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  1. well it would be tough to choose between the two - but a Norm Beechey Monaro would be sweet!
  2. I don't know I am more likely to buy the police car than another race livery. Not a big fan of that era of racing so don't know but what other race liveries are there for them to do that people would go "yes finally the xxxxxx car!" I would have thought the main ones were done by now but could be wrong.
  3. I think it will be tough it's a bit smaller than the other cars, I imagine the chassis will be like the Escort or Cortina. It will still be nice to have one :)
  4. dangermouse

    New track

    Nice idea I built a 3 lane track for my first track, current track is two lane, with both tracks I mostly only drove on one lane. For my next track I am in two minds, either do some work to clear some space and build a decent 4 lane track, or leave room as it is and build a single lane test track.
  5. dangermouse

    New track

    Looking good I have the itch to start again and build another track. I want something I can run all the 1/24 cars I have collected since I built my last track. I am thinking of making something modular but if I don't go modular I will be making at least one modular piece. I found this on oldslotracer site and think it is a great idea, when doing a solo run you can race each lane on the track... cheers DM
  6. We are all having a chuckle because we can relate to your experience.
  7. Howdy all we have been racing Cartrix Grand Prix and Vanquish MG cars with our race group. A couple of new people are chasing cars. Let me know if you have any for sale. cheers David
  8. I agree with manimmal about lane spacing for 1/24 cars on the corners 150mm is good - 120mm is ok anything >150mm is a bonus. 100mm or 105 mm lane spacing is good cheers DM
  9. Scanning a body and then printing it isn't really at the consumer level yet. I have had a look at a few options and most of readily available options require a significant investment in time to make a file suitable for 3D printing. Interestingly Scalextric used a commercial company to scan some real cars to make into slot cars. So I guess it won't be long before we get better quality 3D scanners. cheers DM
  10. Will try the turps especially after truing, they are a challenge to true up. We haven't change anything other than the tyres so far. My Toyota with stock - treated tyres was the quickest Grp C - with the Trans Am I bought the new Mustang and it went really well with very little work on the tyres. I wiped a bit of oil on them and that is about it. I have several 917k they hook up nicely. With stock tyres though one has some sort of urethane - not sure what they are though.
  11. Yes we ran them the other weekend on a BRM day - they were great fun. MJK on some but mainly stock rubber. We found the stock rubber hooked up nicely with a bit of NSR oil. We ran them at 9v - I think 9 or 10v is all they really need.
  12. Howdy all We have started running the BRM big 1/24 cars - Porsche 962, Toyota 88C - Mercedes - the McLaren and Porsche GT1 and the Trans Am cars. If anyone has any of them for sale please send me a message. thanks David
  13. Will do mate.... What have you done to your TTS? I was talking to a chap in Europe about them and he suggested putting on a 13t pinion. He also put small rubber rings on the suspension parts to firm it up a bit. I haven't tried either yet - lately we have been running the big BRM cars. cheers David
  14. Picked up my Jagermeister the other day - it is a really sweet looking car - haven't had a chance to run it yet to compare with the front motored car though. cheers David
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