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  1. Hi Chas Couple of things with adapting a 1/32 chassis - the wheels on 1/24 cars are larger and thus the axle position isn't correct. Also 1/24 wheels use 3mm axle so need 6mm oilites so the standard 1/32 won't fit. BRM don't sell an adjustable chassis. Scaleauto sells one but it it more designed for modern GT cars. I have considered the brass route and have made two. It doesn't appeal to me as a solution for the 15 or so cars I have. Sharpeways chassis are almost as dear as metal chassis once you factor in conversion and postage. cheers David
  2. All good - I am looking for a chassis that would be suitable for converting some 1/24 kits such as the re-released Tamiya bodies into slot cars. A few metal chassis options available but they cost $70-$100 + per chassis. I have found a few options on thingiverse and have a mate with a 3D printer. What I am keen on doing is designing a chassis myself and then getting it printed. Thought if you are in the 'development phase' it was worth asking. cheers David
  3. My order from USA arrived yesterday - posted 22/4 arrived 26 May a bit slower than usual. DM
  4. When you go to activity and look at unread content - how do you read the new post instead of going to the original topic. I tried to read one tonight and I ended up on page 1 of 380 pages. Easy enough to get to the end but confusing because I was expecting to go to the post rather than the topic home page. So I went back to try again but couldn't work it out. LOL
  5. My last order from the UK took 6 weeks to arrive and that was ordered 12/3 before a lot of the lockdown stuff started. I decided to hold of on any orders for a bit to allow things to settle down. Ordered some cars from the US 3 weeks ago hope that it arrives soon. cheers David
  6. Ok wow - 7 years ago I started this build. Funny thing is lately I have been thinking about pulling the track down and starting again. In the 7 years I have collected a few 1/24 cars so I am wanting a track I can test and tune them on. Then funnily enough I re-discovered trains and so after taking the train track down to build a slot car track I am now thinking the reverse - take the slot car track down a build a train track. Will see how it all goes. In the dreaming and planning phase at the moment. I have a space 7m by around 1.8 - 1.5m so room for a long single lane slot track and some trains. DMN
  7. Hi team - when you go to a post and the images don't load is there anyway we can make them load? I worked out with my own posts if I edit the post the images then appear. Was wondering if there was anything we can do for other posts? cheers DM
  8. Problem seems to be sorted - login with your display name - the old username doesn't work anymore DM
  9. Well thanks to you for doing that
  10. Starting to work my way around things. Layout looks good. Fresh and modern. Thanks Jacob and Vinno. cheers DM
  11. Hi Jacob if there is anything you need done to assist shout out - I am happy to help and I am sure many others are as well. thanks to you and Vinno for keeping this board running
  12. Angelo = Amato Slot Car Design Can be found on Facebook and Slot Forum and Shapeways cheers David
  13. Trains as well Grant - what scale/gauge do you run? I have N, HO, O and G scale - my main focus is ON30 steam trains. David
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