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  1. rattyslot


    by the way me other hobby is radio controled planes!!! hehe. and i get the r.c car out every now and then
  2. rattyslot


    hi all this is a question that probly shouldnet be asked. i was wondering if anyone knows of a way to adapt a brushless motor in a slot car, like the one they use in planes and r.c cars. i figured it wouldnt work because it has three wires, but my knowlegde on these are little at the moment. would it work if u put the batter conector to the braids and the resevier wire on to the braids as well, but that has three wires as well. thanks
  3. rattyslot

    Car Spotting

    this is dads truck. dodge power wagon, built in 1942 (i think)
  4. rattyslot

    Car Spotting

    the back of that must catch alot of wind, and i want to see it on the corners
  5. rattyslot


    i only have a couple of sheets of decal paper so im just want to try it really. but i dont want to waste it. thanks for all ur help tho. bov: dad had some lieing around the house for a while and i just thought of it a couple of weeks ago "i can make my own decals" try a couple of your local hobbyshops tho, they should have some.
  6. rattyslot


    hi i want to print some of my own decals, but i cant find a good site that has them. does anyone know of a site that has some.. or if u have them can u put them on this page.. thanks
  7. rattyslot

    Car Spotting

    i want a go....(i wont tell him i to young to get my lisence)hahaha
  8. i havent seen a bob jane go for this much i regret not buying one for $60 last yr at a hobby show (#$%^) heres the link bob jane (ebay)
  9. that looks cool slotbaker.
  10. rattyslot

    Reader Beware

    out of all the cars to #$%^& with he chooses a vw.
  11. i try to make it to this one for trams am. i got tires and rims its good to go
  12. havent heard much lately, what been happening in vintage im getting new tires put on my car this very moment so shall be back up and racin soon !! took so long tho! :whip2: bye
  13. that looks brillant have u got a pic of the underneath
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