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  1. "And before anyones asks, no you can't rent space in my storage drawers, and no, they aren't for sale. " and there I was reading through the post thinking I will ask for your address to send you a box of cars to put in the drawer I have no answer - my only suggestion is you have a house elf that likes tuning slot cars - leave a plate of cookies in the drawer if they're gone come morning you have the answer
  2. Probably still discussing licensing terms with young Dick Grayson's estate.
  3. Package from Austria - shipped on the 9th - arrived on the 23rd - happy with that.
  4. Yep my package went from Virginia - to New York to Hong Kong to Perth a lot quicker than it travelled from Perth to Brisbane. But a mate has a better story. His package went from Melbourne to the mail centre in Brisbane (about 10mins from his house) and then on to Mackay - 600km north before heading back to him. One thinks someone put it on the wrong truck.
  5. How did you get tracking on 1st Class International? Only option I have seen for tracking is Priority Mail. cheers David
  6. Part of the Shell Racing Team with Norm Beechey. Peter Manton Mini BRM 1/24 classic Mini white kit. Decals for both cars came from Pattos. A nice partner for the Chevy Nova I just need to find a 1/24 MKII Cortina now. I see also noted that The Parts Box does a HK Monaro - so will get one of those and do it up as well. I also picked up a Cavalier Models HT Monaro - so may look at re-popping and then doing the yellow Beechey Monaro cheers David
  7. Maybe I have a rare one here - taking offers LOL
  8. Anyone else get one with Bridgestone upside down on the front bumper?
  9. Looks better than the first pics Waiting for the Calsonic one myself but I may be tempted to get that one as well now
  10. Spain still doesn't seem to be shipping to Australia I am chasing some decals and can't get them
  11. Mark You probably know this - Plafit does a 3/32 oilite it is 4.75mm diameter Though currently out of stock here :( cheers David
  12. Well done! Didn't happen to find two of them did you
  13. Good luck Chris I bought the black one and then thought I should have bought the white one as well to have a pair - can't find them anywhere now.
  14. BRM White Kit - decals from Pattos Tamiya TS-51 paint.
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