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  1. carsy

    Micro Mesh

    Here's a supplier in Victoria. http://www.bnamodelw...s_id=&x=30&y=16 Phil
  2. Stumbled across this site and thought some might find it an interesting read. http://www.henribaigent.org/track%20racing...ck%20Racing.htm Phil
  3. Here's the site for the Australian distributor of Plastidip. http://www.plastidip.net.au/ Phil
  4. Yeah sorry bout that, hadn't been on the forum for a while and only saw the post today. Maybe this fella was the 1% that became lunch Phil
  5. THUNDER ALLEY SLOT CAR RACING Shed 2/14 Tang Street Coconut Grove Nightcliff. CONTACT Ph 0400 515 602 not far from the airport. Don't know if its still there but its advertised in this web site. http://www.arounddarwin.com.au/darwin_childrens_fun.html Phil
  6. carsy

    Copper Tape

    Plenty of info on copper taping plastic track here. http://www.slotforum.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=19812 Phil
  7. Liquid Rubber Coatings http://www.liquidrubber.net.au/
  8. For anyone that's interested here's the link to Myrons plastidip track that Jonnyfly41 refers to http://www.oldslotracer.com/Myron2.html Plastidip puts out another product called HCF, a flexible water based plastic coating for wood, metal and plastic, comes in eight colours including grey, might be another possibility. Smallest container you can get is 3.78L so works out a bit expensive to try if it doesn’t do the job. http://www.plastidip.net.au/index.php?modu...7875515625-6910 Phil
  9. Is it worth soldering all the joins together? I have read many topics on this forum, some say yes, some say no, some say coppertape the whole thing - BUT, once this track is together, it will be pretty much nailed down - so is there a point to doing this? Or , when assembling, should a SMALL piece of copper tape be used between the joins? If you want to put something on the joins try using a Silver conductive pen available from http://jaycar.com.au/ type in ns3033 in their search box. It's highly conductive and dries in a few minutes, Just a little on each join as you put the track together, it tightens up the joins as well but you can still pull the track apart later if you decide to change it. Phil
  10. Try http://jaycar.com.au/ they have panel mounted circuit breakers, just type in circuit breaker in their search box. Here's a site that recommends using the 3 amp breaker for home tracks. http://www.slotcarcorner.com/Articles/Enha...Panel_HowTo.asp Phil
  11. I assume you get it to the 160 laps ok, once you have done that hold the button down again and it will start counting the laps backward from 169. Phil
  12. carsy

    Youtube Vids

    Pat and Mat racing
  13. If anyones interested Dick Smith has the D-3800 power supply on special again $149.00
  14. Here's a link on how to make the rotary switch using diodes, they work well. http://homepage.mac.com/pmarchand/cheap_an..._adjustable.htm
  15. Another thing you could try is get yourself a silver conductive pen from jaycar, about $25.00 and use it on all the joins, no need to dismantle the track, easy to do and works great. Phil
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