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  1. A BIG thank you to Dave for your hospitality on Thursday.I was very impressed with your track also.
  2. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/CLIMAX-SLOT-RACING-...%3A1%7C294%3A50 Maybe something worth looking at?
  3. Hit the nail spot-on Trotty.We need Matty Johns back.
  4. Bigfela

    Car Spotting

    You know, there is a Corvette in there. And a chair as well. & a horse & cart
  5. Bigfela

    Ken's First Track Attempt

    Great layout Ken, However the only problem I have is that maybe you should put the chicane on a short chute rather than break up your long straight.Other than that both the table (that mesh is great), & track look the goods. CHEERS!!!
  6. I don't know what your talking about,get on topic.
  7. Maybe you think it was forgotten with your stupid one track mind. Cpt Obvious.
  8. I go to a model car & toy swap meet every quarter at Penrith panthers Pavillion(the big white dome shaped tent thingy). Always a lot of stalls & quite a few slots also. My 2 bob.
  9. I'm beginning to regret giving this hobby away!! Love your passion Johno......BRILLIANT!! Comeback perhaps???
  10. You lead a pretty sheltered life don't you. BRETT STEVENS. Hello Bigfella, I don't like drag racing so I wouldn't have a clue just like other people know bugger all about earth moving and have no interest. Well that's one I got over you then cause I know heaps about both
  11. You lead a pretty sheltered life don't you. BRETT STEVENS. Hello
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