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  1. Hey Rick this is somthing I've been thinking about on and off for years. I imagined crossing PlayStation and slot cars. Can you picture a teams event where while one guy drives the rest of the team sit around a laptop and monitor lap times, fuel load, tire wear and discuss race strategy. Adjust parameters on the pc and communicate to the driver about pit stops, aggressive throttle use and conserving fuel I had a guy to do the software but never worked out the input/output interface to control lane voltages and the like Scorpius would be perfect for this. Not only can you control each cars usable voltage to simulate heavy fuel loads and worn tyres but you could monitor throttle response to model fuel consumption where as I was only thinking about a lap time based system There is so much potential with scorpius to create a cross between slot racing and racing simulators that the coding work could be massive, but if there was ever a man for the job it's you mate Keep at it Rick
  2. No need to worry about the magnabraid corroding. Each strand of the braid is an iron core with copper coating then tinned on top so essentially it is the same as tinned copper. The worst corrosion I have ever seen was on one of my tracks which had plain copper braid and one of the racers mistakenly used soldering acid flux as braid conditioner. I came in the next day and all the braid was green aahhhhh. The only satisfaction I got was that he had to replace all the braids on his cars from that night which was about 20 hehehehe.
  3. Bugger... It would be nice to get all tracks standardised, at least on the wiring side. Controller connection isn't too bad as you could just have an adaptor for different tracks. I thought that all RTR (Scaley, Ninco, SCX, etc, etc) cars were left braid positive. Adaptors steve are why the 3 pin sockets used on commercial tracks are a safety hazard. If someone were to make an adaptor with a 3 pin extension lead plug on one end and a 6.5mm jack on the other so they have just made a device which could be plugged into a power point and have exposed conductors on the other end with 240 volts easily touched. Not likely a racer would ever plug it into a power point but a child might. RTR cars are all right braid positive thats why they run backwards on Hornsby which is wired left braid positive which is unlike most tracks in the world. I understand Sydney somehow developed its own standard back in the old days and Hornsby is the only raceway still running it.
  4. Hey Steve They decided to stick with the existing wiring so as not to make their regulars controllers redundant. That is negative gate, right braid positive and 6.5mm phono jacks The original owner Roland chose as that is how the standard box sets of Scalextric and others come and once established its hard to change without putting all your regular customers out. I know its an issue for visiting drivers but as they say "you can't please everybody".
  5. I see a couple of questions about the track which haven't been answered. The lane spacing on the track is 85mm so it is really a 1/32 track but the borders are wide enough so you could run 4 lanes with 1/24 scale cars. Remember though that as a 1/32 scale raceway they do not use spray glue so silicone or rubber tyres will be better options than foam. (I have had some good reports about silicone coated foamies on this surface). The braid is magna braid. running length is about 70 feet. This was a challenging track to design due to the space restrictions but I think it has turned out nicely with good vision and marshalling access. Kens idea for the bank at the end of the main straight with the rest of the track slightly cambered gives it a kind of 60's feel. Glad to hear positive reports from drivers. There is a nice overhead photo of the track on their hompage http://www.slotshop.net/
  6. I know that Scalex controllers don't have any digital signal in them as they just have a number of resistors in them to adjust the speed and trigger the lane changers. The digital signal is on the track rails which allows the multiple cars to be on the same lane. I'm pretty sure this is the case with ninco as well so there should be no issues with using the ninco extension cables you just need to run the power cables for the slot it controllers as the ninco ones don't require power
  7. So these wont work? http://www.armchairracer.com.au/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=23398_23453&products_id=246630&zenid=hfo6thh0tr0k4oqd6cqt4h6tc3
  8. Nice little project Garry. I can see this being a neat option for those who dont want to run a PC
  9. No worries Ember thats life. Its pretty hard to compete with a manufacturer selling directly without distributer/retailer margins.
  10. Looks great guys. Is anyone keeping track of the hours? The key to spraying is prep and keeping the dust away. looks like you guys did the right thing when blocking back the primer. Awesome work look forward to seeing it finished
  11. For those guys with the tyre true experiencing some misalignment have you checked out the 5th video down the page here You should not file the v slots as they will be perfect and most people who have actually measured the machine are puzzled as they measure correctly but then find that one tyre touches first. THe most common problem is the top plate is misaligned and pushes the carriage on a slight angle. The other more rare occurance is a sloppy fit on the dowel pins which can be felt by wiggling the carriage by hand, there should be a slight movment but nothing excessive. As for which came first. The Tyre True was inspired by the RSM machine but we redesigned the machine to address some small issues we felt could be improved like the ability to replace the drive belt without needing to disasemble the machine. The razor on the other hand apears to be a direct copy of our machine. In regards to the drive being perpendicular to the feed in most cases the drive belt is strong enough the keep the bushes in the center of the v blocks. In the event of feeding to fast and the axle riding up it will stop on the horizontal tips which are machined into the carrriage. Cheers
  12. Imagine how much a slot car would be if they were earning $20 an hour!!!
  13. The picture is old now. Shane is in the proccess of building a super fast backed track now. Its actually running but it needs fences
  14. Slot Car Shed Ace Crescent Tuggerah http://www.slotcarshedraceway.com/
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