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  1. sunbeammadd

    Car Spotting

    Late to the party, but it appears to be a Bristol 408.
  2. Kit-builder here - although life has got in the way of slot cars for me in the last 12 months. I still buy kits occasionally though for when I've got time to start building again.
  3. I tend to follow any manufacturers' pages I come across. My favourite would be George Turner's - always interesting.
  4. Yes, it does appear to be a fuel cap. But it's already got two fuel caps. I'd be surprised if there was a third one! Perhaps it's for a different 300S kit and not needed for my particular model. I think I've figured out where the first mystery item goes. I found a hole in the body and looking at George's photos I think the mystery doodad goes in there. I think I'll just assume the other fuel cap is excess to requirements.
  5. I'm struggling a bit with parts identification for my George Turner Maserati. Anyone got any thoughts on these: It actually had two items that both seemed to be rear vision mirrors but when I went to prime them one snapped off and blew away into space somewhere. I'm guessing that because George makes a lot of variations on this car that some of these items are not required for my particular model (the Bonnier/Scarlatti No. 12 car) Thanks guys Larger photo here: http://i612.photobucket.com/albums/tt206/sunbeammadd/IMG_1824.jpg
  6. There's also Hobbyrama at Stafford which stocks Scalextric and Carrera only. iLol on the Gold Coast appears to have closed down sadly.
  7. They seem to have taken down their website and facebook page. :(
  8. I suspect they are including Holden's pre-General Motors coachbuilding business to arrive at the 100+ years.
  9. I'd better not laugh. Revolving doors confuse me too.
  10. Ok, a couple more. Think I'll have to redo the interior in flat black. The semi gloss looks too shiny. I'll have to get some chrome foil and have a go at the rear bumper.
  11. Just finished putting this together. Now I must get back to scenery building.
  12. 6 wheeled F1 cars are all well and good, but how about 6 wheeled WRC cars?
  13. Fabulous! Love the fasteners on the Porsche tonneau.
  14. Almost there now. I've still got a little bit of work to do to Ronnie's helmet and I haven't yet figured out how to attach the end of the exhaust system. The ride height was sorted out by fitting a Scaleauto SC1607 with the shaft trimmed down. It's nice and deep too. The kit came with a rear light which I found a bit too fiddly to glue on with my fingers. So I tried tweezers. The last I saw of it it was shooting off toward my track at high velocity. Oh well!
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