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  1. Rene

    Pretzel Logic Raceway

    Cant wait to see the pits...
  2. Rene

    Pretzel Logic Raceway

    looks good mate! To hell with OH&S, if people are dumb enough to fall of the edge, then the human race (or tiny plastic human race) becomes smarter as a whole, thats natural selection! Had a great time racing at your track and meeting the guys last week! Must say the photos in this thread really don't do it justice! heck, words don't do your track justice! its just so freakin awesome!!! Keep up the great work! Ren.
  3. Damn those look hot!! i think I'll be adding one to my collection.
  4. Indeed, fantastic job but i wonder at what point is it easier to just go routed...
  5. Rene

    Ninco Cars?

    Heyo, Great info here guys, i have a Ninco corvette which runs fast but sounds like a tractor, i was gunna sell it, but i see it might just nee some TLC. Kenny, could you please expand on this bit: I dont see how the paint on the glass helps? Ren.
  6. Happy Birthday, hope you had a great one! Ren PS the Irish sure know how to make great tasting poison.
  7. Rene

    Scalextric Drift Cars

    The drift Ferrari is one of the most fun cars in my humble collection! Anyone who hasn't go one or played with one, get one! Ren.
  8. Rene

    Pretzel Logic Raceway

    Wow!!! that is looking absolutely incredible and inspirational! So whens this open day happening? Ren.
  9. Rene

    Mouse Food??

    All part of his evil plan to put the competition off their game...
  10. Damn you're evil for suggesting something like that! :alcohol: hmmm twin engine WRX... Thats a shame :arggg: Are there any SCX or ninco cars in particular that you would recommend for wooden tracks? Ren.
  11. Wow, that looks great! especially at night! good stuff!
  12. Heyo, Thanx for the help guys. Moving the motor to the rear is a good idea though would be a decent amount of work. I'm thinking it might be easier to just get another car rather then futzing around with the WRX. Ren.
  13. Heyo, I recently purchased a Scalextric WRX since i don't have any rally cars. I've always liked Scalextric due to IMO good balance between price, performance, quality and design. So i was shocked when i opened my WRX to see this: Sidewinder driving the FRONT wheels with a very slippy smooth rubber band driving the rears! In my limited experience this is the worse set up I could imagine for a slot car, the slot car handles quite badly and has poor acceleration do to slipping in the rubber band. After a bit of experimenting I added decent chunk of lead behind the back wheels to help give some balance and scored the pulleys with a file and knife to help it transfer some power to the rear wheels. I even tried "belt-grip" spray that you use when your 1:1 cars' fan belt is noisy and you're too lazy to tighten it, but that just made a sticky mess on everything but the belt (whats worse, if you get it on your hands, soap and water only make it MORE sticky!!) It also feels like the motor is having a bit of trouble running the belt setup, requiring a lot more trigger pull then other cars that are mid or rear engined and RWD. (this was before and after i mucked around with the pulleys and the "belt grip", though lubing the bushes and motor did help a little.) I'm curious what mods people have made to this car to get it to handle/perform well? or is it such a bad design that its not worth the effort destined to be a shelf queen? Ren.
  14. Heyo, I think squeezes (and cross overs for that matter) are annoying and will be the place where most deslots will occur, since you also get a situation where both drivers try to give way and slow down the same amount and end up crashing anyway. As such, if you do decide to have a squeeze on your track, make it in a place that's easy to marshal. Another option would the to have a section of track that is removable, so you can change between squeeze and no-squeeze. If its on a straight or symmetrical curve you could have the different lanes on either side of the same piece of MDF and just flip the track piece over to change it. Most important thing to remember, as has been mentioned already: This is YOUR track, design it the way YOU like. Ren.
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