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  1. Muggy, wack a set of MJKs on and bring it down to Neils, the Scaleautos are a hoot on the big track. BRK
  2. Mine arrived today, thanks Phil.
  3. Thanks for your reply Mignon, i was really wondering when Sheltons first opened, my earliest reccollection was i think 1965, the big track and the Figure 8 which was the hire track. The memorys not what it used to be. BRK
  4. Can someone please tell me what year Shelton raceways in Franklin street first opened, and was this the first commercial track in Adelaide. brk12345
  5. No probs Al, great job running the round by yourself. Brk
  6. Hey Al, no feedback on the orange Alpine ? seems to be running OK, at least im in front of the kids BRK
  7. I like the Team Slot Alpine, I might just try and win one of those My SCX Alpine won the French Monte Carlo outright in 2010. Almost entered that. When the cars are here I might have a match up race (if BRK doesn't mind ) Thanks for all the great pics Phil No probs Flipper, just leave me some tyres to finish the proxy. BRK
  8. Have a look at Phils post no3 in the rules section, no metal pivots. BRK
  9. My trusty Teamslot Alpine is ready to go, with a Ninco repower. The boys have a choice of a Fly Lancia 037 or a MSC RS200 with a NC2 depending which one tests up the best. BRK
  10. Be great to run the pre 87 Group B cars again after 2 years of modern WRC cars. BRK
  11. Whats wrong with the MJK soft body FJ chassis, uncomplicated Aussie made chassis that will take the V8 bodies, same as the FJ class run at the nationals till a few years ago, a complete car would cost less than $120 and be bullit proof. BRK
  12. My effort this proxy was more deserving of ridicule than a prize, ill put my T-bird voucher towards a new car for the boys, give them a chance of beating AMCC. thanks brk
  13. Thanks Phil, its been all down hill for the kids this rally, made some mods to their car and it went backwards, they now call me "flop" instead of pop. Better give them a T-bird voucher as they are going to need a new car and a better mechanic. Thanks to all involved with the series. brk
  14. Shane, Do the rules allowed the motor to be re-glued, how was the car as i never tested it. BRK12345
  15. Phil, cars posted today, the kids Megaune and a Ninco Renault Saxo for me. BRK
  16. Ive been lucky the last few rallys, the kids have been happy to share a car, and stick it to Pop when they beat me. Next year Cam will be old enough to build his own car, but you can bet your life i will end up paying for it all. Hey Phil, looks like the kids will have a race within a race. BRK
  17. count me in, and Tom&Cam as well. BRK12345
  18. Would be an interesting excercise to run the same class again, count me and the boys in, but dont expect to see that rotten Peugeot again. BRK
  19. Phil, you can send my car and T&Cs cars with Triggys and Lennys cars, i will pick up from them. BRK
  20. There was many cars that ran in the IMSA/Camel GT series in different classes, GTX, GTO, and GTU. Those that ran as GTX were Group 5 spec cars, and included Chev Corvettes, Cameros, Monzas and Ford Mustangs to name a few. Hope this helps. BRK
  21. A big thankyou to Triggy for the use of his timing system and help to run this round. The old BMR track can be great to drive with a well set up car or a nightmare to do 8 mins with a car that that wont handle the track. The surface is a plaster layer over MDF so it is very bumpy and cars that did not run a sprung guide or a guide that was sticky did not fare well. Thanks for the opportunity to run this round. BRK
  22. The boys cars always do well on your track, they won the round at your place last year. As you have seen, the Megane was built from parts from the scrap box for the proxy 2 years ago. It has been repowered with a NC2 and Ian from MJK donated them a set of the new MJK air rims and tyres this year. Well done on your round. BRK
  23. Worse than the Stig, i dont have to buy the Stig xmas presents. As a grandparent, i want them to have a good outlook in life and not have their minds polluted by the rantings of a Holden fanatic, hence they are kept at a safe distance from Lenny Broke. BRK
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