot seems to have survived the test of time and so we still have slot cars today. If the game mirrored the physics of how a slot car drives compared to a racing car on a track without a slot then I guess that might have some appeal. Otherwise I could see this game as an AR RC racing game where I build the track and drive a car around it without the need for the slot. Would slot car racers be into it - maybe - but the question is what is the appeal for racing over the thousands of other car racing games. Perhaps its the ability to build your own track. In which case MrFlipp's suggestion about actual track dimensions is good. I mean I could see myself dropping a track when waiting somewhere and running a few cars for fun but I am not sure I would be heavily vested in it. cheers DM
  2. Hi checkout slotshop.com.au they may have something happening or if you are on Facebook look up 'Mick's slot cars' - Mick Freedman could be able to help out
  3. Didn't need you to delete anything... just making a poor attempt at a sheep joke sorry -
  4. I was having a laugh about your comment - 'personally I am into sheep' my poor attempt at humour as well it seems
  5. I have heard of Koala Tyre treatment - I gather from the title that it is based on Eucalyptus oil. I tried some E-Oil and didn't notice any real difference in grip. I also tried mixing it with some other spirits. Charles - you may want to review/edit your post you are reinforcing a stereotype that us Aussies have of you chaps across the ditch. LOL "Thanks Icarve37. Does your name suggest you like lamb. Personally I am into sheep but the odd bit of corned beef, steak or even pork is always welcome."
  6. I have used Paul's XPGs on 1/32 cars and 1/24s. I am happy with the Shore 40 my cars are fast enough for my liking at the club I race with. I tried making Shore 30 tyres but didn't find them to be that much better than the 40s and they pretty much needed glueing on for every car. I don't usually glue the tyres on my 1/32 cars. Perhaps we are all Captain Slow at our club - but we enjoy our racing. Ninco NC1s feature in a lot of our classes and we have an 18k motor limit (well we allow Scalextric motors which are only notionally 18k) in most of our other classes. We also run the Revoslot and BRM Mini Saloons with stock rubber or urethane tyres and Carrera 1/24 on urethane. Tend to find with them the firmer tyres are better than the XPGs.
  7. Ok good to know I have been lucky so far I make Shore 40 using Reflex or Vytaflex and I haven't had a pair of them go to goo and I have been making them for quite a few years now. I have had it happen to a couple of MJK tyres but generally they are pretty long lasting as well
  8. Is that a new release with Robin in it or did you buy a Robin figure to put in the first release car?
  9. well it would be tough to choose between the two - but a Norm Beechey Monaro would be sweet!
  10. I don't know I am more likely to buy the police car than another race livery. Not a big fan of that era of racing so don't know but what other race liveries are there for them to do that people would go "yes finally the xxxxxx car!" I would have thought the main ones were done by now but could be wrong.
  11. I think it will be tough it's a bit smaller than the other cars, I imagine the chassis will be like the Escort or Cortina. It will still be nice to have one :)
  12. dangermouse

    Innes Park Raceway

    Nice idea I built a 3 lane track for my first track, current track is two lane, with both tracks I mostly only drove on one lane. For my next track I am in two minds, either do some work to clear some space and build a decent 4 lane track, or leave room as it is and build a single lane test track.
  13. dangermouse

    Innes Park Raceway

    Looking good I have the itch to start again and build another track. I want something I can run all the 1/24 cars I have collected since I built my last track. I am thinking of making something modular but if I don't go modular I will be making at least one modular piece. I found this on oldslotracer site and think it is a great idea, when doing a solo run you can race each lane on the track... cheers DM
  14. We are all having a chuckle because we can relate to your experience.
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