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  1. I picked up one of those from eBay - $12 include 36 drill bits of various sizes from 0.5mm - 3mm including some of those fine drills that have a large shaft on them.
  2. increased or decreased Phil? - I thought he said they decreased....
  3. dangermouse

    MG Vanquish

    I didn't know that MG Vanquish made the Brabham..... interesting I searched for ages for a Lotus 72 and then luckily (given the price of the MG) Scalextric and Policar decided to release one. The Vanquish MG Can Am cars are getting harder to find these days. cheers David
  4. Thanks Rosco I will leave further discussion to your SMS thread cheers David
  5. Does SMS Ultra-clear play nice with decals - especially Pattos? I bought some Zero paint clear - I used it on one car and doubt if I will use it again. I did get a tiny bit of decal crinkle which I salvaged (Indycal decals not Pattos) but I found the finish wasn't as shiny as I was expecting - which didn't bother me too much as I don't like super shiny cars I prefer cars that have a race day finish to them. However occasionally there is car you want to finish as a showroom car rather than a race day. But I just found it didn't go on as easily as I thought it would. cheers David
  6. Hi Tony slot cars and trains go together well in my book... I have started to collect some ON30 rolling stock and engines. I took my train track down to build a slot car track, now I want to do the reverse and build a new slot track/train track combined... cheers David
  7. Nice work and an interesting choice of chassis. Can Am cars are one of my top 3 classes. I only have a couple of Chaparrals I must add some more. cheers David
  8. 3D printing is part of the future of slot cars but hopefully it isn't the future unless it can offer the same quality as injection moulded plastic. In which case it won't matter to me the buyer whether the body is 3D printed or injection moulded it will look as beautiful as a BRM, Revoslot, Slot.it, Carrera, Scalextric, Thunderslot etc etc etc looks today. Of course if you are chasing a particular and perhaps obscure or no longer manufactured car then 3D printing is a great option for sourcing a body and a chassis. So a valuable part of the hobby much like the few resin casters out there now.
  9. dangermouse

    Wacky Races

    Watched this as a kid as well..... kinda dates us all doesn't it Muttley
  10. that didn't work for me Sticks
  11. So I assume that means you can see the Dino - but no one can see the Cobra? This is a photo I shared to a Facebook group. The Dino was in my album. Testing to see if I can share a photo I posted to a group as well. Hopefully you can see two cars??
  12. Ok I see a photo of the car on my screen so that is interesting.... when I paste the url into a new tab I also get the photo. I then copied the text from your post above and pasted it into my browser tab and the photo loaded as well.... must be a google photo thing.....because I am logged in. I use the Share - create a link option in Google Photo - can you open the link below? I can't seem to paste it into the Insert Image from URL window. https://photos.app.goo.gl/LNasocSxRA4ZaCuo9 I don't think google photo wants us to post images on forums. Can you see a yellow Dino below? I pasted that photo from my Facebook photo library
  13. I went into Google Photos - clicked on the photo so it opened and then right clicked on the photo and chose copy image address. Hopefully the image loads cheers David Edit: Google Photos don't seem to last
  14. Uniform Resource Locator (URL) In your case the address of the photo eg: https://myphotohosting.site.au/photo1.jpg
  15. Which is unusual in slot car land - usually we are not happy that they made it too wide.
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