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  1. those are very nice addition to the four trucks that they have issued. when are they going to be released ?
  2. good to hear that everyone's alright .
  3. whatever happened to the slot car factory? has anyone heard whether he is opening up another place?
  4. i had them before but i must misplaced them . it was a Q modell maybe ace hobbies would have some of them' the come in sheets with different things too
  5. i miight repaint another M.A.N. i don't feel like taking one right out the box though. maybe i'll wait till the weather gets a bit warmer....
  6. i am looking forward to those chassies... i had emailed them ages ago regarding fly truck chassies the mbslot alloy wheels are very good i had been using them for my runners i have tried some other brands too but as soon as the sponge tyres wear out they don't look good
  7. lowering the tyre diameter makes it look non scale. it seems to be imposible to race them with out magnets as they're top heavy if ever we meet up , i 'll have one guide mount spacer ready for you what truck do you have?
  8. anyone racing trucks lately ? i have been sidelined for a long while... do you race with magnets? i have added some mods to my trucks ie. made a thick guide spacer using aluminium , perspex and brass drilled the holes for a ninco pro guide they really make a big difference when racing or running them we usually add a second bar magnet underneath the chassis ,but that seems to be overkill. so took theminclucing the original magnet instead i installed a slot it magnet. try it . its more fun than having heavy magnets you have the feel of racing real trucks photos to follow soon
  9. I find it so difficult to photograph my chrome Porsche 908 and my chrome SISU
  10. sorry , did not comprehend... knock one up ??? where ? how ??
  11. got my trackmate, and the cable , unfortunately , the cable that goes from the module to the track( dead strip timing) was not included . does anyone know where could i get them made? and .... has anyone have the wiring diagarm to wire the dead strips?
  12. with my few trucks on the road, sisu,mercedes and MaN, i had to modify the guide holes to accept a slot.it wood guide or a ninco pro guide. i was going to suggest a truck series but very few are enthusiastic about racing them. :D :D
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