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  1. Thanks Cam. I've just been to the decaldoc site and had a look around. They have a good range of decals for GT cars. I couldn't see any instructions regarding the foil backing - which I assume is supplied when posted. Are the decals water slide? I'm guessing they are. Is the foil water slide? Does that ever move around when applying the printed decal over the top? I mean does the application of the printed decal, being wet, cause the foil to become unstuck again. To be overly critical, some of their colours look a little off, but you get that everywhere. I imagine some colours are hard to match with printed inks available. Cheers.
  2. Nice job on the Z4s, Cam. How did you achieve the satin black finish? What's the quality of the decals from Decaldoc like? Cheers Kirk
  3. Captain

    Race To The Sky

    Your scenery will be great - it always is. The track itself looks extreme. I'd say more like a nervous crawl than a rally.
  4. Captain

    Camber Valley Speedway

    The whole lot looks fantastic Cam!!! How did you do the Jack Daniels on the grass... Stencil and airbrush? Your track provides a lot of inspiration. Kirk
  5. Captain

    Milgun Park Raceway

    Thanks for the suggestion s13 and we have thought about that option. However, Scorpius requires a minimum of 8.5v to operate it and I don't think that would be low enough to simulate a pit lane crawl, but will keep it in mind. It's a pretty tight pit lane and we are confident that the pit lane speed will be restricted through sensible driving. First you have to negotiate the sharp right hander at pit entry (we may even have a strategically placed secured tyre bundle on the outside to foul anyone wanting to power slide around it - TBC), then you only drive between 200mm to 1500mm before having to pull into a bay - which is tight to say the least. The cars can drive in ok, but anyone wanting to use the recessed roller doors as a barrier to run off will find their cars catching on the building columns and could result in a deslot. Upon exiting your pit bay, cars then travel between 500mm to 2000mm before being confronted with the chicane (which will have tyre barriers around it, so anyone wishing to power through it, won't. So even between short trigger bursts, there is a lot of decelerating required and we doubt that any real speed will be achieved. On the large exit curve upon leaving pit lane, the edge of the track is closer to the slot than elsewhere on the track, so cars may not be able to fully power up without dropping a wheel off the track, which may require some concentration and restraint. The track edge drops 1mm into the grass area which has been recessed so that we can easily identify the track edge for line markings and so that scenery items like grass and sand traps will sit flush with the track as opposed to looking like they are just stuck on top of the boards. While I'm posting, I'll add that the 3 sets of lane changers on the longer straights were increased to 1000mm long.
  6. ... (double post) then there are opportunity costs if they can't produce official Aston Martin liveries. Who wears that once approval has been overturned after production? Maybe NSR need to start looking at Mclaren and Lamborghini... Are there any existing licenses there?
  7. Ok cheers - I just thought once you got written approval you'd be fine. Surely you'd be able to send others the bill for some production costs if they go back on their word.
  8. Why not get licensing sorted prior to production? I would have thought they would look into it at a conceptual stage. Mind you, officially you can call it what you like... It's still an Aston Martin.
  9. Nothing says we need to sell more toys like the 1986 G1 Transformer movie. After two years of transformers they needed to introduce some new characters, so what better way to do it than with a cinematic feature. Apparently excited kids faces turned to misery within 10 minutes of it starting as they watched their heroes fall... And after 20 minutes, why not kill off Optimus Prime while we are at it... Apparently they had to reincarnate him later in the tv series as there was too much of an uproar from the fans. As for cartoons I got into....well I'm probably showing my 80's childhood, but it was more like Voltron, Transformers, Inspector Gadget, Centurions, Astro Boy and to a lesser extent He-man and She-ra.
  10. Captain

    Milgun Park Raceway

    Just a few technical details... The aim was to achieve 120mm track edge distance on the outside of the turns for the outer lane. The places that don't (marginally - even if it still has 110-115mm), will have an extra strip (shown in yellow) - probably made to look like a concrete track over run strip (or flat ripple strip). This was done to keep the official track width constant (370mm). The only turn where 120mm edge distance to a barrier couldn't be achieved is the final turn (exit only) as it is the entry to the main straight. This was because David wanted the lanes centrally located on the main stariaght (85mm edge distance and 100mm between lanes) so the starting grid wasn't offset to one side or angled like the other straights (purely for aesthetics purposes)... to resolve this issue slightly, the final turn (from the apex) goes from constant radius curve into a fairly normal eliptical curve, then towards the very exit of the corner tapers into a long eliptical curve which gives a little more edge distance to the barrier and straightens the car more gradually over a longer distance. From a scenery point of view, most of the track will have at least a 30mm grass strip around it which allows more room for the rear of cars to swing out. All corners are eliptical on entry and exit, with constant radius at mid turn. The pit lane curves and lane changers haven't been correctly drawn yet, but they won't take long (Dark blue was a bad slot colour choice in hindsight - looks alright in autocad though). Lane changers will be 800mm long and one of the challengers was squeezing them into the ends of the track while maintaining reasonably smooth turns immediately before and after them. The chicane and tight pitlane entry was added so we should be able to limit pitlane speed purely through physically driving the lane, as opposed to relying heavily on black flags for speeding using the Scorpius electronics. Kirk
  11. Captain

    $125,000 Track

    Is it the one on the Slotmods site as Lynne said... http://www.slotmods.com/news.html (scroll down a little). Can't say I'd pay $125,000 for it if it is... a figure 8 with a fancy lid??? Some of their other tracks are impresive though.
  12. Shed / garages look really good - well done. That armco looks good too - particularly being doubled up like you have got it - better than the Scalextrics plastic. Great work.
  13. Captain

    Nissan V8 Supercar

    Diagonal bar across windscreen. Larry Perkins introduced it some time ago, hence the name.
  14. What are you using to clear coat it? I found some automotive clears react with Tamiya paint so I just use many many coats of Tamiya TS-13 now. The weight gain is almost non existent as it is so thin. What are you using to mask? Tamiya tape is good for their paints. Remove it while the paint is still soft, but not wet. I noticed you had issues with the black bleeding, this is why I prefer to mask and paint black first. Ive heard of some spraying a thin coat of clear just after masking to fill potential bleed gaps. I tried it, but I'm not convinced it is worth it. Mask all other areas that you dont want black as per normal. Any other colour bleeding on to an already black area is easy to touch up. If you do it the other way around, trying to touch up other colours over a black bleed can take quite a few coats and can be more visible. Give the car light coats of clear to start with to minimise clear / colour reaction and to build up clear layers before going heavy on the clear. Give the car a hit of clear before adding decals as it may save you a set of decals if you find the clear and the paint reacts... Plus the bro and I reckon the decals bed into the paint better once you put clear over the decals if you add a clear coat before applying decals. Sorry to hear about your painting troubles, it can be frustrating.
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