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  1. I have had that from Canada before but the other way package from Canada took 3 months to arrive.
  2. Hopefully not a sign of the times - generic shaped cars with no liveries. I suspect it will be the case for F1 cars from now on. Motorsport that makes and spends millions if not billions and yet they still want to squeeze some dollars out of Scalextric or NSR or Slot.it if they want to sell a toy car for around $80-$100. How many will they sell 1500 - 2000 - what maybe 5000 cars across all manufacturers - so licence fee would be what $1 - $2 - $5 couldn't be much more but even if it was $10 per car that is only $50000 heck motor sports burns that like nothing. Soap box away LOL
  3. LOL true accept when I tell people it is Peter Manton's blue mini and it looks like this
  4. that looks good Jimmy Nice work
  5. Hi John Must be something in the air I have been feeling the same way. We only race fortnightly, occasionally on in between weeks I head over to a mates track for a test and tune session and frankly I would prefer to do that over racing any day. Not sure what it is but I agree with you racing requires energy and a different kind of energy. You have to deal with other people who may have different motivations than you which I don't get on a test and tune day. I am enjoying resin casting as well. My next project will be to build a small pressure pot. Getting too many mishits with my casting of small parts so hoping a pot will fix that plus I want to start casting some clear parts as well. cheers David
  6. I probably should have mentioned in the opening post that I am colour blind On that chart PMS 279 and 285 look close to me.
  7. We use a system where the driver yells at the marshal who is talking to someone else or on his phone and that is about it. No limit on the number of offs we occasionally use track calls if there is a major off in a hard to reach place or if someone takes out most of the field. We are pretty casual about it all. DM
  8. Hello all Neil has done a bit of work getting the Outhouse back up an running. There may be some broken links but for the most part it is all good and working again cheers DM
  9. Thanks for those photos Gazza they are very useful. Question is what is electric blue? I also read that they painted the car 'Shell blue' for the 1969 season. But then what is that In some photos it looks like it look a bluey grey... I had look and think Vallejo Andrea Blue looks close cheers DM
  10. Hello all In 1969 it seems that Norm Beechey ran a Monaro and Peter Manton a Mini it what may have been a team. Both cars were painted blue with yellow and red stripes. Here a some links to pictures of the cars https://autopics.com.au/69174-norm-beechey-ht-monaro-peter-manton-morris-cooper-s-lakeside-1969-slightly-out-of-focus/ https://autopics.com.au/69069-norm-beechey-hk-gts-327-holden-monaro-hume-weir-28th-september-1969-photographer-jeff-nield/ Here is another car from 1968 in similar colours http://www.theracetorque.com/2020/04/the-cars-stormin-norman-made-great/ Its the first pic on the page. looking for suggestions for the blue colour thanks David
  11. wow - the good thing about this thread is whilst my memory is fading I can look at this thread and realise I have been back into slot cars for around 12 years now. That make me feel a bit better - when I look at all the cars I have I can rationalise it down now -..... that is only xxx cars per year that I have bought DM
  12. What brand is the primer you use? I read a tip by another resin caster - he takes a couple of photos of his resins before undercoating and then before painting - the camera on the computer screen shows up things the eye misses. DM
  13. I am not sure but suspect that Paul must have had a bad batch or something. I have lots of XPG and standard PC tyres and they are fine. I have had a half dozen or so go red and fall apart. Mainly 1/24 tyres - I can't recall if any 1/32 tyres have done this. cheers David
  14. Had a go at casting a body. First up is the Maserati 250F Will do the BRM and a Mercedes W196 next
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