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    Slot cars obviously, but I raise small livestock, make olive oil, and run a B&B in our villa here overlooking the Tiber Valley. I race weekly at Brama Slot Club in Perugia while I look for a permanent location for my two tracks which are in storage. I'm also building an fully functioning model ship, Seabex One, with lights, sound, smoke, crane, helicopter, and water canons. It is 1,5m long and weighs 20kg when finished.
  1. Whuhooo, La Porta Verde does well in Italy again with a fine 4th place overall and moving up into the top ten in the championship. It's a pretty gutless wonder though. These RX81 motors are pathetic and must be of extremely variable quality judging by the test runs we did on the cars. We decided not to do any oiling. Some of them were soaked and one motor actually hardly ran at all until it burnt the oil off. Would you oil your car every six minutes in an endurance race? I think not. A programme needs to be devised for next time with oiling every three rounds or so.
  2. The box of cars went off yesterday along with a couple of proxy entries that were sent direct to me. Let's hope they don't take too long to get to Australia for the final two rounds.
  3. Dave came round to my place last night and sent all the results to Gazza/Mel so they should be posted very shortly.
  4. I downloaded all the photos to Photobucket so I could upload to Auslot. I didn't even know that my Facebook page would automatically provide notification of that and access to that file. I wish I could upload directly from my PC to Auslot.
  5. Not just Chris Priest missing from that shot but also Gerald Lambourn, Allan Wakefield and Frank Tutass. Not to mention the Italian drivers, Enrico Carrara, Cristiano Zampini, Marco Renzini and Iwan Manzoni.
  6. Urggh! I don't know what happened to that last post but if some kind soul can sort it out I'd really appreciate not having to type it all again.
  7. So, let battle commence The cars generally performed well on both tracks. Some fell over rather easily Some went straight on on some of the tighter corners. But those which were well prepared were a real blast to drive Tom and I drove the first stage on the Polistil and Andi Burt and Tom drove the second stage on Castellano. Tom driving the cars he didnt drive in the first stage. We dived off for a gorgeous pizza for lunch on the Thursday. Saturday night was also pizza night at one of our favourite restaurants in Marsciano. Service was a little slow as the restaurant was packed but the food was great. Sunday night was prize-giving dinner at our local sports and community centre. They really did us proud with a superb four-course meal complete with wine and coffee for just 20 euros per head.Quite a few of us wore dinner jackets and it certainly added to the atmosphere. Sadly, some had to leave the following day but as I write this there are still nine here sight-seeing until the weekend. Yesterday evening we thought we;d give the club drivers a bit of competition and about five of us took part in a Group C race. As they found out, the competition at our club is very intense but they made a good impression and all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
  8. I was right in the throes of uploading a report and photos and...my computer reboots! Don't you just love it? Even an Aussie would've been embarassed by what I said. Well, as some of you have already hopped on the FB page while I was typing, you know a bit from the photos but Dave Capelen is going to publish the results shortly. I don't know how I would've managed without that guy! With a week of track and car preparation followed by four days of solid slotting I was knackered. As if that wasn't enough we went back to the club last night and raced Group C with the club members until 1:00am. It was probably not that wise to run two major events back to back. You guys are soooo impatient for the results. Then I have to pack up, address and post the boxes back to their owners too. That can mean up to 2 hours in the post office. And I have a job to do. Great to see Andi Rowland again after his move to the UK and the disclosure of the new Slot.it and Policar association to produce F1 cars designed by him. My wife went back to the UK for a week immediately prior to the event to see her new grandson, leaving me holding the baby so to speak. She flew back in on the same flight as my son Tom, winner of the final Mini Mille Miglia. Dave Capelen, Andi Burt and Chris Priest came over from the Isle of Man again with their partners. Great guys. Gerald Lambourn came down from France for the first time with his lady-friend. Jaak Beentjes drove down from Switzerland with his wife, little boy and labrador dog. Martyn John brought his wife over from Wales. Allan Wakefield and Frank Tutass also drove down from Switzerland in Allan's beauitful MGA. He wanted to put it under cover and what better place than the clubroom itself? Here are some of the drivers... So, we had quite a crew, making marshalling much easier and the competition much more intense. We decided to run two stages of roughly three minutes, as requested, and this meant four laps on the full Castellano track of about 50 metres and 14 laps of the faster 30m four-lane Polistil club track. In order to make the Polistil track a little more authentic a host of buildings were moved over from Castellano and strategically placed to create a village on one section of the track. That worked well. We ran the Polistil first. Polistil is an old Italian manufacturer) with a lot of nostalgia for the older guys in the club. It's about 35 years old. By using one of the middle lanes the smooth surface of the Polistil produced some wonderful tail-slides and proved to be an excellent rally stage. The drivers were myself and my son Tom taking it in turns so as to take a break between drives. I'd recommend that to other hosts. Choose a couple of evenly matched drivers and one can have a break, sort out his next car and record the time while the other is driving. The cars were taken completely at random. I'm not going to bore you with my impressions of each of the cars. If you don't know how yours runs by now you never will. It is amazing though how a car that performed well on the Polistil track didn't on Castellano and vice versa. More later...
  9. Just to let you know that the last four days have been completely manic and I haven't had a moment to report back. But we're having a great time and there will be lots of photos and video footage. Dave Capelen has been crunching the numbers for Round 10 and they should be published tomorrow. Best regards Graham
  10. The cars were unpacked and we gave each one a lap of our Ninco circuit to determine any problems. No 82 of Dave Kneale. The right-hand rear wheel departed and we found the hub was cracked. A common problem with push-on wheels and one that can be fixed with a piece of tube or washer to keep the crack closed. We'll give it a fix. Andy 'demon tweeks' is also from the Isle of Man so get him to show you how he did his. No 15 of Andy 'Demon Tweeks'. Ran very slowly and smoke was pouring out of the motor. On my test bed back home I ran it again and, once the smoke cleared, it went faster and faster. I think it had just been over-oiled and it got on the commutator. With the cars doing so few laps and getting oiled at each round it's easily done. After all, we wouldn't oil the cars every six minutes in a 24 hour race, would we? No 21 The owner had emailed me to say to ask if I would check the guide. It seems fine to me and the car ran OK. So, on with the show!
  11. Round 10 is scheduled for 3rd and 4th October, the two days prior to the Mini Monte Carlo rally. That is when it will happen because several of the MMC drivers will have arrived and we'll be able to run the event much better. In the meantime here are some photos of the car I've prepared for my son Tom, winner of the Mini Mille Miglia 20011, to drive in the WRC category of the MMC. .
  12. A large box of toy cars for me to play with arrived a few moments ago! All look safe and sound in a very professional-looking box. Well done guys. Just the right amount of time to get them all checked over and prepped for action. I'll keep you posted.
  13. Well, I can't predict the weather here in October but we hit 38°C the other day. Let's hope it continues. Good to know the Isle of Womann guys are in control of everything over there. I hope my car is now on a roll. It took a while to warm to the task.
  14. Wow! Second place on Stage 1 for LPV. I'm delighted the old girl still has it in her.
  15. I'm right up there with the congratulations and best wishes! Go for it. I'm sure the slot car world will think very highly of your efforts and support you fully. By the way Jules, are you up for entering a Mustang for the Mini Monte Carlo? You can do it by proxy..
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